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Benjamin Stewart is a character role-played by OfficerKilo.


Ben is a former stuntman and costumed actor from Virginia. He worked with film maker Adam Green on mid budget horror movies. Ben and Adam had a falling out after Ben had a violent incident at a child's birthday party involving a clown, where Ben and the Clown got into a physical dispute and resulted in the injury of a child. Ben has PTSD from the incident and had developed coulrophobia (fear of clowns) ever since. Ben decided he wanted to make a big change and move out to Los Santos with the hopes of working in the film industry again.


  • Ben lost almost $4000 worth of movie quality costuming when the airport lost his luggage during his move to Los Santos.
  • He volunteers time in costume at local hospitals visiting sick children to help brighten their day.
  • The clown from the birthday incident was found at fault with criminal charges stemming from the injury of the child. Video evidence shows Ben was acting in self defense and the clown caused injury to the child when he threw a chair at Ben.