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Ash Ketchup is a character role-played by Ash


This girl next door is actually feisty redhead Aussie with a deceptively sweet voice and a sharp wit. To many in the city she wears a veneer of innocence, while those closer to her know her taste for mischief that ranges from light shitlording antics to running price gouging hustles to human torture. Ash tends to be not very confident in her own skills which creates alot of anxiety for her. Nevertheless, she stands firmly on her principles and beliefs to the point of being headstrong, which often brings her into conflict with others or lands her in a world of trouble. Always up for adventure and ready to back her friends without a second thought, she often finds herself in many adventures, challenges and precarious situations. Having experienced the cold streets of Los Santos, Ash has gained a host of insecurities and complexes on family and friendship, trust and loyalty.

Ash Ketchup is the founder and owner of UwU Café. She was formerly a Deputy Mayor under the Emma Gaine Mayor Administration. She is also a founding member of the Seaside family and is an owner or CEO of many of the family's legal businesses.

Background Information

Ash moved to Los Santos after a undisclosed tragic occurrence, hoping for a fresh start. During her early days in the city, Ash discovered past times like hunting and fishing, enjoying going on such trips with friends. Ash also found herself immediately swept into the world of crime, doing house robberies and helping others with oxy runs. For that first month, crime became a bit of a habit for Ash, but she eventually settled into a civilian lifestyle when she started taking up legal employment. While holding back and maintaining a relatively clean record for months, Ash has continuously skirted the line between upstanding citizen and criminal, slowly becoming increasingly restless to return to a life of crime. With the founding of the Seaside family, she has become more involved with the group's underground illicit operations, such as meth production and being a weapons middleman, all while attempting to run her cafe as clean as possible.

Ash was quick to make new friends in this new city. Her employment at multiple businesses across town has made her a very recognizable face in Los Santos. Through her relationship with Benji Ramos, She also formed good ties with various members of the Vagos who considered her to be family while Benji was still among their ranks up until the mass Vagos exodus. It was during that time Ash gained a thorough education in the activites and politics of a Southside gang, and with the trust they had in her she earned the half joking reputation of being the Shadow Jefe of the Vagos. Through various trials and tribulations, Ash learnt that not everyone she meets should be considered her friends. She saw how the dynamic and ever evolving associations of the city can flip the friends of today to the enemies of tomorrow, or turn family into strangers. Ash has become more guarded about who she considers to be in her true circle of friends, and insecure about the relationships she maintains. For those she does trust, she will be truly ride or die for them, prioritising their wellbeing even over hers. With Ash becoming the owner of UwU Café, she extended that same care, concern, and worries over her business and employees.

Ash's tendency to jump into situations with reckless abandon has found herself as a victim to various wildlife, locals, terrain, and even other citizens. Early on, she found herself the victim of numerous kidnappings or, more recently, the target of serial killers. Coupled with her natural curiosity for exploring the city, this has led to frequent visits to Pillbox Medical Center. While she has learnt to exercise more caution, trouble always finds its way to her regardless, especially when others see her as an easy target to get to those she is close to.

Ash's preferred weapon of choice has been her supply of melee weapons including torches (flashlights), baseball bats and machetes, deadly when paired with her powerful right hook and uppercut. She developed a zeal for employing her melee prowess in various public brawls. Since regaining her gun license after it had been taken away by law, she has gained more confidence in employing her firearm where needed. With special PD permission, Ash was also allowed to carry handcuffs and tasers as part of her arsenal.

Major Storylines

Ash Ketchup's Relationship

Ash Ketchup's Relationship
See Ash Ketchup/Bash Relationship

Don't Tell Benji

Don't Tell Benji
As Ash was roaming around the barrio while Benji was having a meeting with the Vagos, Ash rolled up to the other side of the turf where Ballas are located. Outto-Tune Tyrone, or OTT was in his truck selling some stuff when an invisible person started talking. They then started talking and OTT blasted his hit song 'Creampie' for Ash to listen to and putting her name in the song as well. Benji looked for Ash and saw what was happening and grabbed her away from a running after Ash OTT. Ash admitted to Benji that she felt uncomfortable with what OTT did. A while after this incident, OTT called Benji and warned him that he will take her away from him.

