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AsmonBronze is a character role-played by Burn.


AsmonBronze is a famous american gamer streamer who came to Los Santos to make his Transmog Competition and record new videos. He has good MMORPG skills and calls himself as furious warrior. He has a aggressive temper and always walks carring his axe, when bothered he hits his head on the wall. AsmonBronze wear green sweatpants and a dirty white t-shirt because he goes weeks without taking a shower, however he always claims to have a clean dick.


  • "Oookay duuud!"
  • "I mean, Fuuuck duuuud!"
  • "Clean dick, clean personality."
  • "You remind me of McConnell."
  • "Lets go boys."
  • "i don't wash my hands because my dick is clean."
Played By: Burn
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