Avon Barksdale is a character role-played by Lirik.

Background Edit

Avon Barksdale is one of the founding members and leader of the Leanbois.

Avon Barksdale is a notorious criminal known for being one of the founding members & leader of the Leanbois. Barksdale has brought terror and chaos to Los Santos.

Exhausted by his path in life, Avon left Los Santos in hopes of forging a new path, leading to the Leanbois disbanding.

Return Edit

The crime could not escape Avon, and he recently returned in earnest to Los Santos. Los Santos has changed, however, and Avon finds himself and his gang in crippling debt and surrounded by enemies, new and old.

He continued to cause mayhem in Los Santos along with the other Leanbois. He campaigned to become the mayor of Los Santos and was the first to do so, but it didn't last long.

He has disappeared again for reasons unknown, it is not known whether he will be returning.

Avon Barksdale for Mayor Edit

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