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Anna Jørgensen is a character role-played by Sarah_Digitally.

General Description

Anna Jørgensen is mainly known for her involvement in the illegal street racing scene, where she originally went by "Lilac", but has switched up her outfit, cars and alias everytime she has gotten caught. She is employed as a mechanic at Harmony Repairs Garage, after events with Chang Gang made her position as Lead Supervisor at the Six Star Tuner Shop untenable, and also owns her own business called The Pit Stop, which sells most car related products. Anna has found friends coming from all walks of life, but mainly hangs out with her fellow co-workers at Harmony and her wife Kalliope Grey.


Anna is a very kindhearted person, who always does her best to save her friends or help them out in their time of need, sometimes even to a fault. Conversely, she strongly dislikes asking other people for favors, and hates being indebted to anyone, even her friends. She has described herself as a control freak, who wants to enter every situation with the best odds possible, always doing her due diligence and being prepared for everything. Anna is mostly non-violent, having never wanted to hold a gun besides a hunting rifle. Due to past events, she has rethought this, opting instead to keep a gun on her person for self defense purposes. Even though she is viewed as one of the top racers in Los Santos, she has constant doubts about herself and her performance. She is also very competitive, unsatisfied with anything other than a perfect lap or a win. Despite being approached multiple times with offers to be a driver for boosting cars or doing other types of crime, Anna has always shied away from every such offer, wanting to ensure her status as a civilian in Los Santos. However, her strong desire to help her friends out would eventually end up winning out.


When Anna first came to Los Santos, she met a wide variety of people through freelancer jobs, such as towing and delivering, one of them being her best friend Miles Lewis. However, not satisfied with only doing random jobs, she longed for a stable job. She would later find it as a mechanic at the Tuner Shop. Making many new friends and also meeting her fiancée Kalliope Grey, who Anna later bought a house and moved in with, she felt satisfied with her daily routine at the shop, later even getting promoted from Mechanic to Lead Supervisor. However, on occasion Anna also sensed a disconnect between the managament and the workers. This would later lead to her leaving the Tuner Shop together with Kalliope, during a bombing incident, in which Anna would be the main witness, but felt like no one had her back when she made a statement against certain investors of the shop, members of Chang Gang, already dissatisfied with past decisions by the management. After leaving the Tuner Shop, Anna as well as Kalliope both found employment as mechanics at the Harmony Repairs Garage, once again settling into the old routine. Anna has also started her own business called The Pit Stop, which sells racing equipment normally purchased by GNE for money. Some time later, she was approached by Jaylen Carter to manage the rental business at H&O Exports.


Originally an ordinary civilian, Anna got tempted by Miles Lewis and Octavio Stenberg buying her a phone dongle to participate in the illegal street racing scene. Finding much success and fun in the B-class racing scene with her Sentinel Classic, Anna never stopped racing, eventually ascending to the A-class scene when she was offered a Feltzer, and Open races when she bought her AMG GT Black Series. She is now known as one of the top racers in the city, consistently finishing in top positions. After finally getting caught with the Dongle "Lilac", keeping it for almost half a year, she changed up her alias, and decided to undergo this process every time she got caught or felt like her real identity was in danger of being revealed.

Anna usually does not branch out of her niche of racing, but on occasion has also been seen assisting in getaway driving or boosting cars, however she has never been the one to initiate and only helps her friends in need. In recent times, she has gotten a certain taste for blood regarding her vehicles gaining heat from the police, as she tries assisting every racer in need, no matter if they are her best friends or if she has never heard of them before, and went harder on intercepting police vehicles than she did in the past, gaining a reputation for her signature purple colored vehicles, until she retired her alias when she got caught. The habits, however, remain. As she owed a lot to Harmony for always having her back and giving her the opportunity to buy two of her current cars no questions asked, Anna has started to lean more into the criminal world, be it chopping to help out the shop with materials, or boosting, to get materials for Harmony Imports and to spend more time and get closer to Kalliope, who has recently gotten into hacking.


Kalliope Grey - Wife
Anna and Kalliope first met at the Tuner Shop, being introduced to each other by their mutual friend Isaac Wagner and going on a metal detecting trip together with him. Only a few days later, Anna got hired at the shop, where Kalliope was already working. She was the one who showed Anna the ropes at her new workplace, and they continued to spend a lot of time together, either working, racing, or simply hanging out.

Eventually, around the time of Anna's promotion to Lead Supervisor, the two of them realized their feelings for each other and entered a relationship. They also bought a shared apartment, away from the Alta Street apartments, to be able to spend more time together. The two of them are now extremely close, spending multiple hours everyday together and sticking their necks out for each other if needed, even at times of extreme peril.

