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Babalu Okonkwo is a character role-played by SmokySloth.


Babalu Okonkwo is a South African pet shop owner in the city. He is also a voodoo witch doctor who specializes in voodoo magic. He is sometimes found at the farmhouse offering his voodoo healing to injured individuals. 

Currently ranked a Voodo King.


  • He once rejuvenated and healed Huck Guthrie after a freak car accident that occurred after a failed jump during a Fleeca Bank robbery job with Siz FulkerJulio Thomas, and Al Saab
  • He gives out quests to citizens in the city for a chance to get collectibles. 
  • He once fixed Wrangler's legs after Wrangler got high off Spider venom and jumped off a crane.


Played By: SmokySloth
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