Barry Briddle is a character role-played by UberHaxorNova.


Barry Briddle is a tall and lanky Caucasian male with short brown hair and a thick beard. He is a Cadet for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #578. He has sharp, protruding, aggressive facial features that include an extended forehead, comically long chin, and unusually big lips. Many people in the city have called him a primate or a monkey due to these features. He talks with an inconsistent southern drawl.

He currently rides a bike mostly everywhere, when not on duty.


Barry Briddle is a private investigator turned Cadet born in Boston, Dakota, but moved to Los Santos at an early age.

He aspired to be a cop because when was a teenager growing up in Boston, as his neighborhood saw a lot of crime and drug usage. The day he chose to be a cop was when he made a makeshift police badge, walked to the nearest drug hotspot in his neighborhood, and flashed it to one of the people at the corner and then got stabbed. He swore that one day that fake badge of his would turn into a real one.


Barry is very deadpan in almost every aspect, which makes his fellow peers think that he is dull and unenthusiastic about most things in life. Though, when it comes to cop work he is very passionate and is dedicated to stopping criminals in their tracks. He is also the type of person that would receive insults but ignore them outright as he is constantly receiving them for his physical appearances.

Private Investigative Work

While working as an undercover private investigator/criminal informant by trade, he accepted work from the police and had to maintain his cover. His phone contact list was primarily filled with numbers of criminals and he kept his police contact numbers on a separate notepad.


  • Discovered the inner workings of the Weed Farm in Blaine County, which included how it is run and the amount of money that can be made from it, after receiving information from the Lunatix MC.
  • Tasked by Sam Baas and Randy Wrangler to find where illegal weapons come from and who deals in them. Informed by Baas that the Lost MC deals in guns, particularly small arms.
  • Investigated the cocaine and drug trade; discovered that Upper Vinewood is a hotspot for cocaine sales.

Espionage Operations

  • Had briefly begun to infiltrate the Angels as an undercover criminal informant. Barry didn't follow up on this as he became inactive for a lengthy period of time before eventually deciding to stop being a CI and instead go on ridealongs with the PD.

Road to Deputy

He was a ride-a-long for the Police Department, riding with cops such as Jerry Perkins, Aaron Byson, and Sam Baas. Although, with the city becoming bankrupt due to the government going all in on GameStop stocks, the Police Department lost funding and were initially unable to give ridealongs.

On February 28th, 2021 the Police Department conducted a mass-interview session to all people who wanted to be cops. Barry was one of the interviewees and was interviewed by Anthony Copleone and Brittany Angel about his aspirations and how he would handle certain situations. After the interview was completed, Barry was given an interest form by Angel for him to fill-out and turn in to be accepted as a ridealong. And on March 3rd, 2021 he was given a formal interview by Brittany Angel and Domenic Toretti to gauge his interests, aspirations, situation-handling skills, and more. After the interview was conducted, he was allowed to become a civilian ridealong again while the PD went over his interview pending a decision to make him a deputy or not.

He was hired as a Cadet for the BCSO on March 11th, 2021 and passed academy on March 28th, 2021.

Working at Burger Shot

On February 6th, 2021 Barry applied to work at the Burger Shot managed by Kevin Whipaloo after he was informed that the PD was no longer giving ridealongs. He worked the cash register and cooked the various foodstuffs sold to customers.

While working at Burger Shot, he delivered free donuts and coffee to the police department (after it was approved by Kevin) as a way to advertise the restaurant and set himself up in a positive light to the PD.

Additionally, his really primal face-features earned him the nickname of "Sasquatch" from his fellow coworkers and managers. This resulted in him almost getting hunted by Leslie Lingberg during a "delivery training exercise" set up by Robert Spowylamywanowski and Bradley Kickass. While working at the Burger Shot, his fellow employees even spread a rumor that he was a werewolf. Though these unsubstantiated claims were not been proven, the Night Shift Crew at the restaurant were hard at work trying to prove them.

In a convoluted scheme to escape the wrath of The Hunter, while also gathering intel on Kenneth Foreman, Barry Briddle planned to be "fired" from Burger Shot and then undergo bootleg sex reassignment surgery by an alternate persona of Leslie before being rehired under the alias "Marry Middle". Although the scheme was rendered moot when both The Hunter and Ken were made aware of his intention to undergo a sex change and that he wasn't really fired, yet he still decided to undergo surgery (with the one stipulation that his penis remained untouched). He received breast implants that were two apple pies wrapped in Burger Shot bags and potato "lip enhancements", although the surgery was interrupted when Robert fired his gun. That action attracted the police and led to the arrest of both Rob and Leslie, while Barry was taken to Pillbox Medical where the surgery was undone. Although the doctor that treated Barry decided to give him some "remnant ass cheeks" to stuff a bra with, allowing Barry to still go undercover as "Marry Middle".

With Barry becoming a cadet for the BCSO, he is now a part-time worker for Burger Shot. He uses this as an opportunity to steal food from the establishment and give it to his fellow officers and himself as sustenance.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; BCSO -- Badge #578 March 11th, 2021
Passed Academy; Cleared for Driving with FTO March 28th, 2021
Cleared for Writing Reports by Matthew Espinoz and Clarence Williams April 18th, 2021


  • His father is also his uncle.
  • Invented the unofficial, "1.5" level on the police's force matrix. Escalating to 1.5 means the officer flashed their badge to the suspect.
  • Has taken a liking to Tyme Reducer or as he refers to as: the wide one.
  • Knows obscure 10-codes such as 10-91 and 10-54.
  • Enjoys crosswords and knitting in his spare time
  • His name is a play-on-words for very brittle.
  • He was let out of the ICU on February 16, 2021 after he was bonked over the head with a hammer by Pilbis Shonly.
  • Robert Spowylamywanowski and Leslie Lingberg believe that Barry is a super-natural being of some sort. At first they believed he was a sasquatch due to his copious amounts of body hair, but after he was concussed in an assault by Pilbis (resulting in a trip to the ICU which Barry didn't remember and explained as a hunting accident) they believed him to actually be a mummy after seeing the bandages covering his head and some "magic" involving a levitating welding torch.
  • He initially claimed to be from both Liberty and Vice city, but after the 3.0 phone update clarified that he was actually from Boston, Dakota.
  • Has an endless amount of bandannas in his closet as he needs to re-up every time Mike Bayo takes them.
  • Barry has a phobia of trains after he, along with Johnny Divine FTOing him in the car, drove a CVPI into a generator and exploded in an attempt to evade a train while in the tunnels. He then experienced visions of trains in Pillbox Medical.


Barry Moments

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*Barry is hired as an employee at Burger Shot.
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