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Asher Brown is a character role-played by itsSANDR.


Asher is a 46 year old ex-adult film actor turned criminal after his failed attempt at gaining popularity in his industry while trying to follow in his fathers footsteps.

He has a very distinctive appearance, given his leopard print pants and obsession with anything leopard print or the color brown. He is often described as having a "goofy nature" and "not the brightest", but is very level-headed and "street smart" when it comes to dire situations, and is a very fast learner who adjusts his attitude according to the situation at hand.

Asher has no family in Los Santos and is looking to make contacts. Asher is very loyal and devoted, so once he finds a place he can call home, they essentially become his family.

Gang Affiliation

Asher was brought in to Bondi Boys MC as a hang-around by Olivia Garcia on the 2nd August, 2021. This fulfilled a long time ambition for Asher, having wanted to find a family he can hang with for quite some time.

Asher plans on proving his worth to the members of the BBMC and helping the club prosper in any way he can.

Character Development

- Since landing in Los Santos, Asher has experienced most of what the city has to offer - the good and the bad. These experiences have slightly changed Asher's perspective on life, and is now no longer afraid to use his gun and pull the trigger.

- On the 23rd August 2021, during a routine Oxy-Run, Edbert Ropeburn discovered the effects that Oxycodone has on Asher. A short time after Asher consumes Oxy, he completely changes persona. It seems to be that Oxy calms Asher down and transforms Asher into a very switched-on, mature, professional and deadly criminal with an entirely different, "normal" voice.

- On the 28th August 2021, Asher was made aware by members of the BBMC that he should take "Tic-Tacs" when he wants to become smart. Asher now has a self-awareness on when he should take Oxy and will take them during times where he needs to be focused or serious in nature.

- On the 31st August 2021, Asher was made to consume 7 Oxy in the space of 2 minutes to not be arrested after being pulled over for 'suspicious activity' and drug sniffed by Jack Ripley's K9. The effects after that made Asher be super hyperactive, alert and extremely energetic, which led to a big crash afterwards with a short period of unresponsiveness.

- On the 13th September 2021, Asher killed and ocean dumped his first ever victim. He wanted a divorce from his somehow-wife Mia and when she declined and threatened Asher, he decided it was time to take things to the next level. After an incident at Chumash Pier, Asher run up to Mia, shot her in the head and dumped her body into the Ocean.

- On the 14th September 2021, Asher learnt about his condition from Dr. Jeremy at Pillbox. During a consultation, Asher brought up his condition and asked the Doctor if there was anything they could do to assist with the issue. The doctor took a few blood samples, witnessed the shift himself when Asher took an Oxy, and documented his findings. After taking another blood sample and testing it with oxy, he discovered that the change happens on a Molecular level, and that Asher has a physical and mental shift. More tests to come. . . .

- On the 20th September, 2021, Asher ocean dumped his first friend and best friend in Los Santos, Jay Anderson with the help of Olivia Garcia. This was a super difficult moment for Asher, but "femly" always comes first for Asher and he didn't want to risk any loose ends for the club.


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