Baada Ka is a character role-played by Chief.


Baada Ka, better known as Chief, is a cadet in the HOA, he was born in a Ugandan village called "Masaka Village" which worships mangoes. The name, "Masaka" in Uganda means, "it can't be", and in his Tribes conception long ago, it was believed they would never survive.


Baada Ka was born to Dembe and Kizza Ka during a time of peace, but he was raised in war. When he was only three years-old, he was forced to be smuggled through numerous villages after an attack was waged on his village by a rival tribe to avoid being killed. He was not reacquainted with his father until he was seven, and at that point, his mother had been killed and his father was not the man he was before. What was supposed to be a peaceful, happily ever after for Kizza, turned in to a life of perpetual warfare to fill the empty void the death of his wife left behind. Before long, Baada Ka was trained to be a child soldier in his fathers guerrilla regime.

As Baada Ka grew in to adulthood, his father, Kizza, grew old, and sickness swept over him like a high tide on the beach.

Baada didn't want to lead and thus ironically led his people in to a war with a Tribe that held the only medicine that could save his father's life. They lost and his father, ultimately, passed away. After this, Baada vowed to lead his people away from the path his father set when his mother died and for a time, things were good.

Baada Ka never had intentions to leave his home, he was devoted to his people and his people cherished him. However he was haunted by devils that have followed his family for generations. His Tribe's livelihood and way of life was threatened by one mistake made by Kizza; he never told his son who they secretly really worked for before he died.

Played By: Chief
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