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The Angels were the first girl gang formed in Los Santos, after building the group up more and more they picked up some male members as well.

They were known for suffering from high levels of SBS and also sometimes wearing black latex suits and other disguises. They have high expectations of themselves and hope to become a group respected by the other major gangs of Los Santos. They were often mentored by Wayne Biggz in the past on how to be effective criminals.

Today they have achieved a lot of respect in the city with many newer groups, and some old, coming to them for guidence in group affairs. Some of the top goups still look down on them, but they don't know what the Angels to in the shadows, and it's best kept that way.

Often viewed as "neutral" in gang relations, the Angels will only retaliate if you put down, kidnap, or rob any member. The Angels primarily focus on executing jobs together; robbing various stores, Fleeca Banks, and the Paleto Bank. They have many connections to other groups and are sometimes seen doing jobs with people outside of their group. More recently they have moved into the drug game, being the first gang in the city to achieve 100% Meth, since Meth tables were introduced to the city, this then enhightend their gang relations furthur, striking deals with other gangs to supply them meth.

Each member has their own set of friends and eccentric ways of having fun in the city both together and apart. The one thing they try to pride themselves on however, is having each other's back at all times in the cut-throat city of Los Santos.


The group was originally formed by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer, and Violet van Housen.

On New Years Day 2020, Jessica, aka Cassie Cupcakes, met Tupac Shakur at Pillbox, and asked him for drugs. Tupac told Cassie to follow him into his apartment. When they get there, Tupac tried to sell her crack, but Cassie realized she didn't have the money, so she offered Tupac a deal that she'd do any job for him. Tupac accepts, and tells her to do a "pawn run" for him. While doing the pawn run with Tupac (because she didn't know how to do one), The Families pulled up behind them, and kidnapped Cassie. The Families told Tupac that she is Cassie Cupcakes, and that she robbed one of their members of 3 coke bricks. Tupac tried to tell them that her name was "Jessica", which they believed for some reason. A few minutes later, they gave Cassie a mission to shoot a cop and steal their ID. Doing so would gain Tupac's trust. Tupac let Cassie leave to start her mission, and told her that she has to do it alone, or it won't count - and to "not rat them out".

Cassie was then left at Pillbox, and she ran across the street to meet Claire Seducer. They hopped in the car with each other, and Cassie tells Claire that she's in trouble, and tried to force her to help, but Claire says no. Cassie began screaming, and Claire agreed due to fear. Tupac found out that Cassie had brought in Claire, and got angry. He met them behind some buildings, and pulled a gun on them, trying to figure out if any of them snitched. After Cassie's and Claire's begging and pleading, Tupac decided not to kill them, and listened to Cassie's idea about being "Tupac's Angels". He gave them a new mission: kill a cop and cut off one of their toes. The girls go looking for a cop to kill, but after no luck, they kidnap a random man, and hold him up at gunpoint, and cut his toenails (not his toes).

Once "completing" the mission, they drove to the gun store. Cassie sees a random girl, Violet van Housen, in front of the court house, and they decide to kidnap her and tell her that she's "a part of this mess now". Tupac was following them the whole time, watching everything, and he tells the girls to follow him to the pier, having enough. They sit at the pier and Tupac pulls out a gun, telling Cassie and Claire to take Violet out of the trunk. Violet hops out of the trunk with a gun, and tries to shoot down Tupac. He was faster, and shot down Violet, first, followed by Cassie and then Claire. Tupac fled the scene, while the three girls lay in their blood waiting for rescued - and that's when Cassie knew she wanted the three of them to be a crew.

The name "SBS Angels" was thought up on January 8th, 2020, by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer, and Griselda Ambrose, outside of the courthouse, they didn't care who did or didn't like them, (most didn't) as long as they were having fun. . They changed their name to just "Angels", as they believed they were no longer as "SBS" as they were when they started, and they began to try and become a more powerful gang in the city. Things went well until numbers began to dwindle to the point. Claire and Violet were the only two that would come into the city; many gangs called them a "Dead Gang" as a result of this... But they didn't give up; eventually members started coming back and more members began to join to the point the Angels are one of the biggest names in the city.

Major Events In 3.0


After the successful vault robbery performed by Claire Seducer, Violet van Housen, Blaine Burke and Alexander Campbell, the group met up together to paint a mural in the Little Seoul skate park where they took their last picture together.

