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B0b Smith is a character role-played by PENTA.


B0b (with a zero) Smith is a self claimed CPA (accountant) working with the "Vaygoes". He specializes in small business.


  • Once accidentally tipped 15% instead of 20%.
  • Likes his steaks cooked well-done.
  • Uses a pen as a weapon.
  • B0b is .3% Hispanic. Concluded from his 23 and me test at Pillbox
  • Rule Number 1: to NEVER talk to cops


  • "SLOW DOWN!"
  • "Hey can you do a favor for me ? I need you to stay out of the barrio."
  • "Oh my God! Stop the car! My seatbelt wasn't on."
  • "Stop speeding! or I'll call the cops"
  • " Don't ask about the eggs"


Played By: PENTA
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