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April Fooze is a character role-played by Fuslie.


"Hey Vlog, It's ya girl April!"

April Leslie Fooze wears a variety of outfits, but is usually most noticeable because of her height. Her red hair is usually styled into a loose braid which rests on her shoulder or a messy bun. She has a tattoo sleeve of skulls and roses on her right arm, and an 8-ball tattoo on her upper left arm. Her most notable features are her heart-shaped blush and intense gaze.

She tends to be really kind towards others and loves giving lots of hugs. She can also be described as impulsive and chaotic, but her adaptable personality brings her to experience new and exciting things every day.

April is notorious for her habit of scratching her crotch, which others refer to as her "crabs". She has been slowly recovering from this condition after being tested and was prescribed to use a medicated shampoo.

She loves celebrating and dancing whenever she feels she has accomplished something. April aspires to become an influencer and loves interacting on Twatter. She vlogs and twats as much as she can for every event she experiences.

April currently works at Wu Chang Records as a part of the girl group "K's Angels" and a bartender at Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. She also owns Sugar Daddy Sweets And Beats, a confectionery stall located at Paleto Bay and Del Perro Pier.

April is also known to collect sugar daddies for each day in the week. Her main sugar daddy is Ramee El-Rahman, and she constantly reminds him that she is in his will and will inherit his car at his passing.

Background Information

April was an extremely successful doctor from another city with her own practice until she got into a terrible car accident, causing her to lose most of her memories and knowledge of her medical skills. She was formerly married to Shmedison Shmark, who she claims left her for Yuno Sykk after the accident. She decided to move to Los Santos in order to take revenge on Yuno and to start a new life. She initially wanted to be a doctor again, but has since found a new passion for vlogging and has decided to pursue becoming a social media sensation, hoping to be able to make a living off of it.

History In Los Santos

An Honest Living
On her first day in Los Santos, she tries to get in her apartment and accidentally punches Garrett Jobless and little did she know he will be her first friend later on the day. Garrett agrees on taking her on a tour around the city but they get kidnapped as soon as she step foot outside of her apartment. They get taken to the bank where April met Cassie Cupcakes also taken as hostage in the bank. The police officers freed them later on where April met a friend of Garrett, Autumn Rhodes. Autumn and Garrett continues the tour around the city where April tries to find a decent job in Burger Shots. Mickey S, a mutual friend of Garrett and Autumn joins the three of them to help April find a job at Pillbox Hospital but they get involved in a fight and assaulted one of the locals after April continuously bumps her van on the local's car. Fortunately, April Fooze made a great group of friends on her first day and they picked up garbage around the neighbourhood together. She became committed to sharing her life on the internet by vlogging every single event and twatting about it in twatter.
A Turn of Events
April Fooze continued her vlogging hobby the day after and accidentally bumped into Yuno Sykk whom she accuses of stealing her husband, Shmedison Shmark. Yuno takes her to the Casino where she met Claire Seducer and Cassie Cupcakes. Yuno used April as an excuse for being late to work after she assaulted him outside of her apartment.

Later on, Yuno takes April with him to rob Convience stores in order to pay for his medical bills but they found a common ground and became good friends along with Lenny Large. Together with Yuno and Lenny, they became a trio who failed to rob many stores all across Los Santos. April became an accessory to murder after Lenny killed the manager in a Convenience Store and helped him run away from the crime scene. April Fooze also successfully fled her first house robbery by punching the police officer who caught her walking out of the house. Although April changed her ways of making money for a living, she continuously vlogs every event in her life in Los Santos.

The Yoga Superstar
April twats about wishing to do yoga, which brings her to meet Elena Vega and Oakley Stallion for the first time. The gang meet up with Dundee. They decide to scam people by charging insane prices for a yoga class taught by “world renown yoga instructor, April Fooze”. Among her first few scam victims are Carter Chapman and Merry Achi.

