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Barry Briddle is a character role-played by UberHaxorNova.


Barry Briddle is a Caucasian male with a clean-shaven head and a two-tone mustache. He is a Ranger for the San Andreas State Park Rangers, Badge #278. He has sharp, protruding, aggressive facial features that include an extended brow ridge, comically long chin, and unusually wide lips. Many people in the city have called him a primate or a monkey due to these features. He talks with an inconsistent southern drawl.


Barry Briddle is a private investigator turned cop born in Boston, Dakota, but moved to Los Santos at an early age. He has no known relatives living in Boston, as he states that they do not exist.

He aspired to be a cop because when was a teenager growing up in Boston, as his neighborhood saw a lot of crime and drug usage. The day he chose to be a cop was when he made a makeshift police badge, walked to the nearest drug hotspot in his neighborhood, and flashed it to one of the people at the corner and then got stabbed. He swore that one day that fake badge of his would turn into a real one.


On the surface, Barry is very deadpan, this makes his fellow peers think that he is dull and unenthusiastic about most things in life. Though, when it comes to cop work he is very passionate and is dedicated to stopping criminals in their tracks. He is a fast learner and quick to adapt to new situations; he is also very detailed in his work (report writing, picture taking, etc.) making him one of the most thorough cops in the force.

He is also the butt of many insults and derogatory comments, especially concerning his physical appearance and blank demeanor. However, as he has become more well-known and the general public became more accustomed to him, the amount of comments about him have decreased drastically. In spite of this, or maybe because of it, he is able to clap back with witty and sassy remarks. Barry also believes in the paranormal and the unknown. He believes that ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and hypnosis exists, which makes some other officers think that he is gullible.

Private Investigative Work

While working as an undercover private investigator/criminal informant by trade, he accepted work from the police and had to maintain his cover. His phone contact list was primarily filled with numbers of criminals and he kept his police contact numbers on a separate notepad.


  • Discovered the inner workings of the Weed Farm in Blaine County, which included how it is run and the amount of money that can be made from it, after receiving information from the Lunatix MC.
  • Tasked by Sam Baas and Randy Wrangler to find where illegal weapons come from and who deals in them. Informed by Baas that the Lost MC deals in guns, particularly small arms.
  • Investigated the cocaine and drug trade; discovered that Upper Vinewood is a hotspot for cocaine sales.

Espionage Operations

  • Had briefly begun to infiltrate the Angels as an undercover criminal informant. Barry didn't follow up on this as he became inactive for a lengthy period of time before eventually deciding to stop being a CI and instead go on ridealongs with the PD.

After quitting CI work, he became a ride-along for the Police Department, riding with cops such as Jerry Perkins, Aaron Byson, and Sam Baas. Although, with the city becoming bankrupt due to the government going all in on GameStop stocks, the Police Department lost funding and was initially unable to give ride-alongs.

Working at Burger Shot

On February 6th, 2021 Barry applied to work at the Burger Shot managed by Kevin Whipaloo after he was informed that the PD was no longer giving ride-alongs. He worked the cash register and cooked the various foodstuffs sold to customers. He was one of the first new employees to be hired, and developed a long-standing feud with fellow employee Kenneth Foreman, who was hired a few days after him. He quickly become a favorite of manager Robert Spowylamywanowski, in part because of his loyal attitude and quick comebacks.

While working at Burger Shot, he delivered free donuts and coffee to the police department (after it was approved by Kevin) as a way to advertise the restaurant and set himself up in a positive light to the PD.

Additionally, his really primal facial features earned him the nickname of "Sasquatch" from his fellow coworkers and managers. This resulted in him almost getting hunted by Leslie Lingberg during a "delivery training exercise" set up by Robert Spowylamywanowski and Bradley Kickass. While working at the Burger Shot, his fellow employees even spread a rumor that he was a werewolf. Though these claims were unsubstantiated, the Night Shift Crew at the restaurant were hard at work trying to prove them.

