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Basem Shahin was a character role-played by VNDRIZZLE.

General Description

Basem was the deputy mayor- he was known for managing finance for people such as Dean and Leslie, he could often be found at PDM (his place of work) or hanging around with NBC.

Cause of Death

On the 31st July 2021, Basem was held in contempt of court and fined 500k. While in prison he told other prisoners about Mayor Denzel Williams and his ties to cocaine. Andi Jones (Denzel's wife) heard of this bad-mouthing and took Basem hostage as soon as he exited prison. In order to keep Basem quiet, Andi decided to tear off his nails and torture him. This resulted in Basem pointing a gun to Andi's head before he was dropped off.

Later in the day, Basem called Denzel and asked him to meet at the Chumash pier. This is where Denzel confronted him about events earlier in the day (Basem putting a gun to Andi Jones' head and speaking publicly about Denzel's private business). Basem admitted to Denzel that he had done these things leading to Denzel fatally shooting him mid-sentence with an AK.

No-one was charged with Basem's murder.


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