There are several instances where Ash was friendly with OTT and he thought maliciously of it. One time, Ash was chilling in the Barrio with Benji when the PDM people called her saying she won a scooter from a little raffle that they did. Ash was seemingly worried that it was a hoax and Benji came with her to pick it up. Benji assuring her that it's gonna be okay, left for another important business. Ash was then given the scooter with flowers and a mixtape called 'Casper' where OTT reads "Dear Casper, since the first day I didn't lay eyes on you I felt a connection. I have always been a ketchup kind of guy and I had to muster up the courage to tell you how I feel. I hope this gift allows you to get around the city without having to always ride shotgun with the guy that shoots blanks. I am working on a very special project for you that I know you'll love. This is just the beginning Casper. With love, cuh".

This being a premonition that something big is coming her way. A few days afer, Ash was hired at Apex Security where OTT was a client asking for security for his concert that was going to happen that night. He was constantly hovering over Ash, thankfully Raymundo was around to guard and protect Ash from OTT. He then invited Ash to come to the concert and Ash asked for another ticket for Benji to come. When she was able to get a hold of Benji, she told him about the concert where OTT released "Don't Tell Benji" which is a song that showed his love for Ash. The concert ended with a bullet on OTT's head and a clearer view of what's really happening to Ash. OTT was not happy with what happened but did not give up on Ash. After a Vagos versus Mando incident, OTT rolled up in the Barrio to talk to Speedy but was greeted by Benji and the other Vagos. He told Benji that the rift between Ballas and Vagos is all because of Ash and that he is doing what he is doing because Benji is controlling and that he felt like Ash was not happy. OTT then went to Burger Shot to let her know that Benji is willing to kill her if she is disloyal to him and for Ash to be careful. As it was all getting too much, Benji presented Ash the option of doing it legally where Ash files a restraining order against OTT which she then agreed to and they met with lawyerReggie Might to start the proceedings. In an interview with Bobby Beats, OTT announced that Ash deserved so much better than what she got. Due to a pending restraining order, OTT apologized to Ash and told her that he was going to stop pursuing her.

The story ended abruptly as a lot of hate was coming to MaximusBlack's (OTT) way and was getting the most of him. The three involved being OTT, Ash and Benji decided to end the story arc OOC.

Blocks, Burgers and Betrayals

Blocks, Burgers and Betrayals

Wrangled in Vinewood!

Wrangled in Vinewood!
Ash ran afoul of serial troublemaker Sai Carter after a verbal altercation at the Vault bank with Ash ended with him being shot by Curtis Swoleroid. Over the next few weeks, the two engaged in almost daily hostile interactions, including twatter wars, Sai calling or sneaking up to Ash to threaten her, Ash knocking him out in one punch, and Sai sending someone to shoot Ash. These engagements grew to a head when Sai and his gang shot Ash in the head and kidnapped Benji at the Apartments. After recovering at the hospital, Ash organized a rescue party that tracked Sai to his usual haunt at the Vinewood Sign and helped shoot down his gang, rescuing Benji to Grandma's. Benji insisted they return to the site to claim Sai's left nut.

When they arrived back to the scene of the crime, the group (minus Benji) ended up getting arrested by PD responding to the scene, with Ash being processed by Randy Wrangler where she was found GSR positive. Ash spent several hours in the processing cells at Mission Row Police Department and when interrogated, Wrangler quickly latched onto a slip up by Ash that she retrieved a gun from her apartments when she did not have a weapon's license. Under the suspicion of weapons trafficking, he threatened her with a 24hr investigative hold and the 9s. Ash relented to his threats and a raid of her places of residence was conducted. It turned up nothing incriminating (and 4 pairs of stolen shoes in her beachfront house). Frustrated by this, Wrangler slapped an attempted first degree murder charge on her after initially considering a gang related violence charge believing that she was a Vagos. They let her go for time served, but Wrangler still tagged Ash as a Vagos in the MDW. For some time after, Ash herself tagged Wrangler as one of the major bad eggs in the PD, and it soured her opinion on cops in general.

