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Anita May is a character role-played by Cathie.

General Description

Anita May is a Lieutenant for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #355.

Physical Description

Anita is a 30-year old Caucasian female with red hair and blue eyes. Her hair is naturally black, but she always felt really odd about her dark hair and blue eyes, so from her early teens she started dyeing it red. Her hair is generally long, either in a rose braid or just completely loose. Occasionally you can find her hair in a bun if she is either working out or in the lab.


If someone meets Anita for the first time, one of their first impressions is that she is someone nice, as that is always the image that she wants to share. She can be cheerful and approachable to people, but sometimes she can also be extremely overstressed and come off the wrong way.

She can be extremely persuadable and naive, especially when it comes to getting social queues of people hitting on her. She believes in the better side of everyone until they show her that she’s wrong, but she doesn’t give second opportunities to those who have wronged her in the past. This quality was one of the things that made Anita become so close to some of the lifers in the Department of Corrections during her employment there. One of the things that scares Anita the most is feeling that she has been abandoned or losing someone that is really close to her, which is why she holds on to her friends as much as possible.

She aspires to always do and be better, works really hard to prove that she deserves the ranks that she’s been granted, and has always been someone that wants to teach and guide others. From early on in her career, Anita has always worked towards being a Field Training Officer, which she obtained quickly, and developed to be one of the heads of the Personnel & Training Division in the PD and a Lieutenant in the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.


Anita was adopted from a very young age, causing her not to know anything of her biological family or background other than she has a younger brother named Timmy May. They had no contact until their adulthood when Timmy went to look for Anita and found her in San Andreas where she took him on a ride-along once. She grew up being supported and loved by her adoptive family, which made her never want to look for the family she felt abandoned her.

Anita got the opportunity to embrace a position in the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer, and as someone that believes in the best of people and that people can indeed be reformed, she accepted this position as the start of her professional career.


Once hired for the Department of Corrections, Anita was very comfortable as a CO. She made a lot of friendships with some of the lifers, Quinten “56” Palmer and Marcus Jackson, and with other colleagues. But as she quickly realized, she couldn’t change the lives of anyone that would pass through Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Anita felt lost for a few months without knowing what to do or move forward with her life until she met Henri King. Their relationship quickly developed and they found company in each other in such a lost place.

After several months working for the Department of Corrections, and watching everyone that she was working with move forward for the PD, Anita decided to work towards a future towards the Los Santos Police Department. She always told herself she’d be a city cop, until Henri King joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, and changed her mind.

After obtaining the rank of Field Training Officer in the Department of Corrections, Anita worked closely with Daisy Dukakis and Sher Singh to hire and train different COs.

In September of 2020, Anita received an invitation to attend an interview to join the Unified Police Department. After receiving the email, Anita went on duty and saw Trooper Andrews. He asked her if she had an interview scheduled, and she said yes.  

Trooper Andrews asked Anita to do a mock-up interview with him, Anita was nervous but was thankful for the opportunity. During the mock-up interview, Trooper Andrews educated Anita on police knowledge and made fun of her relationship with Henri King. Trooper Andrews then invited Anita to go on a ride-along. The next day Anita was at MRPD for her interview and was dismissed as Trooper Andrews told her that he had already done her interview.

She was then invited to join the academy, where she passed and joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office as callsign #526.

During her cadet phase, her main Field Training Officers were Brian Knight, Sam Baas, A.J. Hunter, and Johnny Divine. She still says that she is the Deputy that she is today because of all of them.

On the December 15th, Anita was kidnapped by the Lost MC and they forced her to change her hair color to blonde and cut her hair short, to be a “Karen”. A few hours after the kidnapping, Anita was fully promoted to Deputy, Badge #355.

After the restructure of the PD in February of 2021, Anita kept her rank of Deputy in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and continued working to prove that she could be a great asset to the PD.

In March of 2021, Anita heard that the P&T department, led by Brittany Angel and Domenic Toretti was looking for officers that would be interested in being Field Training Officers. Anita approached Angel and told her about her interest, where Angel questioned Anita and was surprised by her knowledge. After the test with Brittany Angel, Anita and Ben Casanova were promoted to Senior Deputy/Officer and assigned Shift 2 Field Training Officers.