A few accidents lands the group into the hospital, including Dundee running over Elena and April incapacitating her new friends during her store robbery attempt. Dundee accidentally hits a cop car, bringing the group into an unexpected cop chase. Dundee lets the others flee and continues being pursued alone. April, Elena, and Oakley meet up with Autumn and continue improving their idea about the yoga scam. The group decides late at night that they want to rob some houses together. While waiting for a job, they learn Dundee was shot and arrested, but later freed. They also take the chance to visit Wu Chang Records. While attempting to break into a house, both April and Autumn break their lock picks, and the group must flee the scene. At the apartments, April encounters a skeptical Carter, who she punches before heading to bed.

New Friends, Old Friends
The day started with Ray Mond and April meeting each other for the first time. April invites her to a Yoga Class and they travelled together with Garrett Jobless and Autumn Rhodes to join people race illegally where April met with Cameron once again. After the race, April met up with her old friends that she met in the past few days and played in the Casino where she lost a lot of money. Lastly, they planned out the upcoming April Fools birthday of April Fooze in Bahama Mamas.
April Fools!
April wakes up with the intention of letting the city know her birthday is April 3, and not April 1 like she originally believed. She meets up with Yuno and Dundee for a quick adventure. Together, they rob convenience stores, do yoga, and witness Dundee's power to manipulate time. Before the tsunami washes the town clean, they manage to become involved in a deadly brawl at a mechanic shop.
Birthday Beach Party
April meets up with some friends, including Autumn and Dundee, and travel to a clothing store for April's beach-themed birthday party at Wu Chang Records. While shopping, Garrett leads the planning of the event, where they will charge admission into the party. Garrett rents a limo and driver to bring April and her friends to the party.

There is a short pre-party at Burger Shot, where guests prepare for the night and purchase burgers. Close friend Yuno chooses this time to give April her present, meth, which she immediately takes. At the party, which charged admission, she is surrounded by friends and acquaintances. April dances, vlogs, picks up birthday presents, takes more meth, and drinks absinthe. After a while, party guests were told to move to the garage, but guests slowly disperse and the night ends. When morning comes around, April cares for a vomit-covered hungover Dundee until he is escorted to the hospital by EMTs.

Chang Gang Paleto Heist
April wakes up to find her car has been impounded. She meets up with friends Autumn and Ray for help to bring Carter into a life of crime. The group goes around the city attempting to rob a couple convenience stores. They eventually meet with some members of Chang Gang to learn more about how to retrieve a computer to do bank heists. They move to Wu Chang Records, and here the girls form a singing group. April becomes officially employed at Wu Chang Records as a part of K's Angels, comprised of April, Autumn, Elena, and Karen.

April notices Ramee's nice car and asks to inherit it. She follows Ramee to the hospital when he is wounded, possibly to gain his favor. After the hospital visit, she learns that she will be going on a bank heist with Mr. K, Ramee, and Ray Mond. After proper preparation (including planning the escape route, changing disguises, and gathering hostages), the bank robbery is executed rather successfully. However, trouble approaches during the escape. April is the last to arrive at the helicopter, which had been shot at relentlessly by police, and the others have to leave her behind at the island. Unfortunately, the helicopter did not survive the flight, and crashed into nearby waters. All four had to escape individually. April managed to hide in a bush for several hours from police until it was very dark, but there were several close calls. She safely reunites with the group, and they exchange stories about their escapes.

Buying My Dream Car
April meets with Lenny to help her finally retrieve her Sprunk Express van from the car impound. She then meets with Yuno and Ray at Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM) because she wishes to buy a "Prius". She uses the dirty money obtained from her bank heist to get money from Yuno, and she is able to purchase a Karin Dilettante, a hybrid electric four-door liftback which closely resembles a Toyota Prius .

April, Lenny, Yuno, and Ray Mond drive to Mount Chiliad in April's Dilettante, and plan to mountain-bike down. However, April is alone on a motorbike, and has a terrible accident, causing her to go flying off the side of the steep mountain and crashing halfway down. She lays paralyzed in a bush for several hours before finally being found and rescued. She is healed at the Pillbox Hospital with the help of Artorius.

