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Arthur Hammond is a character role-played by TheDondi.

General Description

A mysterious man dressed in a black suit and black or reflective sunglasses. He states that he likes to watch and will often do so from his dark vehicle - out of sight.

Arthur has an often discrete, but distinct, sinister side. People accuse him of being very cryptic and arrogant. He does not like to disclose information and is well worded.

Background Information

Arthur Hammond has a medical background away from the Pillbox hospital where he was known as "Solomon". There is not much known about his life before he came into the city. It was mentioned that his profession was a Combat Medic.

It has been hinted at that Solomon is his name when going out to dispose of people.

He took the name Arthur upon arriving into the city. His real name is William.

The Hammond surname is adopted as it is an orphan name.


Nora Dupres has once inquired what it is exactly that Arthur does, not believing that he was merely a tow truck driver.

Officially, has been doing the following:

  • Managing races at the Tuner Shop and fixing cars.
  • Towing vehicles for many months.
  • Playfully slipped into the role of Kevin Shaw's assistant and paralegal.
  • Worked as a paralegal for Erin Cox and various other lawyers to gather intel.
  • Recently became a lawyer and psychiatrist.

Arthur has claimed that he "deals in information". He is very experienced in gathering intel and has various spots for spying across the city.

Arthur Hammond is a criminal doctor though he has mentioned that it is merely his job on the side. It has been mentioned that he is better at 'putting people down' than getting them back on their feet.

Vanilla Unicorn

Previously the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn and leading drive behind the construction beneath it, Arthur spent a lot of his time managing the place and employees. He had bought out the claims of GSF and presented the VU as a neutral spot in the southside, working under Otto Delmar and Nino Chavez.

Major Events

The Doctor vs Bovice Wilkinson

Arthur has been playing mind-games with Chief of Police Vladimir Raven, calling him from a burner phone as 'The Doctor", as well as stabbing him and gaining information regarding escaped convict Bovice Wilkinson, whom Arthur was looking forward to capturing. To him, Bovice has bad craftsmanship in his mission. It should also be noted that he had also invested time into Nora Dupres and shaping the DOJ and was upset upon finding out about her death.  As well as Bovice presenting a thorn in his side by threatening medical staff, with whom Arthur had business relationships for the side-building of the VU - the ‘Mission’. Namely Serge Cross. Arthur made Vladimir Raven aware of the connection between him and his persona with the raven's mask, "The Doctor" through a comment, yet Raven had no confirmation until Raja Bahadur accidentally confirmed his identity in passing in a conversation with Raven. The resulting conflict escalated in multiple parties' involvement upon Arthur finding out through Raven. Arthur was also given a time-frame in which to bring Bovice to the PD, Raven threatening him with exposing his dealings. Seeing his only options either the firing squad or maximum security, Arthur got to work.

Previously Arthur had told Sonya Summers and Gomer Colton that he would give them $500,000 if they would turn in Bovice Wilkinson. Gomer Colton agreed and they kidnapped him with the help of Adrienne West within the 24 hours. Adrienne West was later manipulated to dislike the PD and DOJ, presumably taking the criminal's side. She resigned from her position and did not testify in the court case against Chang Gang because she was 51-50'd by Serge Cross. Arthur went into limbo after Bovice could not wake up, golfing and temporarily leaving the city.

Arthur returned briefly on November 30th, 2019, with an unlikely ally in Bovice, whom he had once tried to kill. Bovice was dropped off via a helicopter. However, the winds of investigation have stirred again as both returning signals a new wave of destruction throughout the city.Arthur and his dealings with the many gangs have come under further intense scrutiny by the CID with Trooper Jackie Snow and Chief Vladimir Raven leading the investigation. A CI has spoken out against him.

There is currently an active investigation on Arthur Hammond.


As of the end of Jan. 20 - Nino Chavez will no longer be co-owning the Vanilla Unicorn with Otto Delmar, Arthur losing his management of the establishment in question. Alabaster Slim is to be the new face of the strip club.

Arthur has been active since February and, threatening Jackie Snow with Emily Maw as well as getting a bar license and starting his job as a therapist. He split up from Erin Cox and was a watching part of some of Roman Sionis' stabbings. He intends to pursue a law firm with Murphy Braun, as well as a therapist part in said firm with Pixie Plum.

