Bambii Byrd is a character role-played by Zombie_licious.

Background[edit | edit source]

Bambii Byrd was a Paramedic in Los Santos, and is Khloe Brooks' childhood best friend. Bambii Byrd resigned from the Emergency Medical Services on March 16, 2020. Her call-sign was Papa-13. She is currently a mechanic for QuickFix.  

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • She was formerly in a relationship with the lawyer, Jerry Callow.  
  • Her relationship with BCSO Deputy Bodean Tucker ended badly. 
  • Bambii is currently single

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

  1. Bambii was kidnapped in mid-September 2019 by Ander Destolle. He locked her up in a mine shaft for several weeks, whilst finally revealing the "truth" about the Chief of Medicine, Serge Cross.
  2. Bambii is currently working with BCSO Senior Deputy Ziggy Buggs on his ongoing cases involving the murders by The Butterfly Killer. She has informed Ziggy that she knows this killer by their first name, and has given him the very brief details that she knows about them. She was recently kidnapped by the killer and forced to dress in their signature attire, before being abandoned in a mine shaft for Ziggy to find.
  3. Bambii's relationship with Bodean Tucker ended rather abruptly, after Summer told Bambii that Bambii was in fact Bo's Mother. A fake family tree was started when Lucy decided to call Bambii her daughter, to stop Norm from telling everyone that Lucy is pregnant. Bo did not take this news well, even with the knowledge that the family tree is a fake, as Bo has not come to terms in dealing with his own biological mother's passing. Bambii has attempted to repair the relationship, but has moved back to Integrity to give Bo some space. Bo has told Bambii that he still loves her, so there might still be some hope. Several days later Bailey told Bo how Bambii ended the fake family tree because of this situation. Bo and Bambii spoke, and decided to give it another try. A few days later Bo got upset with Bambii over the way Marky was treating her and ended things.
  4. As of February 2nd, 2020. Bambii started working for Alabaster Slim as a mystery stripper for the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

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