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Arthuro LeBlank is a character role-played by enshadowed_.


Born in Cyprus, Arthuro lived a life full of recklessness, wrong choices and anxiety. Arthuro was always distanced from the rest of the world. He always liked to find his peace of mind in solitude. When he finished his studies he decided to move to Los Santos and live the American Dream.

Arthuro speaks English and Greek as he spent his entire youth in Cyprus, the magnificent jewel island of the Mediterranean Sea.


Sakura Sushi

Arthuro was approached by Yami Kitsune to be part of a bigger family/corporation with deep roots with a position as a CEO/CFO at Sakura Sushi. After getting hired, along with help from James Haze he managed to pick up the CFO role. Along the way Arthuro provided a whole lot of business advice to Yami Kitsune when it comes to infrastructure and management and along with the help of Ellie Velasquez who is the CEO, they created a big family. The Sakura Family which runs the Kitsune businesses.

Sakura Smithworks

Yami Kitsune quickly picked up on Arthuro's abilities and connections in the city to get things moving forward so he approached him for a blacksmith business involving Katanas. Which he conducted a business proposal for.

Sakura Bathworks

Yami Kitsune approached Arthuro's for yet another business idea in which he also picked up and assisted with on paper. The bathworks are meant to work as a distressful environment for its customers along with additional services.


Probably Arthuro's brightest idea and biggest persistence. A recruitment agency which provides a link between civilians that are looking for a job and businesses that are looking for employees. Utilizing spreadsheets, Arthuro and his team are able to assist individuals across Los Santos get their first platform in the city.

Greener Pastures

A business created by James Haze which helped Arthuro involve himself in the crop scene within Los Santos. An opportunity unlike any other which allowed Arthuro to increase his reputation within the city by a whole lot. Greener Pastures gave Arthuro the grounds to cooperate with UwU Cafe, Maldinis and Burgershot.