Arious "Breezy" Campbell is a character role-played by FortyOne.

Background Edit

Newly arrived citizen of Los Santos and associated with the Ballaz.

He became a member of the Ballaz, and started to gain a presence around the city.

Breezy, Tim Lee and Chef of the Families took Denzel Williams hostage because of their mutual animosity towards the Leanbois. They proceeded to take Denzel to the abandoned hotel in Sandy Shores to try and kill him, but that got stopped when Ricky Robins was informed by Buck Colton where they were and came to Denzel's rescue, then shot all three, which resulted in Breezy's death.

Breezy's Resurrection Edit

Months after his seeming demise, Breezy was resurrected by tarot card reader Ryan Carthus he is now back in Los Santos to start a new chapter in his life.

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