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{{Infobox_character|name = Anna Doll|image = Anne doll.png|status = Active|relatives = [[Belle Doll]]
{{Infobox_character|name = Anna Doll|image = Anne doll.png|status = Inactive|relatives = [[Belle Doll]]
*Twin sister|age = Unknown|gender = Female|species = Doll|marital = |eyes = Red|hair = White}}'''Anna Doll''' is a character role-played by [ Viviana].
*Twin sister|age = Unknown|gender = Female|species = Doll|marital = |eyes = Red|hair = White|imagecaption=|aliases=|birthDate=|birthPlace=|nationality=|deathDate=|deathPlace=|deathCause=|sexuality=|gangAffiliation=|gangRank=|affiliation=|formerAffiliation=|employer=|occupation=|rank=|certs=|formerJob=|leoStatus=|leoBadge#=|leoInsignia=|EMSStatus=|EMSCallSign=|EMSInsignia=|DoctorStatus=|DoctorNumber=|DoctorInsignia=|dispatchStatus=|dispatchBadge#=|dispatchInsignia=|height=|weight=|phone=|PlayedBy=|characters=}}'''Anna Doll''' is a character role-played by [ Viviana].
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* ''"You're go'''nna ReGRet IT!'''!"''
* ''"You're go'''nna ReGRet IT!'''!"''
* ''"STOP BEING A HOE!!" to '''Belle'''''
* ''"STOP BEING A HOE!!" to '''Belle'''''
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Anna Doll is a character role-played by Viviana.


Not much is known about Anna and her sister, they appeared in Los Santos one day and advertised having a tea party to lure in unexpected victims.


Like her sister, Anna wears a doll mask with long white hair, a bead necklace and bracelet, and a blood red dress. She wears a glass eye mask underneath her mask to hide her eyes.

Anna haves the say child-like voice as her sister that morphs into different voices or into screams.


Belle Doll:

She is Anna's twin sister, both are on good terms and cares a lot for the other.

Jaden Sparks:

He shot her in the mines and is presumably on her hit list.


  1. Kenneth Jesperson

Hit list:


  • "You're gonna ReGRet IT!!"
  • "STOP BEING A HOE!!" to Belle

Played By: Viviana
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