The Death of Funnyman

Arthur and Murphy Braun were golfing with Vladimir Raven after Arthur and Raven had met at the graveyard. A vehicle pulls up to kidnap Raven, shooting down both Arthur and Murphy Braun who were surrendering. This is likely linked back to Arthur as he was after information from Raven regarding last October. Raven had a tail car and the PD went after the group. A shootout followed between Funnyman and the Ballaz vs the PD when Raven would not budge on information and still had his tracker on.

Funnyman was wounded fatally and died soon after. Arthur went into the ICU after being shot in the chest and was in a wheelchair for a while after.


This event led to a small ripple in the PD with several meetings concerning Raven and the situation, as well as bringing back up the investigation on Arthur as well as the meeting between Snow and Raven a few days before.

Snow later confessed to Ziggy Buggs that he had thought about turning Arthur into a CI after hearing his disgust of the city. Snow, however, described him as "not to be underestimated, definitely dangerous". Snow had been ready to pull his AR out during the meeting at any time. Arthur no longer has keys to Emily Maw's house.

Bo Tucker: "That man being a psychiatrist is the biggest joke in the city. He manipulates people."


Signature writing style as The Doctor. Messages to Raven from a burner phone.

Arthur Hammond has no gang affiliations and has chosen to avoid getting too involved in anyone's business outright. He plays his role as a neutral party, also enforcing the neutrality and safe haven of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.

He has chosen his interactions with people very carefully: he has previously often met with Nora Dupres - whom he protected from criminals for his own amusement and was heavily influenced by her death. Due to her passing, he has evolved further distaste for Bovice Wilkinson. He had plans to get her to side with him and change the DOJ from the inside out.

Gomer Colton
  • Gomer Colton was his first close associate in the city. Trust is shared between them, though their relationship has been rocky.

Siz Fulker

  • For a time Arthur had taken on a fatherly role for Siz Fulker, calling him son with Siz referring to him as 'Dad 2' in return. Around the same time he had began spending time with Erin Cox who he had grown to have personal feelings for, prompting him to reject her calling him dad and threatening violence if she continued to do so. Disregarding Siz and Erin's sibling relationship as unofficial and strictly surrogate, Arthur would make romantic advances towards Erin while also referring to Siz as his son.

Erin Cox

  • After returning to the city, Arthur gifted Erin an engagement ring, telling her that marriage to him was how she was going to receive the Vanilla Unicorn. Erin took the ring, and the two were planning a wedding. Siz, however, no longer considers Arthur as his "Dad 2", having found out about his involvement in the capture of Bovice, as well as his relationship with Erin. Consequently, while he's expressed a significant amount of trust towards both Siz and Erin, and respects how Siz made ’something out of nothing’ with the HOA; Arthur's involvement in their lives has led the two to drift apart.
  • As of February 2020, Arthur and Erin have gone their separate ways; Arthur has returned to the city and gave Erin the key to her house back. Their relationship ended amicably.

Kevin Shaw

  • Arthur occasionally gambles with Kevin Shaw and has behaved protectively of "his lawyer", also hiring him for legal coverage for the strip club. They gambled together and are fake-married due to a dice roll.

Friends with Andrew Ducksworth, Jordan Walker.

Due to the nature of Arthur's distant and cold personality, it is not often obvious if he sticks around people due to their usefulness or an actual liking towards them. So this list is up for debate.

He has worked with most lawyers in this city as a paralegal, as well as working with gangs.

Nino Chavez

  • Nino Chavez is aware of Arthur's medical capabilities and employs him as a close confidant. Arthur is his threat assessment and business partner for the VU.

Roman "Black Mask" Sionis, Jacob "Funny Man" Storm

  • He works closely with Mask and Funny Man in involvement to the VU and friendship. The latter had been frequently hired for missions. They have each other in their phones as Contractor and Fox respectively. Funny Man was head of security of the VU.

Otto Delmar

  • Otto and Nino have tasked Arthur with the VU and are involved in building the strip club's criminal network, though Arthur greatly dislikes getting Otto or Joe Caine to focus on work and not get distracted.

