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The Balbani Crime Family (BCF) was an organized crime syndicate that operated within Los Santos.

As of May 25, 2022, BCF is considered disbanded.


The Balbani Crime Family is involved within all corners of the underworld criminal activities. With the massive crime wave in Los Santos, The Family has taken advantage of the chaos to maintain their underground activities while remaining unnoticed.


Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

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Boss: The head of the family. (Toni Balbani)

Consigliere: An advisor to the boss and underboss. (Carmine Mosca)

Underboss: Right hand man to the boss. Looks over most things that the boss does and doesn’t. (Maz Razi)

Capo: The captains running their own groups, giving them direct orders. (Scotty Dixon)

Fixer: Fixes shit. (Boris Karishnikov)

Enforcer: Working on connections, if someone is stepping on the families toes or rats then they will be sent to deal with the issue.

Soldier: Must prove themselves to the family. You’ll be fighting for the family. Running oxy, meth, weed, etc for the family while being under the enforcer’s wing. (Jonathan Johnsson)