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Barbara "Barbie" Oberlin is a character role-played by Barbievision.


Flirty, Funny, Erratic and is Pretty.


The Princess of the Hills has fallen amongst the commoners will she be given mercy or be sent to the stocks.


Born in the Hollywood Hills, Barbie enjoyed a life of luxury getting everything she ever wanted since childhood. Throughout her childhood, her father "Daddy" Oberlin spoiled his little princess with expensive cars, luxurious trips, and a lifelong allowance. That is until she crashed her 2020 Tesla (gifted by Elon Musk himself) into the family living room because she didn't feel like walking from the driveway to the door. Since then, her father has repossessed her cars, frozen her assets, and blocked her number. Now Barbie must survive on her own in this big city with her bleached blonde hair and pink kitten heels. What could possibly go wrong? After she got into the big city she got recognized that much that people would mistake other blondes in the city for her. Her fame skyrocketed to the point where she started signed contracts with clothing brands, especially one called “Pretty in Pink”. From there, her modeling career started and everybody was buying her designs. What more could she ask for?