Aubrey Lynn

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - The Loop


Aubrey Lynn is a character role-played by Miinion.


Aubrey Lynn is trying to make her way in the city.


Aubrey Lynn was born in New York Metro Hospital in late 2000 by Sasha Lynn. Aubrey is one of many children by Sasha but is the youngest within the Lynn household. Growing up Aubrey had challenges being picked on or being called weirdo because she always wanted to play with legos and help others and be there for those who needed it.

As a child she always wanted to be a part of a medical service and to be there for those who needed guidance and assistance from her. Her older siblings including Damien and Frankie thought she be perfect to become a medic or a cadet within a police or fire department when she was old enough of course.  Through middle school and eventually high school she tried to get into few CPR/ First Aid classes and tried out for under 18 police academy classes to get her feet wet but she knew nothing would stick until she was old enough to go to college and adult academies.

As years went on her love to help others grew and grew and by age 18 she moved out of the house and saw chance becoming a medic within Los Santos so for few years she became a paramedic and help those who needed it weather it be from a scrape to a mass casualty incident she knew how to handle herself within a situation. Over time she wanted to do more and so she applied to become a part of BCSO where she spent quality time learning and taking time in where she became a deputy.  After a injury took her out she decided to relax and enjoy life in Los Santos. 

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