In a convoluted scheme to escape the wrath of The Hunter, while also gathering intel on Kenneth Foreman, Barry Briddle planned to be "fired" from Burger Shot and then undergo bootleg sex reassignment surgery by an alternate persona of Leslie before being rehired under the alias "Marry Middle". Although the scheme was rendered moot when both The Hunter and Ken were made aware of his intention to undergo a sex change and that he wasn't really fired, yet he still decided to undergo surgery (with the one stipulation that his penis remained untouched). He received breast implants that were two apple pies wrapped in Burger Shot bags and potato "lip enhancements", but the surgery was interrupted when Robert fired his gun. That action attracted the police and led to the arrest of both Rob and Leslie, while Barry was taken to Pillbox Medical where the surgery was undone. Although the doctor that treated Barry decided to give him some "remnant ass cheeks" to stuff a bra with, allowing Barry to still go undercover as "Marry Middle".

Barry was awarded 'employee of the day' multiple times by Robert, the night crew manager at the time, and had been promoted to the rank of team leader before being hired at the BSCO.

When Barry became a cadet for the BCSO, he shifted to a part-time worker for Burger Shot. Since then he used his employment as an opportunity to steal food from the establishment and give it to his fellow officers and himself for sustenance. By August 2021 he was fired for inactivity since he hadn't come to work since he became a ranger.

Road to Deputy

On February 28th, 2021 the Police Department conducted a mass-interview session to all people who wanted to be cops. Barry was one of the interviewees and was interviewed by Anthony Copleone and Brittany Angel about his aspirations and how he would handle certain situations. After the interview was completed, Barry was given an interest form by Angel for him to fill-out and turn in to be accepted as a ridealong. And on March 3rd, 2021 he was given a formal interview by Brittany Angel and Domenic Toretti to gauge his interests, aspirations, situation-handling skills, and more. After the interview was conducted, he was allowed to become a civilian ride-along again while the PD went over his interview pending a decision to make him a deputy or not.

He was hired as a Cadet for the BCSO on March 11th, 2021 and passed academy on March 28th, 2021. During his time as a cadet, Mike Bayo referred to him a series of videos called "Verbal Judo", these series of videos teach people how to become better speakers and to become more assertive in the line of duty. He attained solo cadet status on May 4th, 2021.

During this time, he received a lot of praise from his fellow officers for his thoroughness, knowledge of SoPs and case laws, and overall actions as a cadet. Briddle even garnered praise from Jackie Snow, who suggested that he might be an FTO one day. Because of this, he developed a specialty for catching oxy runners. He caught about six of them during his time as a police cadet.

Barry's first arrest as a solo officer also resulted in his first bench trial as a solo officer. He ended up partially losing the case, with the defendant being able to drop one of the charges Barry brought against him. They both occurred on 5/5/21 and the presiding judge for the trial was Coyote Russel. However, on the following day after this bench trial, the charge "Sale of Drugs" (the charge that was dropped in the bench trial) was modified by the DOJ after numerous complaints by LEOs and the ADA, Barry found out through Daisy Dukakis.

While processing a burglar, Barry caught Theodore Tinker tazing a woman in the MRPD holding cells which caused her heart to explode and die at the cells. This ignited a rivalry between the two. He was also kidnapped and stabbed by two unknown assailants as retaliation against Snow, who supposedly put them in time out. After stabbing them they said to relay the message: Snow is falling. He has an ongoing healthy rivalry with the Littlemen siblings, Jim Littleman and Tim Littleman.

Road to Ranger

While a deputy, he had expressed interesting in patrolling in the northern part of the county. He had told his superiors many times that he does not care much for big city situations, such as races, robberies, or shootouts.

Once becoming full-deputy, he had intended to send an interest form to transfer to the San Andreas State Park Rangers after it was announced that they were taking in applications, per Conan Clarkson. While trying to become a ranger, Barry created survival items for the department to distribute as Ziggy Buggs stated that every ranger has created or offered something for the department. These items include maps, meal ready to eat (MRE), sleeping bags, etc.