Due to multiple questionable decisions by Kalliope, such as installing a chip in her head to no longer feel sad, shooting Johnny Sinner, and rolling in a wheelchair down the highway, Anna has questioned the relationship, as she didn't want to worry about Kalliope for her whole life, but they have sinced talked it through, mending their relationship by spending more time together, talking more openly about their feelings, and assisting each other with boosting, as driver and hacker. This resulted in the two of them becoming more closer than ever, and ending up buying a mansion together which they call their "forever home": 1121 North Sheldon Avenue.

A few weeks later, Anna ended up proposing to Kalliope, after they spent a night under the stars together, which Kalliope ended up accepting, and not even a month later, the two of them became legally married after a ceremony which included all of the close friends they made during their life in the city.

Miles Lewis - Best Friend
Miles and Anna first met on a delivery job, where Miles crashed the truck into lampposts on purpose and proceeded to fly out of the windshield. Ever since then, Anna held the belief that she has to protect Miles from himself, often being proven right as similar incidents occurred. Over the course of a few months, the two of them have become close friends, often hunting or racing together.

Miles has been Anna's first contact with the racing scene, often encouraging her to start racing after he saw her good driving. He was also the one to partly sponsor her first phone dongle.

After hunting on a mountain for multiple months, Miles decided to flee the city of Los Santos and left for Canada, escaping the loan officers. Anna received the mission to distribute his assets among the friends that he left behind. She herself was left Miles' AMG GT Black Series that made her buy her own.

Miles' initial goodbye texts on Nov 17th, with Anna's reply
Miles' final goodbye letter on Dec 5th

Miles later returned to Los Santos after having similar experiences with money in Canada, and will not make any bad financial decisions again, surely.

Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras - Friend
After getting hired as a mechanic at the Tuner Shop, Anna quickly built up a reputation of a hard and dedicated worker. Therefore, when Isaac Wagner left the city, Anna was chosen to fill his position, despite still being one of the newest hires. Grabbing a promotion straight to Lead Supervisor, this meant that Anna would essentially become Jesus' right-hand woman at the Shop.

However, in the aftermath of the fatal attack on the Tuner Shop, Anna sensed the Shop turning their back on her, if not outright throwing her under the bus. Especially from management, Anna felt that Jesus was the only one who actually cared about her, the only one who reached out to her and actively tried to help keep her safe while she was on the run from Chang Gang, and the only one who was willing to believe her. He tried to stand up for her to upper management, and had lent her one of his cars so that she could stay off the radar in it.

Around that same time, Jesus had shared his idea to start up a racing crew together. Sticking by her even after she got fired, Anna became one of the few people outside of the HoA that he trusted enough to confide his secret in of actually speaking English. In that same meeting, they would officially found Prism.

The Phantom Thieves/The Femly - Friend Group
After getting her first racing dongle sponsored by Miles Lewis and Octavio Stenberg, Anna began to spend more time with other members of the group, meeting them mostly through racing.

When the Midnight Club disbanded, she got approached by Goofy again, to join his racing crew called "Nightfall", which later also disbanded. Even after this breakup, Anna continues spending time with members of the group, often going hunting, racing, or engaging in other activities whenever she can.

Prism - Racing Crew
After Nightfall fell apart and disbanded, Anna was once again without a racing crew. Despite multiple crews building up (such as Redline, Vendetta, and Yokai), and despite Anna's reputation as one of the best racers in the city, she was never officially approached about joining any of them.

This changed when Jesus, who she respected and worked closely with at the Tuner Shop, brought up the idea of forming his own crew together with her. Bouncing some ideas back and forth, they settled on establishing Prism.

Six Star Tuner Shop - Former Friend Group
As a racer, Anna felt right at home at the Six Star Tuner Shop, having been there at the grand opening, as well as coming down to repair her car and chatting with various employees.

Despite not knowing much about the intricacies of a car, she later got hired by Wayne Kerr and Armando Hernandez in a very joking interview. Since then, Anna has spent a lot of time at the Tuner Shop, either working or simply hanging out. She has grown closest to Isaac Wagner, Kalliope Grey, and Tallie Marks, often going metal detecting or simply hanging out in the shop with them.

After Isaac left town and Anna got the blame for the events following the Tuner Shop bombing, she left most of her friends there behind after getting fired, with especially her relationship with her former love interest Tallie being broken up completely. However, she also made sure that certain people, like Kalliope and Jesus, know that she always appreciated the time she spent with them in the shop, and will continue to do so privately.

