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Ash Ketchup is a character role-played by Ash_on_LoL


This girl next door is actually feisty redhead Aussie with a deceptively sweet voice and a sharp intellect. To many in the city she wears a veneer of innocence, while those closer to her know her taste for mischief that ranges from light shitlording antics to running price gouging scams to human torture. While Ash tends to be not very confident in her own skills, she stands firmly on her convictions and beliefs even if it brings her into conflict with others. Always up for adventure and ready to back her friends without a second thought, she often finds herself in many adventures and precarious situations.

Background Information

Ash moved to Los Santos after a undisclosed tragic occurrence, hoping for a fresh start. During her early days in the city, Ash discovered past times like hunting and fishing, enjoying going on such trips with friends. Ash also found herself immediately swept into the world of crime, doing house robberies and helping others with oxy runs. For a time, crime became a bit of a habit for Ash, but she eventually settled into a civillian lifestyle when she started taking up legal employment. After holding back and maintaining a relatively clean record for months, Ash has become increasingly restless to return to a life of crime.

Ash was quick to make new friends in this new city. Her employment at multiple businesses across town has made her a very recognizable face in Los Santos. Through her relationship with Benji Ramos, She has also formed good ties with various members of the Vagos who consider her to be family. Over time through various trials and tribulations, Ash has slowly learnt that not everyone she meets should be considered her friends. She learned fast how the dynamic associations of the city can flip the friends of today to the enemies of tomorrow. Ash has since become more guarded about who she considers to be in her true circle of friends.

Ash's tendency to jump into situations with reckless abandon has found herself as a victim to various wildlife, locals, terrain, and even other citizens as evidenced by her numerous kidnappings. Coupled with her natural curiosity for exploring the city, this has led to frequent visits to Pillbox Medical Center. While she has learnt to exercise more caution, trouble always finds its way to her regardless.

Ash's preferred weapon of choice has been her supply of melee weapons including torches (flashlights), baseball bats and machetes, deadly when paired with her powerful right hook and uppercut. She developed a zeal for employing her melee prowess in various public brawls. Since regaining her gun license after it had been taken away by law, she has gained more confidence in employing her firearm where needed.

Among Ash Ketchup's greatest criminal accomplishments so far are robbing banks in her criminal days, shooting up Sai Carter's gang to rescue her boyfriend Benji Ramos, being raided by Randy Wrangler afterwards, and getting under Randy Bullet's skin, bruising Chang Gang's ego.

3.0's First CG Vs Vagos War

When the first 3.0 CG Vs Vagos War began in earnest, Ash was involved in a misunderstanding with Chang Gang members Randy Bullet and Curtis Swoleroid at Burger Shot. Ash was carrying Randy Bullet after playfully "banning" them from the restaurant, not realizing that Vagos members Mike Smoore, Carlos Loco and Miguel Guerrero were setting up an attack outside resulting in both Chang Gang members getting shot up. Thinking that Ash had delivered him to the Vagos to be attacked, Randy Bullet swore that he would hunt Ash down for revenge, especially when Ash refused to pay 10K in compensation. For the next 3-4 days, Chang Gang actively hunted for Ash with all bets off, involving her friends beyond just the Vagos sphere. Ash completely broke down after Anthony Murphy lured her into being assassinated by Randy Bullet at the pier's Burger Shot through the window register. After this, Ash retreated to her apartment, cutting all ties with Anthony Murphy and presumably the rest of her mutual friends with Chang Gang. After the war concluded, even though Benji Ramos reassured her that she handled herself properly, Ash developed PTSD from the combined weight of events and has had issues ever since, clamming up whenever she encountered Chang Gang members she knows of or approaching affiliated locations. The first Vagos to notice was Chico Guzman during a visit to the Vultur Lé Culturé Gallery where he observed Ash's unwillingness to be seen and remain hidden in the trunk of the car. Chico offered to stay outside with her to keep her company and asked if she wanted to talk about it if she was ready. Since the first panic attack, Ash has had several more lapses and has opened up to many of her Vagos familia about the considerable anxiety she has regarding her former attackers. Although she felt like she was being a bother making a lot out of what she thought was nothing to them, they were very understanding of her position as someone unfamiliar with gang life being caught up in the middle of a war with a major gang.


  • "How's it goin'!"
  • "uhh....Okay!"
  • "I don't know what you talkin' about"
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "yea! yea! yea!"
  • "BSG Gang Gang!"
  • "Benjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!"
  • "Law Gang Gang"
  • "Get out of my way door!"
  • "Put your hands up! This is a wobbewy"
  • "Madafaka"
  • "Chill Chill Chill"
  • "I've had a rough day"
  • "The Thing is.."
  • "Go and find some f***ing clothes, heathen!"
  • "Stinky city >:("
  • "have you seen my boyfriend? (shows benji's NP Card)"
  • "myyyy boyfrieeeeeeend (shows benji's NP Card)"
  • "Have I ever told you I'm a wizard in training?"


As of 9/11/2021
Kidnapper(s) Count
Mike Block 3
Jagger Gerardy (Chatterbox) 3
Treyvon Walker 1
Four Tee & Friends 1
Pilbis Shonley 1
Kyle Pred 1
Chang Gang 3
Store / Bank Robbers 5
Other 2



Photo Address Value Description
Benji and Ash on the beach by their home.png Beachside Avenue 25 $500k+ Bought for $300k + tax. Ash's first home with Benji Ramos, under Ash's name.


Photo Model/Plate Value Description
V-STR.jpg V-STR /


$240k Ash's first car, bought with the help of 150k gift from Benji Ramos. Fully upgraded after GNE crash.
Wingman's Specter.jpg
Widebody Spectre /


With Hunter Skye's death, Dundee came into posssession of his car and he decided to make a choice of passing it along to either Ash or Kitty. Dundee chose to give the car to Ash.
Pony /


$1k Bought off Skud Oftr to aid in UwU Café operations


Date Competition Sponsor Result
May 7, 2021 Battle Royale Hayes Auto Body Repairs Round 1: 2ND PLACE (lost to Matthew Espinoz)

Round 2: 2ND PLACE (lost to Tim)

Round 3: LOST

May 21, 2021 Boxing Tournament Burger Shot LOST (lost to James-Kamea Brown)
May 25, 2021 Drunken Brawl Mirror Park Tavern WINNER - 1st Place
October 5, 2021 Octopus Games:

Red light Green light

April Fooze / Yuno Sykk/Premium Deluxe Motorsport LOST - 2nd Place

(technically the winner according to Hutch Hutcherson because Randy Bullet cheated.)

October 5, 2021 Octopus Games:

Death Rolls

April Fooze / Yuno Sykk / Hutch Hutcherson WINNER - 1st Place


  • Ash's invisibility power is a bug, where she inadvertently developed the talent of becoming entirely invisible which she has described as part of being "a Wizard in training" to people. This uncontrollable magic trick can be quite spooky, especially when used to create the illusion of floating objects. Ash finds this more of a curse than a boon as it hinders some of the interactions she could have had. This glitch has a fix as of mid August being the use of the /outfituse command to reload her PED and pops her back into reality.
  • Chino first gave her the nickname “Queen of the Barrio” when OTT was trying to take her. The artist Paff had also released Benji's second character song King of the Castle. Thus Ash is his Queen of his Barrio, Benji has referred to Ash as his Queen on multiple occasions as they are very devoted to each other. Other members of the Vagos, other gangs, and even the PD have also referred to her with variations of this title.
  • On occasion Ash and Benji will introduced themselves to strangers as Amelia and Simon. Usually this is to hide their identities when approaching people for potential scams and pranks.

Songs Written For Ash