Old Man
April becomes part of a bike tour along the coast of Los Santos. The group splits when approaching Mt. Chiliad, and she continues the tour with Mel(bert), Jay Que, 4T, Merry Achi, and Lenny. Jay constantly flirts with April, but she reminds him that she is taken by her sugar daddy, Ramee. A series of explosions, fires, and gunshots, which were all heavily escalated by Mel, result in everyone in April's group (besides Mel) to be wounded and seek hospitalization. EMT's send Artorious and a helicopter to retrieve patients to bring them back to the city.

Once landed, paralyzed April demands Mel bring her out of the helicopter to the emergency room, calling him an "old man". Mel is outraged and attempts to throw her off the building, but falls down with her to his own paralyzation. She incessantly calls him crazy and a murderer. After being healed and talking with Lenny, she learns Mel is angered by the phrase, but decides to tweet about his age anyways. Mel chases April and Lenny around the city for a while. April arrives again at the hospital, where she encounters Mr. K and his friend Bobby Brown. Bobby asks April to become a spokesmodel for his coco butter business, Chocolate Inc. She then sees Officer Garry Berry getting beat up by Chang Gang outside the hospital. She accidentally punches the doctor caring for Garry, and leaves the hospital. She approaches a crashed car with an unconscious passenger, but walks away. She is then immediately detained by several officers for leaving a crime scene. After some questions and a search, she is released, but her gun is confiscated. Officer Berry brings up the heist which April was a part of, saying that her voice sounded similar to one of the robbers who shot off a hostage's kneecap. The Dr. Gia then comes out of the hospital and tells the police that she would like to press charges on April, and April is handcuffed for a second time. After more questions, she is released again and runs away from the hospital.

A New Face
April heads out to do her cosmetic procedure. Noticeable improvements were done however she wants to schedule a second appointment focusing more on her eyes.
Oxy Runs and Sugar Daddies
April's quest to refresh her wardrobe leads her to meet Steve Segal, but she quickly grows annoyed by his company. She meets up with Autumn and Jay, expressing her wish to rob another bank soon. They meet up with Vinny, whose wealth and status in the Chang Gang attracts April enough to add him onto her list of sugar daddies.

The group meets with Mickey, and together they do oxy runs and rob from people. One robbery goes wrong and results in April and Jay severely wounded. They are healed at "Grandma's House" away from the city. Right before the tsunami arrives, she meets Peener and Randy, the latter of whom she wishes to make another of her sugar daddies.

Businesswoman April Fooze
April learns a little more about the ways of hardened criminals with the help of "AJ" and "Poison". Long-time bestie Oakley contacts April, and they meet at the comedy club, where Lenny happens to be performing. There, she meets Malakai, Tori, and Cece, while trying to scam people with entry fees.

April wants a gun license, so she convinces Malakai to give her money, and the group of five go to the courthouse. The judge is not there, so the group impulsively decides to get tattoos together. April now has a skull-and-roses sleeve on her right arm, and an 8-ball on her upper left arm. At the tattoo shop, April is severely injured and is rushed to the hospital. April is healed, and she and Oakley decide to go to the casino, where Oakley now works. April spins the big wheel several times, but overall ends up breaking even. Ramee meets up with her in front of the casino and gives her the clean $25k from their recent bank heist. April stores the money and begins the process of releasing her first two songs as a new recording artist. She distributes her debut single "SHEESH" to Oakley, Artorius, Garrett, Dundee, Hutch, and Cassie, who all enjoy and praise the track. Hutch and Cassie bring the group to Dean World, the pier which was recently bought by Dean Watson. They explain that they are looking for business proposals to build the pier's economy, so April begins to brainstorm ideas for her business. On the way to the apartments to head to bed, April is attacked by a group of old women called the Jane Obamas. They drop her off at the hospital to be healed, and Artorius brings her back to the apartment before heading to his next job.

