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Becky Hopper is a character role-played by bananabrea.


Becky Hopper is in the YMCA with her sister, Debbie Hopper. These two jog around the city as they invite people to do exercises with them. The YMCA is a exercise and health program located at Los Santos Beach! The YMCA focuses on self-care and love! The program is mostly ran by Becky and Debbie as they encourage other people in the city to join them!


  • "Love, Live, Laugh!"
  • "Come on, ladies!"
  • "Come to the Y!"
  • "Don't give up! Anything is possible at the Y!"


  1. YMCA Vietnam flash backs (DMCA)
  2. The Hopper sisters try to make a vlog (DMCA)
  3. Becky from the y, but with a PD rifle.
  4. Tripepd!
  5. The hoppers read some pinterest quotes
  6. How to cope with divorce at the Y
  7. Toretti having ptsd from the YMCA


Played By: bananabrea
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