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B0b Smith is a character role-played by PENTA.


B0b (with a zero) Smith is a self claimed CPA (accountant) working with the "Vaygoes". He specializes in small business.

Background Information

B0b is a very calm and reserved person who moved to Jamestown from the suburbs, he tries to befriend the Vagos and was met with hostility at first but they soon grew accustomed to him as they would try and teach him their way of life that he knew none of before him moving there, these things include robbing stores, participating in a gang war and going on police chases, due to this they would make him the gang's own personal accountant.


  • Once accidentally tipped 15% instead of 20%.
  • Likes his steaks cooked well-done.
  • Uses a pen as a weapon.
  • B0b is .3% Hispanic. Concluded from his 23 and me test at Pillbox
  • Rule Number 1: to NEVER talk to cops


  • "SLOW DOWN!"
  • "Hey can you do a favor for me ? I need you to stay out of the barrio."
  • "Oh my God! Stop the car! My seatbelt wasn't on."
  • "Stop speeding! or I'll call the cops"
  • " Don't ask about the eggs"