They then decided to part their ways for a while and make the best out of the vault money they stole. Claire Seducer, Blaine Burke, Alexander Campbell and Cassie Cupcakes left together to Mexico, Aleksander Sazkaljovich (formerly Bogorov) went back to Russia, while Violet van Housen visited Italy. Lexi Law also went to Mexico with most of the members, but had to leave for a while to help her boyfriend Wolfgang Cole.

On the 5th of February most of the members came back to Los Santos and found themselves without any assets to their names. Others joined them shortly. They have decided to rebuild the group from the ground up together, seeking for more legitimate ways to earn money and becoming more business oriented in their actions. However, they have no intentions of leaving their crime life behind completely.


Jacob Harth's Beta Test
Claire and Violet, were wondering if there was a way to practice the hacking of Fleecas as they found that the amount of money needed just to practice was off-putting to not just them, but many other groups and individuals. A few days later when Claire was talking to Marcus, at Digital Den, he offered that if she had any ideas, he may be able to help with them. Claire instantly thought to bring up the idea of creating a game that would allow the people of the city to attempt hacking before hitting the Fleeca. Marcus said that he would talk to Jacob and would let her know if it could happen.

After a few days, Jacob called Claire to ask for her ping. He said that she was interested in and to come to his ping to see it. Claire grabbed Violet and started to head up Great Ocean. Once they arrived at Hookies, they saw an arcade machine with a note on how to play. After attempting the game, Jacob approached and told them that this was a beta of the game, and he was going to leave the game in their hands to take care of and run for others in the city.

The Angels created the new persona of the Game Master as an over-arching entity that they would all represent for the distribution of the game. They tested the game with Jean Paul and Nino, before they had too close the Beta test.

Contacted by Dean Watson
A few weeks had passed when Claire was contacted by Dean asking for her to meet him by the gas station on Senora Freeway, Claire and Dean had recently come to blows as she was fired from the casino, because of this she believed this request to meet from Dean was going to result her death, she went anyway. Once Claire met with Dean, he led her to the Hobo Camp and asked if she had ever talked to this dude in a tent here saying, "he said he had something." Claire spoke to the man, and he offered her Yellow Laptops. Dean said that it seemed like something that she would be interested in, and he had instructed the man to only sell Claire these laptops.

Claire let the rest of the gang know that she now has access to Yellow Practice Laptops and that they were bringing back the Game Masters. They began to build a list of groups and individuals that may have an interest in the laptops. The first group that they felt should get the chance at the laptops were the HoA since the Angels felt that the HoA were in a very similar position as themselves.

A mission for the HOA
On the night of the Dean World opening the Game Master tasked Huck, Kleb, Julio, and Hades to get a USB with information from Lifeinvader to the Fudge Lane decryption house then to them. Lexi went undercover as an employee with Victor and acted as a contact for uploading and downloading data from the drive at the locations, while Alex ran interference and attempted to "attack" the HoA. A disguised Claire and Violet finally met with the HoA and revealed to them that they would be the first in the city to receive the laptops.

System Upgrade
After hundreds of hacks and robberies, the banks of Los Santos had had enough. In July 2021, all banks upgraded their security, making it almost impossible to hack into them, even the best of the best struggled to break into as little as a Fleeca, that was until a new hack was developed, known only by The Game Masters and it was about to make things a whole lot spicier.

On 19th July, the game masters went public with a newly upgraded Yellow laptop, lasting 3 days and no longer a single-use, these laptops hold a whole new game. When were upgraded Claire and Lexi began brainstorming how to proceed with selling the laptops, it wasn't until Violet woke up the next day that it was decided that they would change the price of 1 laptop to a larger price of $25,000, and that the first person they would sell to as their beta tester is Randy Bullet, after a good reception they began contacting more people.

Later during a very confusing conversation, Randy told Claire and Violet about the new location to buy bank laptops, when they investigated the location they made a startling discovery, you can only buy laptops based on your reputation and skill as a hacker, for example, you only buy a blue laptop if you gave successful hacked a Fleeca bank multiple time of alternatively succeeded in hacking the new practice laptops multiple times. This means if someone can't buy a green laptop they need to buy a practice laptop which means the gamemasters now control who can and can not rob banks.

News spread fast that practice laptops are needed to begin robbing banks and so came the tweets one of which came from a random grinder, where they tweets and put in the yellow pages “looking for yellow practice laptops” seeing this the game masters were not happy as it put their operation at risk to be exposed to the police so they contacted Guy Jones to teach this guy a lesson to receive a reward. And so he did, the grinder was shot in both hands and lost a finger, never to hack again, as a reward the game masters gave Guy Jones a free laptop.


