Ash Ketchup is a character role-played by Ash_on_LoL


Ash Ketchup is feisty red-haired Aussie, with a deceptively disarming sweet and bubbly voice. As a child, Ash impulsively dipped her head in a bowl of ketchup and upon realizing how flattering the hair color looked on her, has kept to dying it red ever since. She can usually be seen sporting a white denim jacket over a light blue tank top paired with denim shorts and black converse.

Ash Ketchup moved to Los Santos after a recent tragic occurrence, hoping for a fresh start. While one might think that Los Santos isn't the right place to settle down for a peaceful life, it does seem to be the perfect place for Ash.

Background Information

On her first day in the city, she was seen taking illicit drugs on a street corner with Irwin Dundee. Ash Ketchup is truly a mystery - maybe even to herself. When asked what her goals were in the city, she simply recited lyrics to the popular theme song of Pokémon. Aimless and jobless, she proclaimed herself "ride or die" with Irwin Dundee and continues to go on various risky adventures.

On her less vibrant days, Ash enjoys going fishing with friends such as Maxwell Devitt, Karina Dawn, Olivia Harvey, Malakai Anderson, Riley Carter, and Lenny Large. Fishing is a new sport for her but she has already developed quite the talent for it. Ash also has developed the talent of becoming entirely invisible which she has described as a "great disappearance act" to people. This magic trick can be quite spooky, especially when paired with her deadly right hook and uppercut. Due to her Australian accent she frequently gets into heated debates with her friends that don't understand words such as "ute" or the way she pronounces "beer" or "pier".

Ash Ketchup has displayed great talent for hunting. On a hunting trip with her friend Lenny Large and a few others she managed to take down a deer with her first shot ever taken with a hunting rifle without even aiming properly, following that up with another one-shot kill straight up a deer's butthole. After this success Marvin King started calling Ash their "sharpshooter" relying on her skill for most of the hunting tour. Ash Ketchup also seems to enjoy "sick rides" although in an attempt to win her heart Lenny ended up sending them both to the hospital. Not only a hunter, Ash has often found herself as prey to other animals, and even humans as evidenced during the Hunger Games. She has been skydiving which she thought to be less epic than advertised.

Looking for a job has not been easy for Ash so far but she made new friends like Gordon Remy after looking to find a job at the trash centre. Although crime has become a bit of a habit for Ash she has not given up on her goal to live a relaxed life in Los Santos. Recently, she successfully applied for a job at the Burger Shot and also is helping Benji Ramos with his new business for which he needs a "legal front person".

After various unexpected turns of events Ash Ketchup was pressured into "joining" the Block Gang which is at odds with many of her friends and acquaintances. Fearing for her life, she sought help from her friends Malakai and Mel Rickenbacker to help her get out of the awkward situation.

Ash Ketchup's greatest criminal accomplishment so far is a successful bank robbery with her friends. She has also formed good ties with various members of the Vagos with which she occasionally commits crimes with.


  • "I'm new to town"
  • "It's ride or die!"
  • "What's wrong with arse?"
  • "Sorry Rem I love Emilia."
  • "Help me step ranger!"
  • "I'm not smashin' anybody!"
  • "How's it goin'!"

Major Events

Dundee's Relationship Therapy

April 17, 2021

After waking up Benji finds out from Mickey that Ash has been caught by the cops from doing a bank heist. Benji becomes disappointed at Ash because he had trusted her, she wouldn’t do something like this right after getting their Business license. Ash gets out of prison and calls Benji, where he was very disappointed. Later they both join in with Dundee to do some jobs but Benji and Ash were not talking to one another because of what had happened. Dundee heard both sides of the stories and decided they needed couple’s therapy. He drove them to billabong and forced them to get out of the car and into a room where he locks them up till they talk it out. After a long silent Ash starts to cry and Benji goes to comfort her. They finally started talking about what happened and how they both felt about it. Ash was worried that Benji would leave her because of what happened and was sorry she did that. Benji explains to Ash he was only disappointed and that he would not leave her over this. Benji explains to her that the business isn’t as important compared to Ash. In the end, they both made up after having a heartfelt moment. Benji and Ashe tried to get out of the locked room as Ash threatens to beat Dundee up. Benji decided it was time to ask Ash out and finally officially are known as girlfriend and boyfriend.

