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Annabelle "Bella" Dawson is a character roleplayed by saii_vip. You can find videos of Bella's past adventures here.

General Information

Annabelle "Bella" Dawson is 19 year old girl from a small southern town. She was raised as a traditional southern belle with a thick country accent. She competed in beauty pageants growing up and had aspirations to be Miss USA. She was top of her graduating class with straight A's, but did not attend college after graduation. Bella was sheltered from the real world and was never allowed to "live a little". When she moved to Los Santos after discovering her family's secret, she dyed her hair and desired a more exciting lifestyle. As she spends time in the city, she quickly learns that "the fast life" is a lot harder than she anticipated. Because she is naïve for her age, the choices she makes for herself are based on impulse and not from experience. In her adventures, she begins to learn the value of trust and what she needs to do in order to "fit in".

Background Story

Annabelle "bella" dawson 111.jpeg

Bella was raised in a strict and traditional household. Her mom was a homemaker and her dad was the family doctor, turned Mayor, of her home town. She lived what people would consider the "good life". Her family was wealthy and Bella was gifted all of the material possessions she desired. Money was never an issue for her and her family. She never needed a job of her own or made any big decisions for herself. Before church one Sunday, some of the older women were looking at a "Missing Person" flyer that had an uncanny resemblance to Bella. The flyer included a sketch of what a kidnapped baby would possibly look like 18 years later. Curious, Bella began to look up the the story of that missing baby. She discovered that the parents were from Los Santos. The dad went to jail for proof of involvement with the disappearance (although he pleaded not guilty and claimed he was framed) and the mother is in and out of rehab and jail. The baby's grandparents are the people still perusing the search while they help take care of the mother's second child.

Since the similarity of the sketch seemed surreal, Bella went to look for her baby photos to compare to the provided missing persons image. All of her baby pictures started around one-two years old and her parents claimed any older pictures were lost in a fire. Her gut told her to seek out information on that fire, and as she suspected, the fire never happened. Her parents lied to her. Faced with a harsh reality, she realizes she can not report her suspicions to the police. Since her dad is the Mayor, it is likely that no one would believe her anyways. If they did believe her, the parents she loved would be arrested, and Bella could not stomach the thought of that. She decided that in order to find out the truth about life, she must break away from her parents' boundaries. She impulsively decided to run away to Los Santos and dye her hair red (her favorite color) so no one could identify her. She wanted to be closer to the truth and to finally be her own person. She wanted the opportunity to date and meet new people, which is something she was rarely able to do back home. She wanted to finally make her own decisions and live her life as any young adult would. This was the beginning of her new life.


  1. "Gimmie two seconds."
  2. "I'm so confused."
  3. "I don't understand!"
  4. "What'cha said?"