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Augusta "Gus" Carlin is a character role-played by netsirk.

General Description

Augusta, or Gus as she prefers to be called, is a university student and sports enthusiast trying to make her way in Los Santos. She plays first base for her softball team, but due to a rotator cuff injury she frequently finds herself benched.

Physical Description

Gus is an average young adult with a relatively plain appearance. She tends to dress like a tomboy and frequently wears boyish, or otherwise oversized clothing - notably sports memorabilia such as branded tees and jerseys.

She is 5'7, weighs 148 pounds, has short brown hair, and is Caucasian with slight tan from practicing softball in the sun.

After getting a job at Otto's Autos, she severely damaged her vision by welding without a mask and now wears thick-rimmed glasses to help her see. After she began wearing glasses she also admitted to staring at the sun recreationally because she thinks it's pretty.

She grew her hair out and wears it in a ponytail after having spent several months staying at her Paleto home while focusing on improving her grades to get out of academic probation.


Despite having a reputation as being a friendly and good natured person, Gus is brash and quick tempered. Because of her time playing team sports she's also developed a competitive attitude and frequently tries to one-up friends and strangers over trivial tasks and achievements. This has lead to her regularly becoming irate when people flaunt their success around her.

She's also relatively dim-witted; frequently citing misinformation as facts in debates and is prone to believing conspiracy theories. Some of her gaffes and errant thoughts dip into the dumb jock stereotype - or worse. Despite being a former financial advisor she also has displayed a stark misunderstanding of how student loans work and believes she isn't obligated to pay them off.


Being socially awkward and easily frustrated when people misunderstand her, Gus has a difficult time developing close interpersonal relationships. She frequently misunderstands social cues and believes women are hitting on her when they aren't and is completely oblivious when they are.

Early in her friendship with Penelope Farthing, she misread what she believed were romantic cues which later lead to her adopting asexual habits when courting women. This subsequently led to her going on several dates with women without realizing the potential romantic implications as she believed they were just hanging out, similar to her outings with Penny. This would later lead to rumors among her friends that she was a player who dated multiple people at once .

On July 17th Gus' long-term crush, Cara Lynn, asked her to be her girlfriend while they were on a hiking trip. Gus and Cara would later break up on August 28th. The experience caused Gus to swear off dating women.

Work History

Rooster's Rest

In early 2020, Gus picked up a job at Rooster's Rest after a chance encounter with Roland Nelson's taxi service. Roland quizzed Gus on where she wanted to go and she spiraled into a babbling rant about how she wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life, having been benched on her softball team due to a recent rotator cuff injury. Roland then took her to Rooster's Rest to have an interview with his friends, Petunia Brookshire and Dewey Hawthorne. During this period Gus would go on to form close friendships with Petunia, Dewey, Penelope Farthing, Irma Gawd, Dreah Johnson, several of the Nerds, and would be frequently bullied by Lang Buddha.

After a falling out between Buddha and Petunia that lead to the latter being fired, Gus found herself in an awkward position when Penny was promoted to CEO of Rooster's Rest. The tension between them would eventually subside, but Gus' general awkwardness during this period lead to Penny branding her as "sus", a label she'd begin to trot out whenever Gus started being weird.

During a fateful dead shift, Gus found herself being kidnapped by Mike and Ro Block from the Rooster's Rest property. While being held captive, Gus was forced to fill a Rooster's soup bowl with sewer water from the LS River while being filmed and later give it to Officer Sam Baas without telling him about the contaminated water. After giving Baas the bowl and watching him eat it, they tweeted the video at him after leaving the scene. Before letting Gus go, the Blocks forced her to drive their stolen truck into a gas pump while at gun-point.