OTT's Concert

April 22, 2021

After getting out of prison, Benji calls Ash but gets his call rejected and later on Ash calls him back telling him about this new job she started. Ash was hired an assistant for a security group; where does she get paid pretty decently. Ash also asking Benji if he sent Raymundo to watch over her because he said he was her bodyguard. She also tells him about OTT giving her front row VIP tickets to his concert and asking if they should go. They decided to go to the concert since it was free tickets. Benji finds out from Raymundo that he was watching over Ash because OTT was all over her; showing off his money and everything. Benji gets more information about the place she is working to see what kind of place it is.

Benji, Ash and Leah drives to the location where OTT concert was being held. Many Vagos join in sitting around them. Concert begins with many security walking around and also cops being there. He starts singing Cream pie, and many people were dancing to the music being played. After the first song OTT said they are welcome to come closer to the stages and many gotten closer as some Vagos watches from the back and in the front. He sings a song about the Vagos and many more songs. During this time Benji is telling Chino to get ready to take down OTT, giving him orders on what to do next. As he started to sing the song, he wrote for Ash named it Don’t tell Benji. Chino ran up to the stage and stabbing him once before running away. This leads the cops away from the concert which later on Benji runs up to the front and ask Raymundo if he is ready to pop OTT in the head. He gives the order to shot as Benji walks away slowly from the shooting as if nothing had happened. As they were driving away; Benji Tweets out “Great song OTT, loved the end of the song but I think someone just told you instead #LETMEKNOW”

Ash didn't know how to really handle having OTT write a song for her. She and Benji have a discussion about what happened. Ash unsure about if Benji's method was appropriate since she is a pacifist. Benji doubled down on how much he doesn't want to have to control her but Ash's innocence leads her to not seeing potential danger. This is when he changed Ash's contact name from Sugar Momma to Babygirl. Proving that Benji wasn't just in the relationship for money or expecting Ash to make money for his needs. The stressful night ends with Benji staying the night in Ash's apartment. Cementing a win for Benji as Ash only has eyes for her man.

Editor's note: The OTT vs Benji storyline was altogether dropped due to harassment Maximus Black received online. Unfortunately some viewers didn't separate OTT from Maximus or Ash Ketchup from Ash_On_LoL and took it upon themselves to attack on her behalf. Lysium, Ash and Maximus agreed to role play out an end and move on. Ash could keep her Balla friends and OTT apologized for overstepping.


Benji Ramos

A famous Vagos member Ash recently befriended after he picked her up from a break-in she committed with Dundee. They did many fun things together like stealing a golf cart and watching a Battle Royale organized by Four Tee in an amusement park. He has called Ash his "future wife" in front of his gang friends before which suggests he too has a crush on Ash as he also promised to kill any enemies she has. They robbed a bank and went to jail together after failing to escape. Ash agreed to be his CEO as the legally clean front of the business. He named the talent agency Bash Talent Agency a mix of his and Ash's names. While trapped in Dundee's Relationship Therapy, they finally admitted to each other they had feelings and began officially dating. Benji has admitted that even though he won't marry Ash right away but it wasn't off the table. He often teases her over the rolling of her r's, finding them cute. The Vagos members have made remarks on how differently Benji acts and treats Ash from his usual cat-calling ways. He worries over Ash's good nature since she too nice at times and tries to find ways to solve issues without violence. He has since changed her name in his phone from Ash Sugar Momma to Babygirl after Outto-Tune Tyrone's concert.



Ash has made friends with many of the Vagos, since making her relationship with Benji official she is considered a part of the familia by most. Whenever a Vagos member that she is friends with sees that she is trying to run somewhere in town they always give her a ride to where she needs to go.

Karl Johnny

Ash and KJ have a brother/sister relationship that has blossomed in the passed weeks as she has been a hang around to Benji's official girl in the Barrio. They take turns attempting to steal each others shoes and he was her first successful robbery in front of Benji. KJ has remarked on Ash's potential to scam anyone into a deal with her innocent voice and demeanor. Working together with Ash at Burger Shot as Vagos security it leaves him able to take care of should she need him too even though she wants to defend herself. He is one of the first to consider Ash a part of the familia, if people mess with Ash it's the same as messing with Benji.

Chino Gonzalez

Along with KJ, Chino considers Ash a part of the familia and has nicknamed her the Queen of the Barrio (not publicly). He also works with her at Burger Shot so there is potentially unlimited amount shenanigans going down leaving Ash a bit speechless a first glance.