Anita's continuous work as one of the most active FTOs for Shift 2 allowed her to progress very quickly, where she was promoted to Sergeant for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and a Recruiter in the Personnel & Training Division in May 2021. Anita still feels that she wasn’t fully prepared for a Sergeant position and it was one of the most challenging positions for her to adapt to.

Several months after being appointed a Recruiter in the Personnel & Training Division, Brittany Angel and Domenic Toretti moved towards an Advisor role and passed the leadership of the division to Anita May and Matthew Espinoz. They are the current leads of the P&T and main recruiters for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.

On the October 31st, 2021, Anita decided to disguise herself as Sheriff Kyle Pred for Halloween, where she fully embraced being Anita Pred and played the part. While at the Casino, Anita Pred passed by Kyle, dressed as Bob Smith, where he told her “Hey Pred, don’t forget to promote Anita to Lieutenant”, confirming to Anita that her promotion was upcoming. Later in the meeting, Kyle Pred, dressed as Anita, was promoted by Anita, dressed as Kyle Pred.  

Currently Anita focuses on splitting her time in the Street Crimes Unit as an Advisor and recruiting/teaching cadets.

As a Detective she concentrates on investigating several Serial Killers. She believes that she has the greater responsibility of taking these killers off the street, to protect those she cares about and civilians of the city.


Police Departments

Dante Wolf - Adoptive Father

Dante Wolf is Anita’s other adoptive father. He adopted her a few months after her being promoted to a full Deputy.

Dante is someone that Anita opens up to regularly and values his opinions very dearly. They have talked about complicated topics in times when Anita was confused and sad. He always has the right things to say to her, which makes Anita really comfortable to trust him.

He was also one of the only few people that Anita talked about being taken captive and tortured by The Showtime serial killer.

Sam Baas - Adoptive Father

Sam Baas is one of Anita’s adoptive fathers. He adopted her a few months after she was promoted to a full Deputy.

Baas was one of Anita’s main training officers and is someone that she cares for and respects a lot. Being in different departments has made him and Anita disagree on certain decisions, but Anita will always care for his opinions.

Baas used to joke and ask if Anita was pregnant, as he needed a grandkid to continue the legacy of the family. He also tried to separate Anita and Henri King several times, insinuating that there were better people for her.

Once Anita told Baas that she was divorced, Baas was happy for her.

Claire Everly

Anita met Claire when Claire was a dispatcher and became very close friends due to having very similar personalities.

Anita always believed in Claire and was extremely happy to have her join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and be one of her FTOs.

Currently, Anita is supporting Claire on her career progression into Command within the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, as Claire joined the Personnel & Training Division as a Recruiter. They believe they need to build a Shift 2 army for the PBSO.

Fun Fact: Claire told Anita that whenever she’d get Sergeant, Claire would give Anita an SRU cert. She failed to fulfill this promise, and Anita will take any opportunity to use this against Claire as a joke.

Daisy Dukakis

Daisy is one of the longest-term friends that Anita has, they met in DOC and worked together in developing the department. Daisy has been one of Anita’s best friends and has always been honest with Anita. She always believed that she deserved better than Henri King, so Daisy and Jason Ledson would tell Anita how he was a gold digger, and she needed someone better.

Anita and Daisy joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office in the same class, and even though they were on different shifts, they’ve always had a great dynamic together.

Every time Anita and Daisy are on duty together, Anita will tie her hair to look like Daisy.

Henri King - Ex-Husband

Anita has always felt that she would be “married” to her job, and not someone. She had no intentions of joining a relationship when she met Henri, and it started as something physical that quickly developed into romantic feelings.

When Anita met Henri King, she was afraid of a commitment and always thought that things would just be casual and simple. When they first met he invited her over to where he was living by the Vespucci Canals, where they spent the night together.

Neither Henri nor Anita had intentions of starting a relationship, but they began spending all of their time together both on-duty and off-duty, so they decided to schedule a therapy session with William Thatch, to figure out what they both wanted. Anita admitted that she loved Henri, and he fell on the ground, passed out. Once Henri came to consciousness, he admitted that he had the same feelings for Anita and they agreed that they both wanted to start a relationship. They kept their relationship to themselves while working, but it started being really clear to different COs as they would do everything together.  

While working at the Department of Corrections, Anita and Henri adopted Ellis Pinzon and Lorenzo Lezar as their sons.

