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Anna-Marie Black is a character role-played by Ppeach2010.


Anna-Marie Black is a psychologist who works for Pillbox Medical and Parsons Rehabilitation Center.


Anna-Marie Black just recently moved to Los Santos after living on the east coast her whole life. Anna came from a family that was involved with serving their community is some sort of way, whether it was being part of the armed forces to being a volunteer firefighter. She went to school for psychology and got her masters in it. But she wanted to something more than sit in an office, she wanted to get out and help people and save lives in more ways than the one she went to school for. So she moved to Los Santos, the nations most dangerous city to give herself a challenge and to give herself a change of scenery as well in hopes to help out the city and the people that need it.


Played By: Ppeach2010
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