Eugene Zuckerberg

  • Has hired Eugene for various jobs and information and trusts the man's ability to complete his tasks.

Sonya Summers
  • As The Doctor, Arthur revived and treated Sonya Summers who was beaten and thrown into the ocean and presumed dead. They worked within the VU until Sonya Summers opened up Black Betty Inc, distancing herself from the strip club. He dislikes her impulsiveness and control over Gomer Colton. He brought her back to the city to attend his wedding and tried to convince her to stay.

Bodean Tucker

  • Arthur openly dislikes the man and the distaste is returned, amplified when Bo shot Arthur when he got out of a car with his hands up during a situation with Sonya Summers. Arthur claims it was intentional.

Vladimir Raven

  • They try to outmaneuver each other, both trying to use and blackmail the other party - See Recent Events.
As Hammond is an orphan name, these are not blood-related family ties.

David Hammond - Brother

  • According to Arthur, "David has gotten violent. He's gotten worse."

Ash Hammond - Sister

  • Mentioned to Erin Cox once and then to Buck Stanton. Arthur seemed to be wary of her coming into the city.

Nicholas Hammond - Cousin

  • The australian cousin of Hammond. Knocks people with a bat on Arthur's wishes. Looks like an idiot. Arthur hates everything about his outfits.

Jeremy Hammond - Cousin

  • TBA


  • "Your boss made the choice for you."  Before shooting David Barker.
  • "Don't worry chief, we both know you have an issue with time."
  • "Very few things cannot be solved by coercion and conversion therapy."
  • "Someone dead in a grave is of no use to anyone."
  • "Yes, it’s a lot. Dropped in the bucket of investments. I am nothing if I can’t enable people who I believe will go far." To Babalú about money.
  • "...And if you continue doing what you do: When I meet the Ferryman to take me from this life to the next, I’ll tarry a while. Because you will be along presently." To Dundee.
  • "They are people. People before soldiers. Family before obedience. I do not have the luxury you do. I do not have the bonds that you do. And I both hate and envy you for that fact. As I hate all who have that laurel over myself. It provokes my envy because I do not get that luxury. Do not fucking squander it over your fucking pride or they will eat you alive. And no one could fault them for it. You could be the best of all of them. And you are so worried of staying true to things that are so self detrimental that you don’t realise that you are not just killing yourself. You are going to be the death of everyone around you. Be. Better." To Dundee.
  • "My bridges are burned. (…) Not in the way that I cannot ever speak to them again but I’m radioactive with what the police have on me. Anyone seen with me is pretty much going to be watched like a nuclear reactor meltdown."
  • "The common courtesy of respect. Sometimes the (obscurities) I have to spew like a shady little asshole is necessary because I deal with _everyone_ in the city. And if I get put into compromising positions (...) no one has ever been put under the bus because of me."
  • "I got banned lol kekw jekw. Ruined the bovice story line dab kekw banned lol." To the streamers he paid actual real money to so they would include him in story lines.


  • "... going to eat (person) with their own teeth."
  • "Kneecaps are a privilege and not a right."
  • “We will nuke her from orbit just to be sure.”
  • “He made a threat against you. Vladimir Raven died that day. His body is just catching up.”


  • Rolled with Kevin Shaw on whether or not they should be married. They then bantered about who sleeps on the couch.
  • Openly asexual.
  • He has faked his own death, going off radar for weeks. In addition to this incident, his face had been altered to hide in plain sight. Nino Chavez had 'taken his face' as a punishment for questioning his decision regarding Sonya Summers, resulting in a blood contract to Nino.
  • Shot a man in the middle of MRPD. The charge could not hold up due to scuff and got removed.
  • He keeps his record clean.
  • He is fairly good at imitating voices, pretending to be deceased Kermit Delaw to further destroy West's ruined psyche.
  • Always wears gloves, blends in with other outfits when "hunting".
  • Shiny reflective glasses. Cannot see well without them.
  • Drives a black, one of a kind tuner car, the Ellie, an old mustang. Now frequently using the Revolter bought from Ducksworth.
  • Mentioned his favourite spot on the island was the dock of the Alamo Sea. Would like his ashes spread over the body of water if he were to pass away.

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