Antonio "Tony" Oblesko is a character role-played by AnthonyZ.

General Description

Antonio "Tony" Oblesko is a Corrections Officer for the Department of Corrections, Badge #717

Previously Tony was fired from the DoC due to inactivity but was rehired and retrained by former captain Lydia Vale in Saturday 9th, 2020

Personal Life

Tony is a self-proclaimed geek and a live-streamer on Mitch.TV, who aspires to eventually work full-time as a live-streamer. He has proudly announced that he recently obtained "Affiliate" status (averaging 15 viewers) by streaming Creative content. His streams primarily consist of self body painting, and/or lewd cosplay of anime and video game characters. He is patient, upbeat, and can often be seen dancing to music in his Airpods.

Tony admitted to Nikki North that, while he's single, he has his heart set on a particular guy. He recently stumbled across Al Saab's Facebook page, and Tony is determined to meet him, and win his heart.


Played By: AnthonyZ
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