Carlos Loco

Ash has adopted Carlos as her son while dating Benji. She gives him a weekly allowance which has been between $500-$1000. Carlos picked Ash as his mother over Molly and has started to call her mom. Carlos has stated that he will protect her as long as she has his back as well.

Raymundo Ortiz

Raymundo considers Ash his sister. He has protected Ash several times that he could be considered her personal bodyguard in the Vagos. He went with her when she worked at Apex Security and was the one who took action at OTT's concert.

Arush Patel Santana

Ash is a bit scared of Arush Patel Santana, but that doesn't stop her from stealing shoes for him. At one time, she had stolen 15+ shoes to give to him. Arush Patel Santana does like her and considers her part of the familia even though it seems that he is always yelling at her. Arush Patel Santana calls Ash mamacita and has offered her a job on the ranch.

Santiago Madrid

To be written

Irwin Dundee
Ash randomly ran into him trying to manage her bank account at the ATM by the Burger Shot. Quickly after the two Australians formed a friendship. Later Ash helps Dundee escape the scene of a shooting in which he got severely injured.
Maxwell Devitt
One of the first people Ash Ketchup spoke with in Los Santos. Impressing her with various tricks and his rants about coffee they soon embarked on their first adventure together with Karina. He tried to make Ash call him "shoe polish" after they first met or asked to be named after another condiment to fit better with Ketchup and Mayo. One of their shared interests is Anime which both Ash and Max enjoy referencing sometimes. Max has become good friends with Ash and gone on multiple adventures with her.
Karina Dawn
The second person Ash talked to after leaving her apartment building after moving to Los Santos. Together with her and Max she went on a fishing trip. Karina is a kind and caring person and helped Ash find her way after being new to the city. Ash gave her the nickname Mayo because of her fair hair color.
Lenny Large
Acting as sort of a mentor to Ash Ketchup in the world of crime Lenny quickly formed a close bond with Ash after going on a fishing and a hunting trip together. Lenny and Ash both seem to share their interest in music. It seems Lenny has a crush on Ash Ketchup later making multiple advances which have all been swiftly rejected by Ash wishing to be just good friends instead. Ash frequently voiced scepticism of Lenny's "Open Marriage" and whether he should keep engaging in affairs with other women. Lenny seems to care about her a lot and often calls her sweetie or by other nicknames like "princess" and many others. Ash has also clarified their friendship as a "strictly non-smashing friendship" adding that they only are smashing cash registers together.
Claire Seducer
After trying to convince Ash to buy a ticket for the big event involving Jean Paul jumping over the Casino. Despite kindly declining the offer she gave her a ride to the Casino since Ash Ketchup showed interest in purchasing a membership card for the Casino.
Gordon Remy
A slightly anxious young man Ash met after looking for a job at the dumping grounds. Later Ash convinced him to do crime together with her and they got along pretty well. Ash liked his company and nicknamed him Gordy.
Olivia Harvey
A friend of Ash that often accompanies her and Lenny on criminal ventures. She refers to Ash as "her Queen" occasionally often foiling Lenny's flirt attempts making it seem like they are in a kind of friendly rivalry for Ash Ketchup.
Armando Hernandez
A new friend of Ash who was kidnapped with her and forced into a human hunt shortly after helping them form a close bond of friendship.
Meg Kyracruz
They met due to Lenny. Ash often tells Lenny to care more about her since she is his wife officially. They went on a few adventures together so far the most dramatic being their joint biking trip in the mountains.
Joseph Yorinobu
An eccentric that has prank-called Ash before and told her about ways to "go to Night City". Though Ash did not enjoy his prank call they seem to be good friends now.
Malakai Anderson
One of Ash's new friends she made in the world of crime. Malakai helped Ash and Lenny escape the police before and him and Ash have fun talking together. Ash believes that the white color for his hair tips has a rather kinky origin. She invited her and Lenny to smoke weed with her in her apartment. They seem to be pretty close and Ash said together with Lenny, Malakai is one of her best friends in the city. She has called him her first best friend.
Molly Minaj
A friend of Ash that takes her for a ride sometimes. Recently, they have developed a rivalry about Carlito (Carlos) where they both claim to be his mother.
Riley Carter
A friend of Malakai that Ash met on her criminal ventures. Since Malakai told her he has a crush on her Ash tried helping them get together. Ash seems to like her a lot and has called Riley her "best lady friend".
Curtis Swoleroid
One of Ash's best friends.
Mel Rickenbacker
After first encountering him when trying to help Lenny with saving Yuno Sykk and Dundee who had been caught up in a chaotic kidnapping situation they first seemed to not get along particularly well or bad. Later Ash and Mel would meet again occasionally for different operations in the criminal underground. Ash Ketchup stated she thinks Mel is "neither weak or old" which suggests she has respect for him. After the Block Gang incidents and Mel challenging Four Tee's #1 Friend Mike Block, resulting in a shootout, and Four Tee thinking about ditching Mel, Ash decided to back Mel up. Ash told Four Tee she thinks he cares about her and that was the reason for his behaviour.
Mickey S
A crime accomplice and good friend of Ash.
Raymond Romanov
A loyal friend to Ash that has saved her from being killed and robbed before.