Henri eventually was hired by the Blaine County Sheriff's Office in May of 2020, while Anita stayed in the Department of Corrections. Anita built close relationships with the other COs, where they all had a very close bond.

Anita continued working in the Department of Corrections, and while a lot of her close friends, Daisy Dukakis and Jason Ledson, would tell her that she could do better than Henri and tried to separate them, they stayed together throughout the whole process while Anita was working towards joining the PD.

Once Henri joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Anita told him her concerns about him being a Deputy, and how scared she’d be that something would happen to him. It was also the first time that she mentioned marriage to Henri.

With Henri and Anita working in different places, they would frequently fight because of the smallest things. In June of 2020, during one of their fights, Henri had planned to propose to Anita. He had been teasing her for several days, but one day as she was on duty with Mina Price and Joel Garcia, Henri called Mina for her to keep Anita inside of MRPD while he was getting everything ready. He bought a white Kalahari and was dressed in a white suit, and then took Anita to their house in Didion Drive, where he dropped a note saying “Do you want to be Anita King?”. Anita said yes.

When Anita joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office in September of 2020, Anita and Henri were engaged but going through difficult times. As a Cadet, Anita couldn't spend a lot of time with Henri.

When she was promoted to Deputy, they became each other's partners on duty and were seen most of the time together.

In October of 2020, Henri and Anita adopted Franky Dulio and John Spartan as their sons.

Anita and Henri sold their house and cars and took a long vacation together to Fiji, where they spent all of their money and had to come back to Los Santos to work. In February of 2021, both Henri and Anita went through the restructuring of the Police Department and joined as Deputies of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

During an incident where Anita had to carry a bomb from a civilian into the ocean, she was concerned this could mean the end, and as she and Henri were still engaged, she told herself that if she’d survive, she’d move forward with planning the wedding they had been delaying for too long. The bomb was able to be diffused and Anita was safe. Afterwards she talked to Henri and they finally planned their wedding.

On the 5th of March, Henri King and Anita May married by the lake at the Golf course, the ceremony led by Dennis LaBarre. Anita’s bridesmaids were Mina Price, Emily Reinhart, and Jeremias Jimenes.

With Anita working constantly and focused on being a Field Training Officer, their relationship continued having issues and Henri would raise several times the fact that Anita would spend more time focused on working than with him. They made the move to buy a house, where Anita agreed to live in Mirror Park, even though she would have preferred a beach house.

With Anita focused on work, and Henri not being available when she needed him, their relationship started to fall apart, and Anita was unhappy and thought about leaving Henri several times. She attempted to voice her concerns to Henri multiple times and saw no change, which resulted in them having a very serious conversation in January of 2022 and Anita said she wanted some time apart to figure out what they wanted to do.

Anita moved out of Mirror Park and fully moved into Steele Way 6 with Matthew Espinoz, Daisy Dukakis, Minerva Maat, Mackenzie Hayes, and Skye Faye.

Through the separation, Henri made some efforts to plan some dates with Anita, where they went out together, but Anita didn’t see the change that she wanted from Henri. On the February 14th, on Valentine’s Day, Anita told Henri that she was done trying and wanted a divorce. Henri dropped several Valentine day’s gifts to her on the ground and left upset.

The next day Anita served Henri with the divorce papers, and they were signed on the February 16th.

Henri and Anita continue to be friends and have promised to be there for each other in times of need.  

John Spartan - Adopted Son

Spartan and Anita met while working in the Department of Corrections. He was one of the most active Correctional Officers in the department, which made him and Anita work closely together.

Spartan changed his hair temporarily to red, to match Franky Dulio and Anita for a picture, but changed right after.

Spartan and Anita were in the same cadet class and became really close friends. When Henri and Anita were talking about adopting an LSPD child to continue the legacy of Sam Baas, Spartan was the only person that they both agreed they wanted to adopt. Spartan has then changed to the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, leaving no LSPD legacy in the family.

Anita has always been there for Spartan and vice versa. They trust each other and care about each other very deeply. Anita is really protective of Spartan, as she doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Mackenzie Hayes

Anita and Mackenzie became very close when Anita FTO’d her after Hayes was hired as a cadet. They seemed to have very similar ideals which made them work together very well.

