Arachne Blackwell is a character role-played by OurLadyOfRaptors.


Arachne grew up in a small town in Alabama in absolute poverty with her mom. She drifted in and out of school until her mom died when she was 12. She ended up getting shipped off to a Catholic Boarding School where she spent all her vacations at the school except summers. During the summer, she would stay with her best friend Danielle Roberts and sleep on her couch. Ara constantly got in trouble with the nuns at the school for her bad behavior. She would sneak out of the school, steal from the local stores, and get brought home by PD for being out past curfew. It all came to a head one day and she was kicked out at 17.

Arachne spent the next 10 years couch surfing and committing mostly petty crimes. She decided to move to Los Santos to start over and because Dani had already moved there. 

Welcome to Los Santos

Arachne quickly started robbing stores and committing petty crime when she arrived in Los Santos. Busted by Brian Knight, she was told to remain crime free for 24 hours and she would stay out of jail. If he caught her in the next 24 hours, she would be hit with the whole book for whatever crime she did. Because she needed money and to not get caught doing crime, she contacted Pablo Madrid about a job. Pablo hooked her up with a taco truck and a job at Pablo's Hot Bitches Taco Truck. Because of this, she is forever grateful and loyal to Mr. Pablo for helping her out whenever she needs it. 

Arachne was able to meet Kylie Winters who brought her to meet Alabaster Slim and get a job dancing at the Vanilla Unicorn. Kylie and Arachne quickly formed a close..."friendship" and were thick as thieves. Arachne saw herself as Kylie's Enforcer and would fuck up almost anyone Kylie asks her to. Arachne has killed for Kylie, having killed Lucian Daemon to keep Kylie safe. Kylie and Arachne had a falling out over Kylie's growing Coven and a difference of opinions with Kylie's other lover Gemma "Emerald" Knight. Kylie died before the two ever fixed their failing relationship.

Current Events

Arachne met Nathaniel Greyson early in the city and decided he was going to be her lawyer. The two formed a quick friendship and an even quicker relationship. The two have been sleeping together almost since Arachne met him with Nathaniel using his wealth to fund her a new bike and paying for many of her escapades. Nathaniel bought a mansion in Vinewood and invited Arachne to move in with him, giving her her first real home since her mother died. Nathaniel brought her to MRPD with him to paralegal several times before PD put a stop to it. He has since then sponsored her in getting expunged and into the Junior Attorney Program.

She currently works with Nathaniel Greyson and Lachlan Pike at their new law firm as a Junior Attorney and Nathaniel's personal secretary.


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