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Ballas are one of the strongest South Side street gangs operating out of the Cul-de-sac on Grove Street, Davis.

Ballas are currently led by Tyrell Fresh and Demetrius Jones.

Ballas primarily deals in drugs, weapons trafficking and other criminal activities.

Ballas have grown in size and influence since its formation in February 2021. Members that are blooded in, earn the right to wear the purple bandana.

Major Events

Ballas: Eastside

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The South Side: Meth

7-Raven The Ballas make the bulk of their money through slinging Methamphetamine to locals in the South Side. In the beginning this was on the corner of Grove Street. A connection built through Nino Chavez, helped Mando Thompson secure a meth deal of 100% purity product known as 7-Raven. Down the line, the product changed to 13-Pelican. With Nino Chavez stepping away from the meth game, lines of communication became difficult. The identity of the supplier remained anonymous and were only reachable publicly via the passphrase "Green Trees".

The 9s Mid June 2021, Mando Thompson, Zoog Volkov Martinez (Kitty) and David Rusky (TG) are observed by Randy Wrangler to be slinging meth on the corner of Grove St. Kitty is observed making hand offs to locals arriving to the corner in their cars and Mando on his BMX is seen cycling back and forth from his corner to the driveway of his home. They were subsequently arrested and detained. Officer testimony, photographic evidence and the evidence of two bags of Meth found on Mando's person proved enough for Wrangler's raid warrant of Mando's property to be approved by a judge. Discovered in the house were 320 bags of Meth, 29 packed bud, 14 female seeds, 5 marijuana seeds, high quality scales, empty baggies and briefcases filled with money that added up to $160,000.

In interrogation, Mando, Kitty and TG refused to cooperate with Wrangler in providing any information about the Meth supplier. They were sentenced to the 9s (held until trial). The court date was scheduled a week later. At trial the defendants were found guilty of drug trafficking and sale of drugs, fined $60,000, sentenced to 3 Years in prison (3 Days), 7 Years parole (7 days) and seizure of illegal possessions found in Mando's property. The committing of any illegal activity by Mando during parole would also mean seizure of his home.

13-Pelican Supplier Revealed In the weeks that followed, Mando Thompson attempted to reconnect with the Meth supplier. Having not betrayed them, he expressed his frustrations at not being able to contact them directly and issued an ultimatum where there could no longer be anonymity else the deal would have to be ended. A face to face meeting is arranged and the supplier is revealed to be Lang Buddha along with Harry Brown. A new price of $350 per bag is agreed on, with Lang offering to provide the first couple drops on tick.

Self-Sufficiency Weeks later, the meth game has changed and Lang is ignoring Mando's calls, forcing the Ballas to look to other dealers. The local pedestrians in the South Side are found to be more open to buying meth sold in the various regions of the South Side than just the three corners that were being controlled by The Families, Vagos and the Ballas. Tyrell Fresh strikes a deal with Condemned MC, allowing them to sell their product on Maze Bank Arena, a region controlled by the Ballas. The Ballas would assist their cook, Fritz Ericson, buy their product at a much reduced price and be able to obtain information on how to cook themselves. This move has allowed the Ballas to be self-sufficient in the production and sale of Meth and move on from 13-Pelican. Ballas achieved their first 100% purity product called Sheep under Yair Lamas.

Ballas have discovered 13-Pelican on Vagos bodies during war and believe Lang moved on to dealing to them instead.

Grove Street: The Arcade, The Digital Den

A detailed overview can be found here.

Grove Street: Gas Station

A detailed overview can be found here.

OTT: Leaving Ballas

OTT leaving the Ballas.

Ballas vs The Mandem: War

A detailed overview can be found here.

Ty and Draco: New Ballas Leaders

Mando Thompson is asked to step down from leading. Tyrell Fresh and Demetrius Jones takeover the gang.

Mando: Leaving the Ballas

On 28th October 2021, Mando Thompson was kicked out of The Ballas by other high ranking members.

Ballas vs Vagos: First War

  • To be written.
Ballas vs Vagos: Second War

  • To be written.
Ballas vs Chang Gang: First War

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RIP TJ: The Death of Ty Jones

  • To be written.
Ballas vs Chang Gang: Second War

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Orlando Jones: The Return

  • To be written.
Ballas vs Vagos: Third War

Months of back and forth in the South Side by both gangs escalates into all out war between Ballas and Vagos.

On January 6th 2022 after two weeks of dominance displayed by the Ballas, South Side history is made as the Vagos leader (el Jefe) Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana agrees to pay $100,000.00.

The $100,000.00 payment puts an end to a violent and bloody war that has seen many shootouts, body mutilations and even permanent death.

The end of this war crowns Ballas as the undisputed strongest gang in the Southside of Los Santos for now.....


Ballas Members

Full member roster can be found here.

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