Their friendship continued after Mackenzie’s cadet phase, where they started working together in several cases and had each other’s back. Additionally, whenever Anita or Hayes needed, they would be there for each other.  

Anita considers Mackenzie her best friend, and they co-parent Minerva Maat with Daisy Dukakis and all live together. Mackenzie is also the person that Anita mostly works within SCU.

After Anita’s separation, she realized that she was developing romantic feelings towards Mackenzie, but doesn’t want to act upon these feelings at the moment and potentially ruin their family.

Marcel King - Boyfriend

Anita met Marcel when she interviewed him for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.

She had a great first impression of Marcel and believed that he was a great match for the department. After Marcel was hired, Anita FTO’d him regularly and eventually did his final evaluation.

Anita has a soft spot for Marcel and enjoys his company a lot. He is also someone that pushes Anita to never give up, and she appreciates how much he believes in her.

A few months after Anita's divorce, Marcel asked her on a date, which she accepted. On their first date, Marcel picked Anita up and they had a lovely dinner at the UwU Café. They continued spending time together, and officially started dating after a few weeks.

Matthew Espinoz

Anita met Espinoz when she was a cadet in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. They met in the Academy as Espinoz was one of the instructors in the academy.

Due to working different shifts, they wouldn’t work together a lot until Brittany Angel and Domenic Toretti promoted them both to Recruiters in the Personnel & Training Division, having worked closely together since.

They became really close friends, and Anita believes that there is no one better to run the department with than Espinoz. They work on everything together and have never had any disagreements while running the P&T department.

Espinoz invited Anita to live in the Femly Frat house, which she accepted, and now lives there with Daisy Dukakis, Mackenzie Hayes, Minerva Maat, and Skye Faye.

Lorenzo L - Adopted Son

Lorenzo and Anita met while working in the Department of Corrections. Anita always felt that Lorenzo was a really sweet boy and after adopting Ellis Pinzon, they felt that they had space to let the family grow more, so they adopted Lorenzo.

Lorenzo went to the same academy class as Anita, and they both joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Mina Price - Adoptive Sister

Anita and Mina met in the Department of Corrections and became friends very quickly. They would be on duty together most of the time.

They went to the same Academy class in September 2020 and both were accepted and joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Once both Mina and Anita were promoted to full deputies, you could find them riding together most of the time, as they were each other's partners on duty.

Mina was adopted by Sam Baas, and so was Anita, making them sisters.

Mina is someone that Anita cares deeply for, and will always trust and defend.

Minerva Maat - Adopted Daughter

Anita and Minerva met while they both worked in the Department of Corrections, and they hit it off right from the start due to her similarities and ability to speak Portuguese. Minerva was an old friend of Henri King, so they all used to hang out together on duty.

Minerva was someone that always supported Anita and Henri in their relationship, but after they both moved to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Minerva disappeared from their lives for a while.  

Anita and Minerva reconnected at a later date when Minerva applied for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, and Anita was really excited to interview her.

Once Minerva was hired, they became even closer and Anita even joked about how much she and Mackenzie Hayes looked alike. Mackenzie Hayes and Daisy Dukakis co-adopted Minerva Maat, and shortly after Anita was added as a co-parent.

They all currently live together on Steele Way 6, in their Femly House with Matthew Espinoz and Skye Faye.

Minerva was also the first person that Anita told she was bisexual once she figured out her feelings, after the separation from Henri King.

Franky Dulio - Adopted Son

Anita and Franky met in the Department of Corrections and became very close. Anita always cared very deeply for Franky, which made her want to adopt Franky.

For a long period of time, Franky changed his hair color to red and kept it to match Anita. Anita talked to Henri, and after some convincing, they adopted Franky Dulio and John Spartan together.

Franky has always been there for Anita, and always cared very deeply for her. He always visits her at the hospital when she’s hurt, and she counts on him a lot.

When Henri and Anita were discussing their divorce, Franky followed them and listened to the whole conversation. After it ended, he asked “Is this really happening?” and left walking sad.

Ellis Pinzon - Adopted Son

Ellis and Anita met while working in the Department of Corrections. Ellis spent just a short time in the Department of Corrections with Anita and Henri, but he was the first son that they adopted.