The Golden Child
As soon as April wakes up from a 4-day sleep, she receives a call from Yuno offering to rob houses with her, and she agrees to meet him at the Rooster's Rest. April walks outside and runs into Elena, who tells her about an open-mic night at the Rooster's. April wishes to release her second single, $ugar Daddy, before going to the Rooster's. They head to Wu Chang Records, where they meet with Mr. K. He informs April of the upcoming opening of Dean's World, and he wants April to perform alongside "Lil Cap".

April and Elena head to the parking lot of Wu Chang, but are suddenly held at gunpoint by a man driving a van full of passengers. They climb into the trunk and are taken to an unknown location. The kidnapper, who is known as TW, brings his five victims to the basement of an abandoned house and robs them. He tells the group that they will play a battle royale style game: they must find knives hidden around the house and kill each other until only one survives. TW seems to be infatuated with April, paying close attention to her, stealing only her ID, and referring only to her by his nickname for her, "The Golden Child". The group plans behind TW's back to attack him instead of each other, but one victim, John Sense, defends himself by attacking April. Elena is able to knock John out in time to save April. After a few minutes of searching for TW and more knives, the four remaining contenders see police approaching the house. April passes out from blood loss as soon as police arrive. April and John Sense are taken to the hospital, while the other 3 victims give their police reports at the crime scene. April and John make amends in the ambulance, and work together to replace their stolen phones and ID. Mr. K meets up with April and lets the group know he has been hunting for the kidnapper. April goes to the police station to give her report of the kidnapping, and soon meets with Autumn. Mr. K and several Chang Gang members continue their manhunt. He receives a call from TW, where TW let's him know he's coming after April. Mr. K is able to trace the phone number and reveal TW's true name, Treyvon Walker. A quick trip to the courthouse reveals that April and the group had unknowingly encountered Treyvon earlier at the apartments. April unfortunately needs to go to bed, but Mr. K and the Chang Gang promise to avenge her and find Treyvon.

Fooze News
April sets her day to prepare for her performance on Wednesday for Dean World's grand opening. She comes across Malakai outside of the apartments and asks him to listen to her song "$ugar Daddy" through her speakers. Malakai then introduces Riley Carter to April. April becomes dubious as soon as she learns that both Malakai and Riley are criminals, saying that she does not want to be associated with both of them because of her current career and reputation. The three eventually agrees to form a secret friendship. April invites both to watch her performance.

As she continues on her day, April crashes her car multiple times and tries to find Benny's Motor Works. She stumbles upon Yevgeni, a Russian news anchor of Los Santos Daily, and asks his help in locating the car repair shop. They both go to Benny's to get April's car fixed. As April was vlogging with Yevgeni, Ron Otterman bursts onto the scene and interrupts them. Yevgeni tells April that Ron is his archenemy and a news anchor from a rival station, Weazel News. April runs after Ron to confront him however he was in his van and drives off. Upon learning of this rivalry, April tells Yevgeni that she has interests in potentially working for a news station. Yevgeni supports this and asks her to do a mock reporting scene about a Tyrannosaurus Rex killing the mayor. Yevgeni, impressed by April's news casting, agrees to help her get a job as a reporter. April tells him that it's one of her dreams where she meets a sugar daddy news reporter and gives her a job in a news station. On the way to the news station, April detours to a bank to deposit money and meets Jay and Yuno. Yevgeni leaves shoeless and promises to take April to the news station on another day.

After the bank, the trio drives off somewhere in Vinewood Hills and drops off Yuno. April and Jay goes back to downtown Los Santos. Jay plays his demo to April. The song was good to her dismay. Captain Cornwood and Park Ranger Clarkson suddenly arrive with Yuno and tries to detain Jay and April, mistaking their conversation as a drug deal. April explains that they were talking about music. Behind the scene was an independent news source cameraman recording everything. April proceeds to broadcast her upcoming performance on Dean World.

They all return to the chaos of the apartments as the tsunami arrives.

