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August Vakarian was a character role-played by goldelena . Not streamed.


August Vakarian was a mentally unstable woman who was a member of secretive groups the Smileys, The Rickys and Steele Security.

On July 17th, she married James "Apples" Apeller.


On November 16th, 2020, August was slashed in the throat and murdered by Ezekiel "Zero" Rogaine at the Chumash Pier. Incidentally, this is the same pier where she married Apples and where their close friend, Louis Baton, was murdered by Denzel Williams just two months prior.

On November 19th, 2020, August's body was picked up by Apples at the morgue, thanks to the help of Chet Manley. Apples proceeds to take her body to the Chumash Pier, and dropping her into the water.

Apples' final moments with August at the Chumash Pier can be seen here. The extended version of Apples' final goodbyes, which includes him retrieving August's body, it can be seen here.


Played By: goldelena
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