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Audrey McClary is a character role-played by Cynthstreams.

Audrey is very discreet about her past before moving to Los Santos. Her father was involved in crime in Liberty City, her mother a huge alcoholic and yoga teacher. When her father died, she dropped out of Art School and moved to Los Santos. Because of her family's history, she is usually tight-lipped about any criminal activity she does know.

She found a new family at LSBN, working with Dillon Dubbs as a Producer for the Entertainment division.

Audrey is also a silent partner in Secure Exotic Xchange, an Art and Antique restoration business, and is the "Sales Manager". She is unaware that her business partner Yevgeni Ivanov launders money through the business.

Audrey is bitter towards police, especially after accidentally finding herself in an active crime scene one time. She tried to leave the scene; LSPD shot her, then detained her and charged her with Misdemeanor: Obstruction of Justice. She's actively tried to get a day in court to fight the charge, but her Lawyer hasn't been able to get the report from police to file the motion at the court. This charge has haunted her, by affecting loan rates when going to buy her first car.