Harmony Repairs Garage - Friend Group
After Anna resigned and got fired at the Tuner Shop, it took only a single day for her to start working at Harmony, later joined by her girlfriend Kalliope as well, as she was already called and offered a job as a mechanic by Assistant Administrator Jackson Wilson multiple times in the past, and was ready to start before she was even fired. She is now able to do again, this time under a more supportive and friendly management, what she loves the most: Working on cars.

At Harmony, she met and is now co-worker with a few old friends, such as racers and managers at the garage Jackson Wilson, James Thompson and Henry Goodman, but also found a variety of new friends to have fun and mess around with, and sees new faces everyday working there.

Sentinel Classic Owners - Friend Group
Anna is passionate about her first car, the Übermacht Sentinel Classic. As the first person in the city to buy one, she sought out other owners of the car, going so far as to organize a meeting between them, where they collectively agreed to not sell their (at the time) out of stock car. To date, she is still close friends with Victor Fittipaldi, who she sometimes races with. The same was also true for a long time with Chip Wheeler, even working with him at the Tuner Shop, until events there left both feeling betrayed by the other.


Image Details Description
Anna vehicle SentinelClassic.png
Sentinel Classic


Anna's first car, bought at PDM. It quickly became dear to her heart, and she will on occasion affectionately refer to it as "my baby". Back when the car still had only a spoiler for performance upgrades, it accompanied her on her first foray into racing; a vibrant B-class scene, where she swiftly felt right at home.
Anna Vehicle AMG GT63.png


After Anna sold Miles' AMG GT Black Series, she lost her last car that was not dedicated to racing. To fix that, she decided to buy another 4-door business A-Class. She ultimately bought another AMG from Harmony Imports for $950.000, so as to not lose out on being able to flex on people by showing off her two AMGs, and because she had various friends that own the same model as well and liked it, such as Kitty Dream and Karina Dawn.

When Anna decided to officially become the AMG Queen and bought the G63, she decided to make this car her new A-class racecar.

Anna Vehicle AMG G63.png


After Anna bought 2 of the 3 AMG vehicles in the city, she decided to commit to the bit and try to get the G63 as well to complete her collection. Once again she turned to Harmony Imports for a purchase, which was made final the very same day, for $1.100.000, and commemorated her purchase with a plate fitting to her status. This car is now Anna's daily driver.
Anna Vehicle AMG A45.jpg


Despite being a racer, Anna never had interest in any cars that the Tuner Shop offered. This changed with the new car shipment, as two new S-class Mercedes' entered the sortiment. With a reignited passion for AMGs, she entered the interest list for the A45, and ended up getting approved for the car and buying it a week after the shipment arrived. She is now using it as her main S-Class racecar, but also for simply cruising around the city.
Anna Vehicle AMGGT Vin.PNG
AMG GT Black Series


On her quest to become the true AMG Queen and owner of the AMG pentagon, Anna needed to buy another Black Series, which would also be the third one she ever owned. After searching for a while and weighing her options, she decided to buy a vin scratch from Ivan Samarsky for the price of $400.000, which now awaits conversion through H&O to legalize it.

Image Details Description
Sandking XL

During a period in which the city was particularly averse to anyone making social contact, Anna bought a Sandking XL on impulse, to be able to spend the time, during which no one could talk to each other, at least making some money, heralding the queen's return to the mountain.

In her early days, Anna bought this truck to earn money by doing tow jobs. She repainted it after getting erroneously held up by gang members who were on the lookout for someone driving a pink tow truck.
These vans are used as extra storage space, for example to store racing equipment such as repair kits and NOS bottles.

Anna has these bicycles as an alternate mode of transportation. She will also do wicked tricks with them, such as jumping them around or faceplanting into various surfaces.

Image Details Description
Anna vehicle AMGGT.png
AMG GT Black Series


Having already borrowed a variety of S-class cars for races, Anna got access to Miles's AMG for a short period of time where he couldn't be around as much. With this experience, she decided to be put on the interest list at PDM to make this car her own S-class. Over the following months, it became her signature car as she made a name for herself at the very top of the racing scene.

Eventually, however, in part due to the AMG having received several tweaks from the manufacturer, there were a bunch of other cars around that clearly outclassed it under most circumstances. With Anna having such an extremely competitive nature, and with racing being so important to her, having to fight such an uphill battle every time when going up against similarly skilled racers was getting to her mentally. She made the tough decision to trade her beloved and iconic AMG for Maverick Adler's S2000.

