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"It's Bondi 'til I fucking die, not Bondi 'til I can't be fucked any more."

Barry Benson is a character role-played by BazzaGazza.

General Description

Barry Benson is the Vice Prime Minister of the Bondi Boys MC.


Barry Benson is a loyal and hardworking man who constantly chases the next adrenaline filled heist or adventure. He is known for his goldfish brain, fierce loyalty, and constant dedication to the Bondi Boys and Babes Motor Club.

Barry spends his time with his husband, Irwin Dundee, and their club the BBMC, busting banks and boosting cars. Over his months as a criminal Barry has become a sharp shooter, confident driver, steadfast leader, a boosting hacker, and quick with explosives like thermite.


Barry is not one to show his emotions on his sleeve, or to speak them aloud. He is loyal to a fault, and for the first few months of knowing Irwin Dundee, often was pushed around by his louder personality. However, after transitioning from Road Captain to Vice Prime Minister of the BBMC, Barry grew harder, more stern, and more willing to stand his ground.

Barry is quietly confident, hard-working, observant, and generous toward his friends and family. He is a thrillseeker with a chaotic, wild side that he tightly controls with a pragmatic attitude and a logical approach to problems.

Barry is a man of actions and results; for him to believe something, he needs to see it with his own eyes instead of learning about it through word of mouth.


Barry has short, light brown hair and green eyes. Both of his arms sport sleeve tattoos, and he has a goldfish tattooed onto his neck. On his back is a large dragon tattoo. Barry also has a dragon tattoo in UV ink on the back of his neck, with both the original art and the inking courtesy of his father Hubcap Jones.

After being punished by the club for breaking a rule by being set on fire, Barry has slight burn marks on both of his cheeks that never properly healed.

Barry is known for his Pißwasser cap, worn either forwards or backwards, his sunglasses, and his timberland boots. He often wears simple clothing, with common outfits being of course, his BBMC kuttes, or more casually an orange hoodie.

He wears an assortment of odd clothing as heist or criminal outfits, such as space suits with monkey masks, or racing suits with turtle masks (however he will say it's a snake), but his go-to currently is a homemade khaki utility look.


  • "It's 'Bondi 'til I fucking die' - not 'Bondi 'til I can't be fucked anymore.'"
  • "Barry Benson's the name."
  • "This is my first time in a hospital."
  • "I hate the shape- shape text? So it means the shape- NOT THE SHAPE- it means the shape the text the WORD the shape the text- oh my god."
  • "We're dead!"
  • "Okay, so here's what we're gonna do."
  • “When I say ‘Bondi Til I Die’ I fucking mean it. I’m ride or die with this club. If I’m the last fucking person in this club, I will wear this fucking jacket until I’m not in this fucking city any more.”
  • "Hello TJ, my son who is also a police officer."
  • "It's not a pyramid scheme if you're at the top."
  • "Hey nice bike... FOR AN IDIOT."
  • "Okay, don't fucking call me Bawwy."
  • "It's all just a big misunderstanding."
  • "Fuck you coppa dogs."
  • "Fuck you, Ricky LaFleur!"
  • "Dee is the only person I call daddy."
  • "Dee's D is the only D I want."
  • "I'm a snake~"
  • "I'm very gay, but I don't like cock"
  • "I'm not an idiot. I just send it."
  • "Fuck you, Fingle Dan!"
  • "My dad is on the radio!"
  • "I'm not scared of a sperm."


Played By: BazzaGazza
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