In the Crosshairs of Chang Gang

In the Crosshairs of Chang Gang
Despite not being officially a Vagos herself, by maintaining close ties with them, Ash would wind up a target almost anytime another organization came in conflict with the Vagos. When the first 3.0 CG Vs Vagos War began in earnest, Ash was involved in a misunderstanding with Chang Gang members Randy Bullet and Curtis Swoleroid at Burger Shot. Ash was carrying Randy Bullet after playfully "banning" them from the restaurant, not realizing that Vagos members Mike Smoore, Carlos Loco and Miguel Guerrero were setting up an attack outside resulting in both Chang Gang members getting shot up. Thinking that Ash had delivered him to the Vagos to be attacked, Randy Bullet swore that he would hunt Ash down for revenge, especially when Ash refused to pay 10K in compensation. For the next 3-4 days, Chang Gang actively hunted for Ash with all bets off, even kidnapping and torturing her friends beyond just the Vagos sphere. Ash completely broke down after her former friend Anthony Murphy lured her into being assassinated by Randy Bullet at the pier's Burger Shot through the window register. After this, Ash retreated to her apartment, cutting all ties with Anthony Murphy and presumably the rest of her mutual friends with Chang Gang. After the war concluded, even though Benji Ramos reassured her that she handled herself properly, Ash developed PTSD from the combined weight of events and had issues ever since, clamming up whenever she encountered Chang Gang members she knows of or approaching affiliated locations. The first Vagos to notice was Chico Guzman during a visit to the Vultur Lé Culturé Gallery where he observed Ash's unwillingness to be seen and remain hidden in the trunk of the car. Chico offered to stay outside with her to keep her company and asked if she wanted to talk about it if she was ready. Since the first panic attack, Ash has had several more lapses and has opened up to many of her Vagos familia about the considerable anxiety she has regarding her former attackers. Although she felt like she was being a bother making a lot out of what she thought was nothing to them, they were very understanding of her position as someone unfamiliar with gang life being caught up in the middle of a war with a major gang.

When Ash started to hang out with Curtis Swoleroid again after months of not talking to each other, she also started to engage with Randy Bullet more in a playful rivalry. But when their shenanigans escalated to bullets flying her way and shooting her down, Ash and multiple Vagos members at the time took it very seriously even if Randy considered it more of a joke on his part, which resulted in them asking Randy to call the play off.

Since Benji and others left the Vagos, Ash was made aware that she was no longer under what little protection she previously had. Despite this, Ash learned how to deal with the various Chang Gang members though the lens of a business owner, and this has allowed her to slowly overcome her CG PTSD and establish a civil relationship with them.

UwU Changed Me

UwU Changed Me
See Ash Ketchup/UwU Cafe Revolution

See you on the Seaside

See you on the Seaside
For months, Ash was considered family to the Vagos even though she wasn't officially part of them, with Ash lending them her support through thick and thin, peacetime and war. With the Vagos at the height of their power, a growing disquiet arose in Benji about his place in the Vagos and his desire to forge something for himself. He confided these thoughts and his wish to leave the Vagos to his closest friends and Ash, with Ash promising to throw her support behind whatever decision he made. In early November 2021, Benji voiced his choice to Speedy who let him leave unharmed out of mutual respect. However a more violent fate would await others who followed in Benji's footsteps. In the following weeks, Ash helped to provide support to those leaving or were thinking of leaving, giving them individual advice, attempting to rescue them after their blooding out and making frequent visits to the ICU to look out for them. Eventually, one fateful day, those who chose to left the Vagos reunited together on the beach outside Ash and Benji's house, and agreed to band together as a family. Over time, they adopted the name "Seaside" to represent their family.

