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Autumn in a shoot out with the police moments before she got shot


Autumn Rhodes is a character role-played by Autumn.


Autumn Rhodes was born in 1997. She is referred to as “Autumn” as well as “Sunflower” by El Garry. She moved from a small town in Canada to Los Santos to make friends and find a job.


When Autumn first came to the city she was put in difficult circumstances making her on edge. However as she came to understand how the city operated while attaining the friendships of Karen Dahmer and Ernie Jenkins. Autumn is very kind but will start a fight with anyone who messes with her or her friends, she tries to follow the status quo as much as possible, stripping at the Vanilla Unicorn and committing crimes with the Chang Gang.

First Look At Los Santos

The first person Autumn met when she moved into Los Santos was Benji Ramos, he helped her find her car, a black Sudan named “Bertha”. She drives very recklessly and claims her bad driving is because she is a Canadian. She is good friends with Karen Dehmer, they met on Twatter then met in person on the fishing docks where she met Charles Prince, Garrett Jobless, and some other members of the Chang Gang. She also met Tim Lee a strange man who called her an “Ugly Bitch” and “Deaf”, then said, “I use conditioner”. When she gets robbed people always will steal her shoes and she will track them down just to get her white tennis shoes back on her feet. She is very innocent but will snap and break your neck if you mess up.


Autumn has long blonde hair with a braid coming from the back of her head. She often wears sunglasses and one stranger said that she looked like a cop with them on. She wears a red tank top and grey cargo shorts with a long “off white” white belt that hangs over her leg. She also wears white tennis shoes and leather biker gloves. She also wears a white tank hoop with a red jacket and black pants with a black belt with black leather gloves. Another outfit she often wears is a red sweatshirt with her black pants and her white “off white” belt with her black leather gloves.


Garrett Jobless - They are currently dating. You can always find them together whether it be committing crimes, going on a date, or just driving around the city. If you see them together they will probably be quarreling or making fun of each other in some way. They have been on multiple dates and each one ends horribly, breaking a leg or just dissing and leaving but in the end, they always seem to find each other and stay close.

Karen Dehmer - Karen is a good friend to autumn, Karen introduced Autumn to the Chang Gang and she owes a lot to her. You can find them doing yoga together or breaking into cars. You also might catch them twatting or calling at each other for a location or a meet up.

Micky S - A buddy in crime, member of the Chang Gang, former cop. Micky shot Autumn on purpose in a police shoot, right before he shot her his words were “I’ve always hated you”, She is still very mad at him for that. He likes to start brawls with Autumn but will always lend a helping hand if necessary. You will find them robbing houses together or showing some moves at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.

Randy Bullet - Randy is an OG member of the Chang Gang so Autumn is held to a high standard while being around Randy. You can see them having a meeting with the rest of the Chang Gang members or being Randy being a DJ and autumn stripping to the beats.

Ernie Jenkins - Ernie and Autumn met at the Casino and hung out with Garret and her after. Ernie will always stand up for Autumn and he always claps back if she receives hate.

Charles Johnson - Autumn and Charles met because of the Chang Gang, they also fought back against TayTay at the Pillbox Hospital, also a driver for fishing adventures.

TayTay - Autumn, and TayTay are not speaking terms. They got into a fight at the Pillbox and Autumn knocked him out. Then Micky accidentally hit Autumn so she got knocked out so TayTay stole her shoes, she is still mad at him for the shoes.

Uchiha Jones - Coworker

Ray Mond - Friend of Autumn, meet at burger shot, at first Ray didn’t trust Autumn but then Randy introduced Ray to her and now they are good friends. She is very excited to have another female in the Chang Gang to hang out with.

April Fooze - Friend of Autumn, good friends with Garrett. They met when April fled a kidnapping and then talked in the car. They are now good friends, April was very scared and slightly sad when Autumn was gone from the car. Autumn loves April and said she was "very cute!" and Autumn is also very fond her makeup commenting on it a few times, she also introduced April to Burgershot and took some cute pictures together. They always love complimenting each other and they are always up to having new adventures together.


I’m such a good driver, I'm fine, everything’s fine”

“Damn look how cute I am”

“ ass is so fat”

“I won't fall!” - Talking to Garrett Jobless right before she broke her leg