On May 18th, 2021 Barry was formally accepted into the Rangers after he met with lead ranger Ziggy at the top of Mt. Chiliad. He officially became a ranger on 5/21/21 after taking the ranger final evaluation, which was to fight two mountain lions in hand-to-hand combat. Although the murder kitties downed him nearly instantly, Ziggy announced that Barry had passed, and was thus to be known as Ranger Barry Briddle.

Life as a Ranger

Day-to-Day Ranger Operations:

  • During his patrol as a Ranger, he would go up to hunting and fishing spots to check licenses and apprehend those who were illegally hunting or fishing. He was also granted permission to go undercover or unmarked to find crimes against wildlife, per Ellis Pinzon and Daisy Dukakis.
  • He wants to start his own Fire Marshall subdivision in the Rangers where they deal with forest fires and fires in general. He has his own Fire Marshall helmet, Fire Axe, and Fire Marshall Badge.
  • He is currently working his way up to a K9 Certification, though with him being a Ranger it is guaranteed, as stated by Pinzon.
  • He has an educational ambassador cougar named BJ. He takes it out during his ranger patrols to teach the fellow citizens of Los Santos about the importance of animal conservation.
  • He often rides with other police officers to do Ranger operations. His most consistent partner has been Jerry Perkins, as they ride together patrolling the north and catching criminals.
  • He hands out temporary fishing and hunting licenses to the various citizens of Los Santos upon request. The money is funneled to the SASPR account.


  • On May 20th, 2021 he, alongside Rhodes, completed two sets of soft raids after weapons from David Rusky turned up in multiple crime scenes. One being a city vault robbery and one being a joyriding incident.
  • He developed an interest in joining Wrangler's upcoming investigative unit (WASP is no longer the name of said unit), which is similar to Major Crimes Division but focuses on working from low-tier crime to high-tier crime. His first "taste" of this unit was on May 22nd, 2021 when he and Wrangler went around undercover trying to find people selling weed without a proper dispensary license, though unsuccessful they did manage to find and apprehend a poacher and a would-be car thief.
  • During a traffic stop up in Blaine County, he discovered a new oxycontin running spot off of East Joshua Road. He has also discovered a new oxycontin spot by Paleto Bay. He has also compiled a list of known Chop Shop and coyote den locations throughout the county.
  • After receiving information about possible marijuana growing operations around Blaine County from Baas, he alongside Perkins has begun investigating possible spots where people can potentially grow their marijuana. So far, he has found grow ops in the swamplands next to Fort Zancudo and in various pockets around Sandy Shores. Furthermore, he brought up to John Doe, the acting assistant district attorney, to possibly change two laws related to marijuana: possession and cultivation. As those two laws were vaguely written and it would cause marijuana-based court cases to be losses for the PD.
  • He and Baas discovered that evidence of weed (kief, pipes, etc.) can be seen strewn about in places where drug sales have been called in.
  • He conducted another soft raid on June 12th, 2021 after he apprehended someone doing oxycontin sales up north. The suspect had about 25 bottles of oxycontin and 35 bands of notes on his person. He came up with no drugs in the suspect's home, but he did confiscate 72 rolls of notes; a safe cracking tool; a hunting rifle; a hunting knife; a suspicious delivery list; and a VPN.
  • Staking out the pelt sale place by Harmony as there have been numerous reports of people reportedly robbing and/or shooting any one who attempts to sell their pelts there. He was shot down by unknown perpetrators after he caught them trying to rob people.


  • Participated in the Corvette Police Interceptor Time Trials and had a lap of 4:45 (technically 4:25 as he accidentally crossed the line while asking for repairs).
  • Although he isn't FTO-certified, he takes out cadets and teaches them the ropes (after approval from a commanding officer).