As she was never officially a Vagos, Ash did not need to go through the same bloodletting process as the others, but nevertheless she was excommunicated from the Vagos under orders from Speedy, separated from those she once saw as family. Initially, Speedy commanded that no further action would be taken on the Ex-Vagos and their associates, and there was tense peace between the ones who left and those who stayed behind.....for a short while.

Between a police investigation on the murder of Chino Gonzalez and the blooding outs, as well as city changes to farming and supplying restaurants, tensions boiled over between the Vagos and Ex-Vagos, and the newly opened UwU Café was caught in the crossfire. The cafe and their farming operations came under attack from the Vagos several times, with Ash coming under fire a few times eventually landing her in the ICU. The increasingly fortified defense of the cafe and the 1v6 incident put a decisive halt to the Vagos attacks. Ash recovered from her trip to the ICU, but even as the physical wounds healed, mentally she was upset about being targeted by her former family, and the attacks just piled onto the mountain of stress she was experiencing at the time.

Ultimately, the Vagos assault on the cat cafe served as a rallying point that unified Seaside and the cafe workers, allowing them to gain vital experience in repelling and responding to future attacks, including those by BSK almost immediately after. The investigations into the Vagos bloodout also established a close relationship between Ash and its principal investigator, Flop Dugong, who would subsequently aid her in later investigations regarding serial killers.

In recent times, Vagos, Seaside and UwU Cafe tensions have subsided, with Vagos members freely coming into the cafe for service after months of avoiding it.

Glory to Sandy Shores

Glory to Sandy Shores

Along came a Jasper

Along came a Jasper
Jasper Saxon was a serial killer from 2.0 who created cassettes of his victim. In the past, Reggie Might aided him in his endeavours but eventually turned against him , with Jasper ending up killed by the police. In 3.0, a copycat killer arose but the real Jasper's soul took possession of his body. The resurrected Jasper filmed video tapes of his victims and releases them. Still bearing a grudge against Reggie's involvement in his demise, Ash was put on his radar due to her closeness to Reggie. He kidnapped Reggie and tortured him for a week, a period of much worry to the distraught Ash who felt like she did not take Reggie's warnings seriously and blamed herself for Reggie's capture. Jasper released a physically and mentally damaged Reggie along with the tape of his torture for Ash to find on Christmas 2021. Since then, he continuously calls Ash and Reggie from time to time, taunting and updating them on his next victims. He even spent some time face to face with Ash under disguise to prove how easily he could trap her, much to her shock when she realized afterwards. Slowly, calculatively, Jasper drew the noose tighter, baiting Ash into mental games of hide and seek, cat and mouse.

On 5th of March 2022, the "mouse trap" was sprung, and Ash Ketchup was stabbed and captured by Jasper. Over the next few days, her friends and family were distraught turning the city twice over searching for her, leaving the bodies of other serial killers in their wake. Jasper leaked snippets of Ash's continued existence to Reggie day by day, such as photos and short radio transmissions of Ash, mentally torturing him. Finally, on 9th of March 2022, Jasper released his tape of Ash, physically assaulting her already weakened state with a bat, stabbing her with a machete and leaving her to hang. Within minutes of the video's release, a fleet of police and friends descended on the location in the video and Ash was rescued from Jasper's custody. Her vitals critical, she required immediate surgery and a stay at the ICU surrounded by her loved ones. Jasper was subsequently captured and placed under police arrest an hour later.

