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April Fooze is a character role-played by Fuslie.


"Hey [name], it's ya girl April!"

April Leslie Fooze (born April 1, 1995) is a Los Santos based Social Media Influencer, Singer, & Entrepreneur.

She is usually seen in her pink LFA that she bought with her “hard-earned” money of $400,000 with the rest of the loan and asset fees be paid by her sugardaddy, Ramee El-Rahman. She is also usually seen with Chang Gang, her personal assistant and best friend, Lucas Spade, or other friends she has around the city.

She was inducted into Chang Gang as a full member on September 23, 2021 by Mr. Kebun and was given the title, “The Gold Digger”.


April wears a variety of outfits, but is usually most noticeable because of her height. Her red hair is usually styled into a half up crown braid and ties them in buns during certain situations. She has a tattoo sleeve of skulls and roses on her right arm, and an 8-ball tattoo on her upper left arm for her love of bowling. Her most notable features are her heart-shaped blush and intense gaze.


April tends to be really kind towards others and loves giving lots of hugs. She can also be described as impulsive and chaotic, but her adaptable personality brings her to experience new and exciting things every day.


"It's not that I don't wanna hang out with you until you have the money but as long as you're broke, I'm busy."

April was an extremely successful doctor from another city with her own practice until she got into a terrible car accident, causing her to lose most of her memories and knowledge of her medical skills. She was formerly married to Shmedison Shmark, who she claims left her for Yuno Sykk after the accident. She decided to move to Los Santos in order to take revenge on Yuno and to start a new life.

She initially wanted to be a doctor again, but has since found a new passion and mostly gets money from men around the city as a professional sugarbaby. April is known to collect sugar daddies for each day in the week. Her main sugar daddy is Ramee El-Rahman, and she constantly reminds him that she is in his will and will inherit his properties at his passing.


"Mr. K, is being poor...contagious?"


April currently works at Wu Chang Records as a recording artist. She started working at Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club as a bartender but she was removed from the bartender roster and promoted to streamer. She also owns $ugar Daddy Sweets 'n Beats, a confectionery stall located at Paleto Bay and Del Perro Pier. She was made the Queen of Maldini's Pizzeria by her sugardaddy, Vinny Pistone and has her own promo code, "April", for 10% off. April started working at UwU Café to make more money after learning how much the employees are compensated which put odds with Vinny multiple times as he sees UwU Café as a competitor. She was suspended for a brief period of time after Ash Ketchup had learned April attempted to kidnap her employees as a part of Chang Gang Olympics but was rehired immediately after Ash thought about it and understood that the incident happened because of the event and it's not something April would have done otherwise. April attempted to quit her job as a trainee with the persuasion of Tony Corleone but decided to remain as an employee due to Ash's kindness.

Social Media

"Hey vlog! It's ya girl April!"

Fooze began her social media career in March of 2021 after she moved to Los Santos, where she posts her unfiltered life experiences in the new city. On April 3, 2021, April gained the attention of the city after her 26th birthday celebration went viral on Twatter. As a result of her online popularity, April has been contacted by multiple brands and businesses. She was also in talks with LSBN to star in a television program (potentially titled 'The Sharp Wall Show') alongside Elena Vega.

On April 1st, 2022 at her "25th" birthday party on a yacht, she received her YouTube plaque from Mr. Kebun as a gift.

Business Ventures

$ugar Daddy Sweets 'n Beats

April opened her confectionery stall "$ugar Daddy Sweets 'n Beats" on April 28th, 2021 at Dean World's Night Market. It is located (when open) at Paleto Bay and Del Perro Pier. She sold sweets inspired by her Sugar Daddies at the time, Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, Mr. Kebun, & Vinny Pistone.

Pixel Perfect

April opened a camera & Polaroid company, "Pixel Perfect", on April 19th, 2022. The store is located in Little Seoul across the street from Maldini's Pizzeria. Senior Deputy William Gunner gave April the idea for this company and since its conception April has very hands on with the business alongside CEO Lucas Spade, CFO Carter Chapman, & Marketing Director Ricardo Perez; all of whom are some of April's friends. The business hopes of allowing residents of Los Santos to take photos of themselves or their friends in order to capture memories together.