Ziggy Buggs
A park ranger Ash met after getting arrested for the first time. He helped her after she got into an accident and couldn't crawl out of the crashed car. She has called him her "favourite Green Power Ranger" and said she would like to meet him again while being chased by the police. Knowing him has helped her avoid arrest once. Ziggy seems very troubled by Ash and her escapades. Some say he has gone mad from interacting with her, recently attacking her and her friends on a quad bike. Ash described his punches as weak to the EMS and also called him a bad driver. Ash seems to regard him a good friend, all things considered, which she mentioned to deputies she met. She has also shown interest in participating in Ziggy's Zumba class.
Freddy Fastfingers
Ash called him her 2nd best friend and questions his intelligence occasionally when he spends money on things he could do for free.
Juan Carlos Hernandez
A bank robber pal of Ash Ketchup.
Oki Doki
A Burger Shot employee Ash made friends with.
Yuno Sykk
Him and Ash Ketchup first met when they ran into each other at the Yoga spot at the beach where their mutual friend Lenny Large introduced them to each other. They exchanged numbers and later went to the Casino where Yuno would attempt to scam Ash into doing the pinwheel gamble which actually wasn't in business at the time. Trusting her new acquaintance, Ash gave him the 1k he asked for but Yuno seemingly vanished with the money when a storm hit the city. Ash later confronted Yuno about the whereabouts of her money. A misunderstanding led to a fistfight leaving Yuno unconscious on the ground. Lenny later tried mending Ash's and Yuno's relationship which was interrupted by them confronting a Burger Shot employee who was punching a car and then attacked Ash for no apparent reason ending the meeting. Later Yuno would encounter Ash again challenging her to another fist fight to show off his new fighting skills he claimed he had acquired in a fighting championship. Ash declined the challenge. One day Lenny asked Ash to help him rescue Yuno who was apparently kidnapped. His reason being her good shooting skills. Ash however was unsure about shooting people but still wanted to save Yuno leading her to go help Lenny save him. Now they sometimes rob houses together.

Anthony Murphy


Marvin King
Ash and him went on a hunting trip together and he nicknamed her "Sharpshooter" after she took out a deer without even aiming properly. When they met again after a while Ash Ketchup had trouble remembering who he was maybe partially due to him having a different look.
Wayne Biggz
A man with southern accent notably bad at imitating an Australian accent Ash befriended after rescuing him from a kidnapping that targeted Irwin Dundee for whom he was mistaken. Later they would rob stores together with Lenny Large and he would nickname Ash opening the cash registers with a hammer "Smashing Ash".
Charles E Cheddar
A street racer and acquaintance of Malakai and Lenny.
TJ Mack
Ash has called him her "favourite officer". He dropped her jail time for her once after she negotiated with him.


Block Gang/Alta Street Ruff Rydaz

Natural Born Crackheads

Four Tee
Ash met her on several occasions with Lenny. Ash Ketchup tried to be friendly with her but can't seem to shake off the nervousness around her. Ash has tried to mend her ties to her friend Mel who seems to care a lot about her. Four Tee started calling Ash "Ketchup Lady" after knowing her for a while. 4T was Ash's friend until 4T got Benji shot after that Ash stopped caring about 4T and wants nothing to do with her.
Daquan Dumas
After incidents with the Block Gang he tried to take revenge on Ash for being part of an attempted ambush on him and stabbed her in the back with a knife. Thanks to Raymond Romanov Ash managed to get out of the situation alive. Mel tried mending their ties but both refused to give up on their animosities.
"Owl Mask"
A masked man that made fun of Ash's hair.


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