Avery Stone is a character role-played by TinyStunt.


Avery Stone is a petty criminal who does not appear in the city too often.


Avery grew up the south in a small rural town but wanted to get more out of life, the thrill of going to the large city made her curious. Packing her bags and leaving her parents behind as he moved to California in search for a job as a stunt-double or be a movie star herself.

Tragedy struck when she hit herself while on a movie-set, landing wrong while performing a hard stunt from the high-fall. She was rushed to the hospital as x-rays showed that she hit her neck quite hard. As normal in the stunt industry, this means that she was no longer able to perform stunts.

When she got that news she decided to move to Los Santos, hoping to find work that she would be able to do.

Played By: TinyStunt
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