On April 9, 2021, April signed to Wu Chang Records. She went on released her debut single "SHEEEESH" on April 17, 2021. April had her live debut at the grand opening of Dean World's Night Market, she performed her songs "SHEEEESH" and "$UGAR DADDY". At the beginning of her music career she would frequently works with her producer, elevatemusic.

She went on a hiatus from making music until attending WuChella and seeing Liz Anya perform, whom she is a big fan of. Two weeks later, she contacted her and arranged a meeting with her to learn the ropes of making music from songwriting and producing. She then asked the latter if they could collaborate on a song to which Liz Anya happily agreed to, the song was released on February 11, 2022 and is titled "SUGRBABY" and marked April's comeback to the Los Santos music scene. On March 23, 2022 April released her first solo song since her comeback, titled "If You're Broke I'm Busy", and it surpassed 100k plays within its first 3 days on Spotify. She is currently working on some solo music. She is also working on songs with Damien Tinkerman, Big Toe, P Money, and Sana Satoru.

Her fans call themselves "Foozlers".

Check out April Fooze on Soundcloud | Spotify | Apple Music


As a Lead Artist
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
SHEEEESH April 17, 2021

  • April's debut single
  • Produced by elevatemusic.
  • Live premiere performance during the grand opening of Dean World's Night Market.
4x Platinum.png
Certified 4X PLATINUM (400k+ plays)
$UGAR DADDY May 6, 2021

  • Produced by elevatemusic.
  • Premiered at the grand opening of Dean World's Night Market.
  • Live premiere performance during the grand opening of Dean World's Night Market.
Certified PLATINUM (100k+ plays)
HEY VLOG unknown (2021)

MARRIED TO THE $$$ August 18, 2021

If You're Broke I'm Busy March 23, 2022

  • First solo song after a hiatus from music.
  • Co-written by King Ryan & REDDIT user u/SamrockAran.
  • Live premiere at April's "25th" birthday party on April 1st, 2022.
4x Platinum.png
Certified 4X PLATINUM (400k+ plays)
April's Fool April 1, 2022

Certified 3X PLATINUM (300k+ plays)
As a Featured Artist
Lead Artist
Featured Artist(s)
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
SUGRBABY Liz Anya April Fooze February 11, 2022

  • Mixed by Niko Rain.
  • April's first appearance on a song that she isn't the lead on.
  • Certified Gold on day of release.
  • Live premiere performance during The Kebun Springer Show on February 12th 2022.
  • The song can be heard around the city on the radio.
Certified 5X PLATINUM (500k+ plays)
What If King Ryan April Fooze April 1, 2022

  • Surprise released on April's birthday yacht party.
  • Live premiere at April's "25th" birthday party on April 1st, 2022.
Appreciation Songs

The following songs are written about April.

Release Date
ITS YA GIRL APRIL Sana Satoru April 1, 2022

  • Written by Sana & King Ryan.
  • Aprils friend Ray Mond helped Sana write the song by telling her everything she knows about April.
  • Surprise released on April's birthday yacht party.
  • Live premiere at April's "25th" birthday party on April 1st, 2022.

Music Videos

Music Videos
Release Date
April or May 2022
Appears in
Release Date
Pogo Stick Big Toe
(feat. P Money)
March 4, 2022
Chang Gang Anthem P Money
(feat. CG)
March 8, 2022


Year Title Role Notes
2022 The Kebun Springer Show Herself 1 episode


Type Plate Value Description

Sprunk Trunk.jpg

F93M4NRM N/A A medium-sized van which she calls "Sprunk Trunk" - a vehicle she recieved as a gift for coming to the city.

Sheeesh Mobile.jpg

Karin Dilettante
SHEEEESH $150K A hybrid electric four-door liftback she bought from PDM with the help of Yuno Sykk. Rims and license plate customized by Vinny Pistone.

Lawn mower.jpg

LS3JS4W8 $15K A riding lawn mower bought for her by Ramee El-Rahman.

Club Vehicle.jpg

4CG61AK1 N/A A vin-scratched two-door hatchback vehicle given by Tony Corleone.


Lexus LFA
SUGRBABY $1.7M A tuner shop vehicle co-funded with Ramee El-Rahman. License plate customized by Vinny Pistone.

April currently does not own any property.

Once April owns property this section will be filled.

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Check out April Fooze on Soundcloud | Spotify | Apple Music

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