Even incarcerated, Jasper managed to terrorize Ash, who was still recovering from the injuries sustained from her captivity, wheelchair bound for several weeks and traumatized even further. Using prison payphones, he sent Ash cryptic phone calls from Unknown Numbers and used his natural charisma to even charm DOC to call Ash on his behalf. This prompted the PD to place more surveillance on his prison activities. Meanwhile, Reggie, PD case investigators Flop Dugong and Mackenzie Hayes, and prosecutor Odessa Glafx did their best to prepare a nervous Ash for the sealed court hearing on Jasper's case.

On 9th April 2022, Ash Ketchup testified in court on the atrocities inflicted upon her by Jasper. The verdict would be deferred to 22nd April 2022 to give Judge Holden time to process the wealth of evidence at his feet. After listening to the testimonies of many of those involved, Ash's friends, and ultimately Ash herself, Judge Holden declared Jasper (or Alvin Kowhal, the body he inhabited) guilty of all charges and sentenced him to death which was carried out immediately following the verdict. Later at Bollinbroke, as he was being paraded around before his execution, Jasper left one last ominous phrase to the witnessing audience.

"The third time's the charm...I'll see you soon, Ash."

Jasper Saxon (Alvin Kowhal) was shot to death by firing squad on 22nd April 2022.


  • "How's it goin'!"
  • "uhh....Okay!"
  • "I don't know what you talkin' about"
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "Have I ever told you I'm a wizard in training?"
  • "yea! yea! yea!"
  • "Benjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!"
  • "Get out of my way door!"
  • "Put your hands up! This is a wobbewy"
  • "Madafaka"
  • "Chill Chill Chill"
  • "I've had a rough day"
  • "The Thing is.."
  • "Go and find some f***ing clothes, heathen!"
  • "Stinky city >:("
  • "have you seen my boyfriend? (shows benji's NP Card)"
  • "myyyy boyfrieeeeeeend (shows benji's NP Card)"


As of 03/05/2022
Kidnapper(s) Count
Mike Block 3
Jagger Gerardy (Chatterbox) 4
Treyvon Walker 1
Four Tee & Friends 1
Pilbis Shonley 1
Kyle Pred 1
Chang Gang 3
Jasper Saxon 1
Store / Bank Robbers 5
Other 2



Photo Address Value Description
Benji and Ash on the beach by their home.png Beachside Avenue 25 $500k+ Bought for $300k + tax. Ash's first house purchase under her name. She worked long hours at Burger Shot to finally afford it. Keys shared with Benji Ramos.

The beginnings of Seaside turf long before its founding.

AshSherryMethHouse1.png Dream Towers 1, Ginger Street $600k+ Bought with cash under Sherry Paie's name and shared with Ash for meth production and storage, with house costs split between the two.
AshK in WH.png Popular St 24 $793,800 Bought with cash under Skud Oftr's name. Ash's first Warehouse purchase. She took a $700K loan from the UwU Cafe account for it which she then repaid within a few weeks all by herself. Keys shared with Benji Ramos.
Beachside Avenue 38 $600k+ Whoopsies, bought another house on accident.


Photo Model Value Plate Description
V-STR.jpg V-STR ~$300k RENTFREE Ash's first car, bought at $240K. Fully upgraded after GNE crash.
Wingman's Specter.jpg
Widebody Spectre ~$300k COPIUM With Hunter Skye's death, Dundee came into posssession of his car and he decided to make a choice of passing it along to either Ash or Kitty. Dundee chose to give the car to Ash.
Pony OWO Bought off Skud Oftr for $1K to aid in UwU Café operations
Faggio Sport YEA NAH Gifted by OTT. Ignored and left to languish in the garage for months until the founding of Scooter Gang found more use for it.
LawGang Granger.png
Granger LAWGANG Gifted by Reggie Might from one Law Gang OG to another for Ash to hold on to.
Kamacho WHAAAA Purchased with UwU Café funds as a company car.
Mercedes Benz AMG GT63 ~$1.0M ASHBERT A gift from Benji Ramos after getting out of ICU. Bought from Ramee El-Rahman for $950K (Converted Vin Scratch)