Pinzon and Henri went to the same academy class in May of 2020 and both joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Anita cares a lot about Ellis, but he is a wild soul. She’s there to support him and sometimes embarrass him as an overprotective mom.

Odessa Glafx

Anita met Odessa due to her involvement with Mackenzie Hayes by providing information regarding ongoing investigations.

Mackenzie would keep Anita updated about Odessa, but in the beginning, they didn’t have a lot of direct contact, until Odessa contacted Anita due to what was currently happening between her and May Flowers. Odessa told Anita that she was going to meet with May Flowers and that she felt that she could be in danger. Anita went UC, completely alone due to the lack of units to assist, and saw May Flowers kidnap Odessa. Unfortunately, while this happened, there was an active shootout on Senora Freeway, where Anita was close by, so she couldn’t follow the boat that May Flowers took Odessa on. Anita used an opportunity from the shootout to drive around to look for Odessa, when she got a call where Odessa called Anita saying “Goodbye mom”, and managed to ping Anita to their location. They were by an island off the lighthouse and Anita could see May Flowers holding a knife with Odessa on her knees. Anita asked for back-up and managed to only get one officer to assist. When they arrived on the island Anita pulled her Class 2 onto May Flowers and told them not to hurt Odessa, May Flowers moved forward and stabbed Odessa in her neck, and Anita shot May Flowers instantly. Anita immediately assisted Odessa and applied several bandages on her stab wound to the neck, and accompanied Odessa to the hospital. Anita feels that she should have pulled the trigger earlier, but Odessa has always said that Anita saved her life.

Since this incident, they have become really close friends and Odessa is someone that Anita trusts and cares for deeply. Anita will always try to protect Odessa.


Captain Pocket is Anita’s K9 unit, he’s a white and black-grey Siberian Husky

Anita was trained and given a K9 cert in November of 2021 and since then her bond with Pocket grew a lot.

The day that Anita told Henri she wanted some time apart, Anita took Pocket out from the kennel and told him “It’s gonna be just the 2 of us for a while” while petting him.

Anita aims to get a Senior Handler position to be able to bring Pocket to the Frat house on Steele Way 6, where he’ll be able to play around with his friends and have a big garden and pool to spend his time at.

Chick Norris

Chick is Anita’s pet chicken. He has a sister called Hay-Hay, which was owned by Hanna Baker.

When Paleto Pets first opened in the city, Anita wanted a pet, but she didn’t have a lot of money at the time. She went to Paleto and saw several pets around the place and she found Chick really funny. She talked to Babalu Okonkwo, the owner of Paleto Pets and she managed to make the purchase in a day.

The reason why Anita got Chick, was because she was feeling sad and lonely most of the time due to her marriage issues.

Now Chick is Anita’s main company, and she takes him everywhere. When Anita is on duty, sometimes she’ll leave Chick with the dispatchers on duty and she calls it Chick’s Daycare.


Fufu is a handbag Pomeranian that Henri King offered Anita after their divorce.

Henri knew how bummed Anita was for not being a Senior Handler yet and not being able to bring Pocket home, so he bought her a Pomeranian.

Anita carries around Fufu everywhere in a pink bag and she stays with Anita in her room in the Frat house.

Anita named her “Fufu” as while she was brainstorming for names, Mackenzie Hayes said “Fufu” as a joke, and Anita liked it enough for it to stick.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #355 February 5th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Senior Deputy March 4th, 2021
Sergeant SergeantBCSO.png Promoted to Sergeant May 21st, 2021
Sergeant SergeantSOBCSO.png Appointed a Recruiter May 22nd, 2021
Lieutenant LieutenantBCSO.png Promoted to Lieutenant October 31st, 2021
Lieutenant LieutenantPBSO.png Transferred to PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Captain CaptainPBSO.png Promoted to Captain for 6 Days by Sam Baas April 8th, 2022
Lieutenant LieutenantPBSO.png Returned to Lieutenant April 14th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Deputy FTO Certified March 4th, 2021
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Sergeant FTI Certified May 22nd, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Lieutenant K9 Certified; Handler for Pocket November 6th, 2021
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Lieutenant Appointed as Advisor to the SCU November 10th, 2021
Motorcycle Driver Motorcycle Cert.png Lieutenant Motorcycle Certified April 19th, 2022


Played By: Cathie
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