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Antonio Tony is a character role-played by CuddlyJays.


Antonio Tony is the boss of the newly formed Italian Mafia - the Mancini Crime Family.  He is looking to promote soldiers of the Mancini to Capo's. At the moment, Antonio Tony is considering multiple business ventures to help the Italian Mafia grow. He's making connections and doing a lot of the dirty work himself. He has began to take action into his own hands. Previously, Antonio Tony was allowing his members to do the dirty work but he has grown bored, so he has decided to do what he wants.


Antonio Tony arrived to Los Santos City on December 5th. He has come to Los Santos to expand the Italian Mafia. Antonio Tony decided to create the Mancini Family. Antonio Tony has already decided the Mancini Family will become a powerful family in this city. The Italian Mafia will rise up eventually!



  • Luigi Mancini (Father)
  • Maria Mancini (Mother)


  • Giancarlo Mancini (Brother, Deceased)
  • Elisabetta Mancini (Step-Sister, Deceased)


  • Tuesday Delfina Borghese Mancini
  • Carla Giulietta Borghese Mancini

Fun Facts

  • Antonio Tony gets stressed out a lot.
  • Antonio Tony smokes cigarettes to stay calm.
  • If Antonio Tony can't get a smoke, he could snap.
  • Antonio Tony hates when people ask him about his Italian heritage. He's not a side show for people to show off his Italian language.