  • 1 x Scorcher
  • 1 x Pro 1
  • 1 x Pro 2
  • 3 x Pro 3
  • 1 x BMX
  • 1 x BD BMX

Criminal Record

Priors Expunged on July 25th 2021
Kidnapping 2
Attempted 1st Degree Murder 1
Robbery 2
Disobeying a Peace Officer 1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] 1
Resisting Arrest 2
Negligent Driving 1
Major Heist Log
1 Fleeca April 9-10, 2021 Negotiator Success (Hacked by ‘’’Yuno Sykk’’’)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

2 Fleeca April 13, 2021 Negotiator Success (Hacked by ‘’’Benji Ramos’’’)

Raymond and Flippy managed to escaped with the money. Both Benji and Ash failed to escape.

3 Fleeca April 25, 2021 Negotiator Failed (Hacked by ‘’’Mickey’’’)

Both Curtis and Ash failed to escape. Curtis was holding the dongle and money when he was captured. Mickey and Miles escaped successfully.

4 VAR January 24, 2022 Shooter / Loot Goblin Success First successful Seaside VAR attempt after multiple tries.
5 VAR January 27, 2022 Shooter / Loot Goblin Success Craig and Larry's first VAR outing.
6 Lower Vault January 30, 2022 Hidden Support Success (Hacked by ‘’’Bodhi Mack’’’)

First Seaside Lower Vault. Casino plans secured.

Ash stayed outside the bank on standby overlooking getaway bikes and was called upon to stash away some of the vault equipment.

7 Diamond Casino March 25, 2022 Explorer Incomplete Seaside's 1st Casino Attempt.

Found secret passage in Room 503, but Failed to Enter in time.

8 Diamond Casino March 25, 2022 Explorer Incomplete Seaside's 2nd Casino Attempt.

Entered Tunnels, Stopped at Wall.

8 Diamond Casino March 29, 2022 Explorer Incomplete Seaside's 4th Casino Attempt.

Became Door Stopper at VAR security room


Date Competition Sponsor Result
May 7, 2021 Battle Royale Hayes Auto Body Repairs Round 1: 2ND PLACE (lost to Matthew Espinoz)

Round 2: 2ND PLACE (lost to Tim)

Round 3: LOST

May 21, 2021 Boxing Tournament Burger Shot LOST (lost to James-Kamea Brown)
May 25, 2021 Drunken Brawl Mirror Park Tavern WINNER - 1st Place
October 5, 2021 Octopus Games:

Red light Green light

April Fooze / Yuno Sykk/Premium Deluxe Motorsport LOST - 2nd Place

(technically the winner according to Hutch Hutcherson because Randy Bullet cheated.)

October 5, 2021 Octopus Games:

Death Rolls

April Fooze / Yuno Sykk / Hutch Hutcherson WINNER - 1st Place


  • Ash's invisibility power is a bug, where she inadvertently developed the talent of becoming entirely invisible which she has described as part of being "a Wizard in training" to people. This uncontrollable magic trick can be quite spooky, especially when used to create the illusion of floating objects. Ash finds this more of a curse than a boon as it hinders some of the interactions she could have had. This glitch has a fix as of mid August being the use of the /outfituse command to reload her PED and pops her back into reality.
  • Chino first gave her the nickname “Queen of the Barrio” when OTT was trying to take her. The artist Paff had also released Benji's second character song King of the Castle. Thus Ash is his Queen of his Barrio, Benji has referred to Ash as his Queen on multiple occasions as they are very devoted to each other. Other members of the Vagos, other gangs, and even the PD have also referred to her with variations of this title.
  • On occasion Ash and Benji will introduced themselves to strangers as Amelia and Simon. Usually this is to hide their identities when approaching people for potential scams and pranks.
  • Ash's Squid Game number is 78
  • After buying a meth table Ash made her first batch of meth 54-Turtle

Songs Written For Ash


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