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Arush Patel Santana is a character role-played by SayeedBlack.


Arush Patel Santana, known as "Speedy", was a member of the Cleanbois and leader of the Goon School/Goon Squad. He was also a former OG and El Jefe of the Vagos.

Speedy is a very violent individual with the mind of a strategic genius, making him as much of a forward-thinking strategist as much as he is a ruthless crime lord. He is respected as a cunning, veteran criminal and is very loyal to the people that work with him, and thus he has fostered close business relationships with many criminals due to his skilled diplomacy and deal-making. Being the owner of a weapons crafting bench, he is one of the main suppliers of weapons in San Andreas, further cementing his influence in the criminal world.

Criminal Activity[]

In his return to the city 5 years later, Speedy has a new ambition. He wants to stay clean and off the record in any illegal activity.


Lang Buddha[]

Speedy and Buddha have a very close relationship to the point where they're almost like brothers. They've known one another for years tracing back to the OG Leanbois days where Speedy saved Lang from the cops which resulted in them solidifying their relationship ,which has close to the current day. Currently ,they are both in the Weed and Meth business , and they have a mutual agreement where Buddha buys Weed from his Dispensary and Speedy buys Buddha's Meth in return.

Nino Chavez[]

Nino seeked out Speedy to invest in his mechanic shop, Speedy invested $50,000.

Jose Luis Santana[]

Speedy's cousin has not come around in 4.0 besides once in the first week

Stevie Daily[]

Speedy's new friend he met at Snr. Buns. Stevie is part of a newly formed group (along with Ramone Nachos and Deebo) that has ambitions unknown. However, the start of this unnamed group is to grow and sell marijuana. Speedy has also started to introduce Stevie to his contacts (namely Aubrey Webster a.k.a 4Head) to collect information about the criminal world.


Image Name Description
Bati 801RR Purchased from Mosley's Auto

Plate: V4E37R5B


  • "Senor Buuuuns"
  • "I'm telling you"
  • "Puto"
  • "Eyyy Wassup"
  • "Hey Mamacita"
  • "I'm a businessman"
  • "Ye"
  • "You know what I mean"
  • "Hey listen Puto/Puta"
  • "wazza puto"
  • "Get out from my Bario"
  • "WAZAAA"
  • "YAIIN"
  • "Exactlyyy"


Criminal Record[]

Clean Record



Played By: SayeedBlack
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