Arturo Ortiz is a character role-played by akaMONKEY.

Description[edit | edit source]

Arturo Ortiz is Second in Command of the Vagos. He is also a rapper signed to Creampie Creations.

He starts itching at random times, due to rumored bed bugs.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Status of Drivers License: 3 points (Valid)

Warrant Status: N/A

  • Accessory to Robbery x2
  • Assault x1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x1
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x1
  • Evading x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x1
  • Joyriding x1
  • Non-functional Vehicle x1
  • Possession of Crack x1
  • Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute x2
  • Reckless Driving x1
  • Reckless Evading x1
  • Removed Weapons License x1
  • Resisting Arrest x5
  • Robbery x3
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Tampering With a Vehicle x2
  • Third Degree Speeding x1
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