Anna Vehicle Miles AMG.png
AMG GT Black Series


Being burdened by a seemingly insurmountable debt, Miles Lewis decided to fly out of the city, leaving behind all of his assets to his friends. As his best friend, Anna was the one to receive his most valued asset. Repainted to her own blue and with a license plate in Miles' honour, she used it as her main car outside of racing, until she decided to sell it to Johnny Sinner for $2.000.000. She felt that it was wrong to keep such a rare car away from the community, and also wanted to liquidate her assets for potential upcoming cars at the Tuner Shop.
Anna Vehicle S2000.jpg


With her AMG GT Black Series no longer being a viable option to remain competitive with other skilled racers in better cars than hers, Anna was on the lookout for a different S-class to race in. Having a fair amount of experience with her girlfriend's S2000, which she was allowed to borrow, it was her preferred choice. She set up a 1-for-1 trade with Maverick Adler; despite her AMG probably being worth a fair bit more than the S2000, she was happy to just have a car that was up to par again.

When Anna bought her A45, she decided to sell the S2000 again, as she no longer needed it to be competitive in racing again, and would rather commit to being the AMG Queen again. She ended up selling the S2000 for $1.200.000 to Sonny Ruthalus.

Anna Vehicle Massacro.jpg


After driving it for over 4000 miles, Anna was sufficiently fed up with the characteristic of the Elegy that it folds like an omelette on the smallest of hits. Because of this, she decided to sell it in favor of a Massacro or a Penumbra. Eventually, she bought a Massacro from Elijah Smith for the price of $350.000 and 1000 GNE.

After having it for only 2 weeks, Anna decided to sell it again, as she had completed her AMG trifecta and wanted to save money on asset fees. She ultimately sold it to Mushkin's Motors for $300.000.

Anna vehicle ElegyRH8.png
Elegy RH8


Anna's former main A-class racing car. She bought it from PDM, in part so that she could have a car to drive around in without having to worry about feeling like she's forced to run from the cops any time she'd get pulled over in a VIN scratched car.

After Anna got increasingly frustrated with the weak suspension of the Elegy and wanted to ensure she continues to not be caught street racing, she bought a Massacro, a car that can take much more of a beating. After saying her goodbyes to her old companion, she sold the Elegy to Linda Maridan for $380.000, making it remain in the hands of a fellow street racer.

Anna Vehicle Oracle.png


After owning a vehicle of every class that is relevant to her, Anna still didn't own a 4-door vehicle. She decided to buy an Oracle for this purpose, as she already had positive experiences with Übermacht vehicles in the Sentinel Classic.

After a change in the calculations of maintenance fees, Anna noticed that she would save $20k every time the fees come around, if she didn't have the Oracle. After also noticing that she had only driven the car for around 100 miles in the span of two weeks, she ultimately decided on selling it. The day that Anna started advertising, Maynard Gallows bought the Oracle from her for a flat $100k.

Anna bought this VIN scratched car from Miles to help him with his loan payments. However, she disliked how hard it was to keep under control while going over bumps, and didn't use it much for racing. She later ended up selling the car to Goofy.
With Anna showing to be a talented racer in the B-class scene, fellow B-class racer Vinny Pistone sold her the Feltzer for 250 GNE so that she could move up to A-class racing.
Because she no longer used her VIN scratched cars once she got the Elegy, and because she could really use the money for the AMG GT, she tried selling it off to multiple people. Flippy bought it for $20k.


  • The 'ø' in Anna's last name frequently doesn't display, because not everything can handle DLC letters. This leads to things like her State ID card listing her name as 'Jrgensen', and her Twatter handle being 'Anna_J_rgensen'.
  • Enjoys it, when people need to pronounce her last name.
  • Likes to sometimes talk in her native Norwegian. Usually this is when she wants to confuse somebody, when foreign languages are brought up, or occasionally when talking to Jesse Reed, who speaks back in Swedish.
  • Placed second in her first street race.
  • Was the first citizen to legally own a Sentinel Classic.
  • The trademark "Lilac" car color consists of "Schafter Purple" with an "Ice White" pearlescent.
  • Ever since her first traffic stop, Anna is obsessed with LSPD Officer Lydia Vale, going as far as creating a color-inverted version of her most used outfit and dubbing it "Evil Vale".
  • Has someone around her talking about some kind of illegal activity roughly every 10 minutes, despite not being involved in them. This started with street racing, then turned into boosting.
  • Thinks herself cursed: Whenever she has a good time, everyone else has a bad time, and vice versa. This curse has been observed to exist numerous times.
  • Was the first person to get interrogated in the basement of Maldini's Pizzeria, together with her fiancée Kalliope.
  • Strongly dislikes matte colors.
  • Copes with negative emotions by gambling, especially by spinning the casino wheel.
  • Has a tendency to give people a good amount of money for doing her a favor, even if that is not expected at all.
  • Has a crippling addiction to AMG vehicles, and wants to assemble the AMG pentagon