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Antigone Weston is a character role-played by Evee.


Antigone is a judge in the Department of Justice and Brittany Angel's twin sister, the younger by only 30 seconds.


Antigone Weston grew up in Liberty City with her fraternal twin sister, Brittany Angel. The two bounced between foster home to foster home until a lovely family adopted them. A few years later, they were reunited with their younger sister, Claire Everly - who joined the sisters after her own adopted parents were brutally murdered.

As the three sisters grew up, competition between Angel and Claire escalated to the point where they refused to speak to each other and forced Antigone to mediate between the them. Antigone tried to bridge the gap between the sisters, to no avail.

Adult years

Frustrated with the constant hostility and fighting between her sisters, Antigone left the family home at 18 and enrolled in Liberty City University (LCU) studying Criminal Justice. She graduated at the top of her class and attended law school at Yale. Upon graduation, she was offered a job as a Prosecutor for the state of New York.

After a few years of working as a prosecutor, she was finally elevated to the title of District Attorney for the State of New York. She was walking home from work one night when a blacked out van rolled up besides her, they held her up at gunpoint and put a bag over her head, forcing her into the van. This was the last time she was ever seen for an entire year. She was taken by a radical domestic terrorist group, who she had tried six months prior and their leader was found guilty of terrorism.

Antigone was finally able to escape. However, she left a former shell of who she originally was. Her parents forced her to get treatment at a mental health facility, where she stayed for nearly 3 months. She refused to speak the entire time she was in recovery.

Antigone ended up leaving the mental health facility and moved to Los Santos. In an effort to get a fresh start, she began a career as a judge for the state of San Andreas.


Familial Relationships

Biological Family

Brittany Angel: Is her older sister by at least 30 seconds. The two are fraternal twin sisters.

Claire Everly: Is her baby sister. Claire and Antigone have a much closer friendship than her and Brittany. When Antigone was in ICU, Claire was her only family member to come visit her.


Due to traumatic events that have shaped Antigone, she has a very flighty personality as to her, nothing is permanent. She is a frequent flirt and usually has several male suitors.

Board of Sentencing & Capital Punishment

In March of 2021, Antigone started the Board of Sentencing and Capital Punishment within the Department of Justice. The board focuses on sentencing those who are found guilty of capital punishment crimes, including murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, and all other Held Until Trial charges. She, along with Dennis Labarre gravitate towards cases involving defendants being sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Antigone believes that capital punishment is a crime deterrent. In April 2021, she proposed the Lethal Injection Legislation which put lethal injection on the table for capital offenders, should they request it. It passed the same month.

Due to her history and upbringing, Antigone tends to gravitate towards darker topics and has repeatedly stated that she enjoys being able to "legally murder" people.


Played By: Evee
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