Gus survived the explosion with only minor injuries, but was later called to a bench trial to give testimony as the victim of the kidnapping. Gus eventually threw her testimony due to Mike and Ro constantly threatening to kill her while she was on the stand, much to the ire of Mr. Buddha. Gus then vented about feeling under-appreciated at work while on the stand due to working so many dead solo shifts. This briefly lead to Buddha plotting to murder her until he realized that there was a very tangible staffing shortage at the company and they needed all the employees they could get.

Superior Financial

Following Gus' brush with being fired, she decided that she needed to branch out as other Rooster's employees were beginning to act openly hostile towards her after what happened at the Block trial. She began asking for leads from customers and was eventually made aware of Charlie McNamara' new loan venture. After touching base with Charlie she agreed to join the company when she found out it was co-owned and being bankrolled by Nino Chavez to get it off the ground.

Due to Superior Financial being a private equity firm, it's early investments were mostly being funded by employees and other small business owners. This lead to Gus spending time getting acquainted with Charlie on hunting trips while they raised funds for the loans.

Over a period of several months, Gus and Charlie made hundreds of new business contacts while giving loans and hunting for new investors. Despite their successful networking, growth ended up being slow as they had to rely on loan repayments due to a drought in capital as many of the high rollers in the city had recently purchased property, vehicles, or started businesses of their own.

Gus eventually made some headway by asking members of The Guild and the Cleanbois if they were interested in the long term returns of investing; though, it ultimately wasn't enough to keep pace with the number of people requesting loans.

Eventually Gus became acquainted with Kirk Jerkems, as he was looking for a loan to buy an RV from PDM to race and cook meth in. Gus was worried about Kirk's ability to pay for the loan, but he assured her that he could do it by doing odd jobs delivering packages in alleyways. Concerned for Kirk's safety, Gus began asking her acquaintances about this "job" and one of them ended up explaining how to sell oxy.

This lead to Gus doing a solo oxy run on her own just to make sure it was safe, but halfway through selling the goods she called Kirk and he admitted that he knew what it was, and that he was being coy with her because he thought she wouldn't be his friend if she knew he was a drug dealer.

After clearing the air, Gus agreed to go on an oxy run with him but it was an ill-fated experience as a naked hobo attempted to rob them at knifepoint before they chased him away with a car. Later, they weren't as lucky when NBC ambushed and robbed them at a different location.

The ordeal stressed Gus to the point that she swore off selling oxy, but remained friends with Kirk.

Stressed over her inability to find investors, Gus found herself developing a jealous and one-sided rivalry with Leah Strong, the CEO of Fast Loans. Leah found Gus' animosity amusing and frequently flexed her wealth in front of Gus to make her flustered and annoyed. Gus would eventually cool off when Superior Financial slipped into limbo, but still feigned holding a grudge as she realized Leah would often buy her free things if she acted upset about Leah's success.


  • "My name's Augusta, but people call me Gus, y-you can call me Gus..."
  • "I like to get high in high places."
  • "I don't date people."
  • "I hang out with women all the time."
  • "I have so many girlfriends... you know, friends that are girls."
  • "I'll Asea later!"


  • Gus is a transplant and moved to Los Santos from Minnesota.
  • In 2.0 she was outed as a Russian asset who was posing as a college student by Brav O'Six and Brett Biggledoinks. Upon exposing her they threw her off the Land Act Dam, but she survived the fall and swam to safety.
  • She usually stays at her mom's apartment on Alta Street with her younger sister when she's downtown.
  • She occasionally coaches her little sister's softball team.
  • She has an abnormal gait and carries her shoulders awkwardly due to several softball injuries that haven't properly healed.
  • She aspired to join the military but couldn't pass the physical due to her sports injuries.
  • She's fairly patriotic and frequently salutes American flags.
  • She claims that most of her money comes from siphoning funds out of her student loans.
  • In early June, she purchased a house in Paleto.
  • She owns a Ruiner, Cliffhanger, Sand King XL, and a Dilettante.
  • She began idolizing Denzel Williams after the success of his mayoral campaign.

Played By: netsirk
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