Sugar Daddy Sweets 'n Beats
Grand Opening Night


Social Media

Fooze began her social media career in March of 2021 after she moved to Los Santos, where she posts her unfiltered life experiences in the new city. On April 3, 2021, April gained the attention of the city after her 26th birthday celebration went viral on Twatter. As a result of her online popularity, April has been contacted by multiple brands and businesses.

She is currently in talks with LSBN to star in a television program (potentially titled 'The Sharp Wall Show') alongside Elena.

April has been kidnapped three times since the start of her social media career.


On April 9, 2021, April signed with Wu Chang Records. She recorded her debut single "SHEEEESH" on April 17, 2021. She is working with her producer, elevatemusic. April performed her songs SHEEEESH and $UGAR DADDY at the grand opening of Dean World's Night Market.

Her fans are known as the "Aprilicious Losers".



$ugar Daddy Sweets 'n Beats

April opened her confectionery stall "Sugar Daddy Sweets And Beats" on April, 2021 at Dean World's Night Market Area. She sells sweets inspired by her sugar daddies.


Sugar Daddies

Bestie Squad

Best Friend

Driving Instructor

Sugar Sister





Criminal Record

Unregistered Crimes

  • Reckless Driving x5
  • Accessory to Murder x3
  • Burglary x2
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Attempted Robbery x6
  • Evading x2
  • Assault x4
  • Consumer Fraud x3
  • Murder x2
  • Bank Robbery x2
  • Reckless Driving x a lot


  • "Hey vlog today is my first day in Los Santos! I met some really cool people it was... it was... oh don't mind me guys. Sorry I get a little bit... you guys can carry on your conversation"
  • "Hey Los Santos, we are at the Pillbox Hospital. We just saw a few people die and that was really sad... Well two people were dead and one of them was that guy in the elevator and we kind of... Mickey you're talking when I'm vlogging!"
  • "Hey guys, it's April"
  • "It's content!"
  • "Bye vlog, love yah!"
  • "Trash queen!"
  • "This is April taking the trash out"
  • ”Spring and fall, vlogging for all!”
  • "Hey girllll!"
  • "Get in Losers! We're going shopping!"
  • "I love you... platonically"
  • ”Dundee where the freak are you!”
  • "Sorry I have a condition." - While scratching her private parts*
  • "Dundee go, go, gooo!"
  • "You changed my wallet"
  • "I'm so sorry"
  • "Ramee, try again!"
  • "How's your bank account looking?"
  • "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
  • "I'm married... TO THE MONEY, BITCH"
  • "As long as you're broke, I'm busy."
  • ''We got a sugar daddy for each day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, sugar daddy every day!''
  • ''Wait, it's a party over there! Oh no... that's police lights.''
  • ''I'm too rich and hot to die, Ramee! You don't understand.''
  • ''Well... I was driving and this tree got in my way.''
  • ''You are a mess, but as long as you know.''
  • ''Hei! Your car broke my lockpick!''
  • '' God, I'm rich.''
  • ''Weak men, We love it.''
  • ''Learn how to drive... Oh, shit!" - April crashing into Tony
  • ''Just grabing some scraps.'' - April at Clean Manor
  • ''What is something that will stress him out the most?'' - April talking to Carmella
  • ''We are sugar sisters!''
  • ''What? Yeah, I'll fight her. I'll fight that b*tch!''
  • ''Well... You are my MAIN sugar daddy.''
  • ''I am THE April Fooze!''
  • ''Can you not handle me being successful or something?''
  • ''Well, well, well... RAMOS!''
  • ''She said that you have been to her place four times this week and it is only Tuesday.''
  • ''I can actually drive, Ramee!''
  • ''Are you paying me? No, just to be there.''
  • ''I'm not a crazy bitch. You think I was, but I'm not. I'm defininitely not, ok? I'm for sure not... I'm not. I'm normal.''
  • ''They call me Peach from the streets.''
  • '' Hey, Goombas! It's ya girl princess Peach and my bestie Daisy! No bananas, no DK, no blue shells, no bombas and you only get a gold star if you are in the last place! Get it?''
  • ''I MISS YOU..................R WALLET.''