Archie Price is a character role-played by cd93.

Description[edit | edit source]

Archie Price is a serial killer currently incarcerated in Bolingbroke Penitentiary awaiting trial for Murder x 7 and Desecration of a Human Corpse.

Background[edit | edit source]

Archie was raised just north of Sandy Shores, in a house that sits along the north bank of the Alamo Sea.

Archie was neglected and abused by his parents from a young age. He was frequently punished for doing anything his parents deemed inappropriate and spent most of his free time locked in his room reading.

From a young age Archie has had a fascination with the number eight. This fascination eventually played a large part in his murders.

Archie's parents would frequently make trips up north to Paleto. They would drop Archie off in the wooded area around Paleto and tell him if he wasn't there when they came to pick him up they would leave him. It was during one of these trips that Archie met Merle Abrahams at Paleto Bay.

He ran away from home when he was 15 years old. He ended up lost in the area of Tongva Hills where he was found by two hikers.

Victims[edit | edit source]

Lyle Johnson & Marshall Dunne[edit | edit source]

Archie's first two kills came in quick succession. Lyle Johnson and Marshall Dunne were both hikers who found Archie in the area of Tongva Hills after he ran away from home. The two men took care of Archie and taught him how to survive in the wilderness.

Partly from information gained from Merle Abrahams, Archie discovered that the two men were serial killers and that Tongva Hills was their hunting ground. Archie was aware that he would eventually become a victim.

One night Lyle attempted to sneak up on Archie, believing Archie to be alseep in a small cave. Archie was aware of him and managed to take him by surprise. Archie took the knife from Lyle and stabbed him once, just below the left armpit.

Hearing the noise coming from the cave, Marshall approached to see what had occured. Archie hid himself near the mouth of the cave and ambushed Marshall as he approached. Furious about the betrayal of two men he trusted, Archie took his anger out on Marshall and stabbed him approximately 13 times in the stomach.

After killing the two hikers, Archie met Merle nearby. He and Merle stayed together for a time, slowly travelling back north while Merle talked Archie into making his next two kills.

Michael Price & Rebecca Price[edit | edit source]

"A man once told me, there is no greater evil than parents who abuse their own children." - Archie Price

Merle Abrahams convinced Archie that the only way to completely put his childhood behind him was to kill the two people who had made it so miserable. The two of them camped in the hills north of the Alamo Sea for a while, eventually Archie made the short journey south to his childhood home.

When Archie arrived at the house, his father was in the front garden. Archie stood behind him for several minutes before his father noticed him. When seeing the knife in Archies hand, his father attempted to flee. Archie, having been taught by Merle, struck him with a single blow to the spine, just below the shoulder blades. His father died in silent agony.

Archie then entered the house, inside his mother was sleeping on the couch. Archie slit her throat from side to side, severing both carotid arteries.

Merle watched Archie carry out both murders, happy with the progress his protegé was making.

Ai Li Yung[edit | edit source]

This was Archies first victim following the incarceration of his mentor, Merle Abrahams. Not a lot is known about Ai Li's background currently, other than he was listed on the FIBs Person of Interest list. He was wanted in relation to the following crimes;

Murder x 21

Attempted Murder x 18

Kidnapping x 47

Weapons Trafficking

Drugs Trafficking

Ai Li Yung was killed by a single stab wound directly to the heart.

Donald McGregor[edit | edit source]

Archie would frequent Merles home in Sandy Shores following his incarceration, one day he made the trip only to discover that Merles neighbour Donald McGregor had defaced the home and attempted to burn it down. In a fit of anger, Archie kidnapped Donald McGregor and took him to an abandoned house within Sandy Shores. In this house Archie tortured Donald, he wanted Donald to 'confess his sins'.

Donald was placed on a couch within the house and was given knife lacerations to both of his legs. When he refused to give Archie the confession he wanted, Archie then put the knife straight through both his hands. Archie then sat and watched as Donald slowly bled out from his wounds. Eventually Donald confessed what he had done to Archie and Archie slit his throat to ease his suffering.

Archie later attempted to burn down the abandoned house.

Patrick Doyle[edit | edit source]

Patrick was Archies final victim. He was a former Sheriff of Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office and the Lead Investigator in the case against Merle Abrahams. Patrick retired from the force shortly after the incarceration of Merle and it is believed he left the state for a while.

Archie waited patiently for the day that he saw movement within the Sheriffs home on the outskirts of Sandy Shores and took his chance to exact revenge the night he saw Patrick drawing the curtains.

Upon entering the house and approaching the former Sheriff, Patrick attempted to draw a gun. Archie forced his knife into Patricks shoulder, making him drop the firearm. He then stabbed him in the gut. Archie spoke to Patrick at this point, telling him the reason that he was here to kill him, while doing so he was slowly pushing the knife further in and twisting it.

Dump Site & 8th Body[edit | edit source]

"To those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through water." - 1 Peter 3:20

Archie had a specific dump site he used for every victim. This was just north of the bench he and Merle first met at Paleto Bay. All the bodies were wrapped in plastic and then placed in the water around the various small islands in the bay.

There was also an 8th body placed in the waters, a short time after the 7th murder. This was the body of Merle Abrahams who had passed away in Bolingbroke Pentitentiary. His body was originally buried in an unmarked grave off of Route 68, Archie then unearthed the body and replaced it with a small box containing handwritten notes of Merle before wrapping the body and placing it in Paleto Bay.

The reason for this dump site was two-fold. First, it was an area of great significance to Archie, the place where he first met the only person who showed him any affection. Secondly, Merle had constantly repeated a single Bible verse to Archie, this passage led Archie to believe that Merle's wish was to be buried at sea with 7 other individuals so that all 8 of their souls could be saved and reborn anew.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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