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Belle Doll is a character role-played by Carmen.


Not much is known about Belle and her sister, they appeared in Los Santos one day and advertised having a tea party to lure in unexpected victims.


Like her sister, Belle wears a doll mask with white hair styled in braids and a blood red dress. She hides her disfigured face underneath her mask and only shows it to people she considers her 'friend'. Her voice is child-like and can become deep depending on her mood.


Anna Doll:

Anna Doll is Belle's twin sister, the two are close and care greatly for one another.

Kenneth Jesperson:

He was one of Belle's victims, he survived with his friend and seems to hold some fascination towards her. He the first person to have seen her face, aside from her sister. Belle was touched by him calling her beautiful and deemed him as her new friend.

Jaden Sparks:

He is currently on Belle's list for shooting and injuring her sister, along with herself. She promises to one day return for him and Kenneth.


  1. Kenneth Jesperson

Hit list:


  • "You're gonna regret it!"
  • "Come play with me!"

Played By: Carmen
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