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Anna Swallows is a character role-played by EvilShatner.


Anna has been living in Los Santos since the mid 90's. She moved out west to find fame and riches and to be a big movie star, but no one ever took her seriously because of her name. She was at her wits end, and being evicted from her apartment when she took a last ditch effort job at Treehorn Studios. It wasn't her best choice she ever made, but she was young and needed the money. Not long after being hired as a set fluffer, Anna was asked to be in a film, and boy was she good at it. Anna made all sorts of adult films, but her greatest work was in "Throat Masters". Those series of films went all the way to 42 full length features and would sell out faster than the studio could produce the tapes.

Anna was living high on the hog in the Vinewood Hills, a real rich and famous celebrity! She felt like she had finally made it! Anna was going strong for a good 15 years until one day her acting career was cut short by a young stud with fast as a bullet shooting and it nearly tore a hole in the back of her throat and had to have reconstructive surgery on her voice box. Anna was ready to leave the industry so she took the injury as an opportunity to start over, and it's been about 10 years now since she went on with her life in Los Santos. All Anna's money is gone, all her fame is gone, and right now she's just trying to keep as many shifts at the Rooster's Rest as she can to keep the bills paid.

Rooster's Rest

Anna was one of the first hires of the Rooster's rest after it opened. Her hard work has seen her rise up the ranks of the Rooster's Rest. She is often seen leading the late night shift, when she is in the city, and is a rock during the so called "Degen Hours". Like a true mother she is there to hold down the fort while her children are busy doing quests for the Emperors.. The Guild really respects Anna and sees her like a mother figure. However, don't let the kindness fool you, she will not hesitate to go Super Omega Karen on someone hurting her co-workers, or acting up at the Rooster's Rest.

Played By: EvilShatner
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