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; BCSO - Badge #578 March 11th, 2021
Passed Academy; Cleared for Driving with FTO March 28th, 2021
Cleared for Writing Reports by Matthew Espinoz and Clarence Williams April 18th, 2021
Cleared for Traffic Stops by Aaron Byson after approval from Matthew Espinoz April 22nd, 2021
Cleared for Processing by Jack Davenport after approval from Matthew Espinoz April 27th, 2021
Passed Foundations Test April 29th, 2021
Solo Cadet
Cleared for Radio Communications; Solo Certified - Badge #678 May 4th, 2021
Solo Cadet
Cleared for Pursuits by Jackie Snow May 12th, 2021
Junior Ranger
Formally accepted by San Andreas State Park Rangers May 18th, 2021
Passed Final Evaluation; Promoted to Full Ranger - Badge #278 May 21st, 2021


Owned Vehicles
BMX Bicycle
Nagasaki Blazer (Ranger Variant)
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


  • "My name is Barry Briddle of the BCSO..."
  • "At least I'm not a stain on humanity." - In response to Aaron Byson criticizing his facial hair, saying looks like a stain on his face.
  • "How come your reports get worse every time I read them?" - Response to Rocko Colombo commenting Barry 'looks worse every time [Rocko] sees him.'
  • "...So are you, the difference is I can take it [the high-visibility vest] off, but you can't." - Comeback to Marco Holliday saying his vest looks ugly.
  • "A genetic soup of Lenny, Wrangler... and Soze."
  • "I might die today..."
  • "Mandatory license check..."


  • His father is also his uncle.
  • Invented the unofficial, "1.5" level on the police's force matrix, although he rarely actually uses it. Escalating to 1.5 means the officer flashes their badge to the suspect.
  • Has taken a liking to Tyme Reducer or as he refers to as: the wide one.
  • Enjoys crosswords and knitting in his spare time.
  • His name is a play-on-words for very brittle.
  • Robert Spowylamywanowski and Leslie Lingberg believe that Barry is a super-natural being of some sort. At first they believed he was a sasquatch due to his copious amounts of body hair, but after he was concussed in an assault by Pilbis (resulting in a trip to the ICU which Barry didn't remember and explained as a hunting accident) they believed him to actually be a mummy after seeing the bandages covering his head and some "magic" involving a levitating welding torch.
  • He initially claimed to be from both Liberty and Vice city, but after the 3.0 phone update clarified that he was actually from Boston, Dakota.
  • Has an endless amount of bandannas in his closet as he needed to re-up every time Mike Bayo would take them.
  • Barry has a phobia of trains after he, along with Johnny Divine FTOing him in the car, drove a CVPI into a generator and exploded in an attempt to evade a train while in the tunnels. He then experienced visions of trains in Pillbox Medical.
  • Mike Bayo forcibly shaved Barry's head in the Mission Row locker room after catching him wearing his classic bandana one too many times. Bayo stated that he'd only allow Barry to wear his bandana once he passed the final evaluation test and became a full deputy. Later, Aaron Byson, Sam Baas, and Marco Holliday all shaved their head and started: "Bayo's Baldbois". A movement/group based on shaving one's head for their leader, Mike Bayo.
  • He has an invisible bubble that pushes and moves cars out of the way. It is especially deadly when it comes to chases.
  • Due to the heavy amount of stress he faces as a police officer, he has taken up smoking as a way to cope with the stress. He became a chronic chain-smoker because he needs multiple cigarettes (or joints, lavender, etc.) to destress.
  • He was undersheriff for five minutes while filling up Matt Rhodes's CVPI.
  • If needing supplies such as phones, ammunition, weapons, etc., Barry tends to go rummage in the evidence room trashcans. To date, no other officers are aware of his dumpster diving habits.
  • He carries with him a goldfish named "Bayo Junior" that he got at Dean World.
  • Occasionally when undercover, he becomes Jake Crimes. It's an exaggerated Day 1 Criminal Andy persona, based on imitating the poor voice boxes of said persons.
  • On June 5th, 2021 he was put in the ICU for a second time after he was shot in the neck during a store robbery.
  • Has been described as a 'tsundere' by Jerry Perkins.


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* Barry is hired as an employee at Burger Shot.

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