When Claire first met Justin Bridges, she nicknamed him “Victor”. She taught him some basics, and soon had him running oxy for the Angels. Over time, he proved his commitment to the gang, so they decided to offer him a spot as an Angels Associate, which he happily accepted. Several months later, Victor was instructed to create a plan for his initiation, which must involve the kidnapping of an officer and the taking of one item of significance from their person.

AngelsVictorInitiation 0.png

On 25th June, Claire Seducer, Violet van Housen, Justin Bridges, Aleksander Sazkaljovich and Alexander Campbell met at the Casa to discuss Victor's plan for his initiation. Victor explains that he intends to have Clare, Violet and Alek accompany him on his mission. His plan to kidnap a random police officer, take them to the sandy shore sheriff's office and have the officer sign off duty so they can not be tracked, then to take them to a shack Victor's "friend" Jeff Papio is letting him use, where they will set the officer on their new path of enlightenment, reborn like a phoenix, taking their police badge. After Victor explained his plan Big A's head popped leaving Little A to take his place in the mission.

They head to the clothes store where they all dress in a black shirts and coat with a white. covering their faces with both a sack and a motorcycle helmet. then set off on their mission to find a cop. An hour and 10 minutes later, they FINALLY spot William Gunner speeding towards them. Naturally, Claire NVL jumps in front of his car forcing him to stop, they proceed to distract him with requests of food and weed and such, lowering his guard, so that Victor may emerge from the shadows aiming a gun to Gunner's, Claire handcuffs gunner and throws him in the care. The great cop that Gunner is, he tricks them into giving him their names. Blaine, Wayne, Brain and Caine Burke as they travel down to sandy shore. They force Gunner to sign off duty at the sheriff station then head to Jeff's shack but not before switching cars because the current one kept breaking down due to all the NVL jumps Alex was taking. When they arrive at the shack they take it in turns to pocket run Gunner, Victor gives a speech about Gunner becoming a Phoenix then steals his flashlight and camera then leads him outside and throws a molotov at him. The angels take victor to a clothing store to put on the signature white bomber jackets then head to the tattoo parlor where Claire gave Victor his wings.

Victor Initiation.png
On September 30th, 2021 Claire gets a phone call from Aleks deciding that he would leave the Angels.

The Phone Call

After the call Claire decides her, Aleks, and Violet should have a meeting about whats going on. Aleks Explained he no longer felt included in the gang and didn't feel like one of them, and he has different views about where he wants to go . The meeting Goes up in flames when Violet lets him have it about leaving for something stupid when it could have been talked about and fixed. But in the end the meeting ends with Violet telling him to remove his wings.

Officially Out

However, once lexi woke up Aleks told Lexi that he feels like he cannot progress as a criminal as a member of the Angels.

The Call With Lexi

Lexi see's his side and goes to have another meeting with Violet, Claire, Victor, and Alex. She explains that she feels that she's solo most of the time and only really hangs out with Aleks and Liam, and now that she's starting to do crime she feels like its going to be the same.

Solo Dolo?

The meeting gets out of hand when Violet and Lexi argue. But Claire puts a stop to it when she explains that she has done nothing but tried to help the whole group in doing things they want, and how her and Violet were the only ones in the group pushing for crime and "Progression" When the new city started, and no one wanted to help them grind houses for dongles.

The Meeting ends with Lexi leaving without a word and leaving the Angels thinking is she going be the one to leave next.


Liam Law was introduced to the Angles by his sister Lexi Law and was quickly made an associate. After taking the lead on the Angels meth arc, dealing with the finanaces and Marabunta Grande, and overall just fitting into the family seamlessly, he was offered the position of Full Angel, Tuesday, October 9th, 2021. On the condition that he can complete the Angel Traditional Initiation... to kidnap and rob a cop.

Tuesday, November, 16th 2021. Initiation Day.
Claire, Violet, Alex, Lexi, Victor and Blaine met with Liam at Casa to discuss his plan. His original plan was to kidnap Roy Armstrong (member of the BOZO Task Force) and force him to rob a house. Lexi however informed everyone that Roy hadn't been around that day so they would have to do the plan with a random cop. A little later after Liam had chosen the outfits everyone was to wear (Floral Shirts with matching Masks) he found a Cop at Burger Shot and took him hostage, however this later failed due to the cop hostage getting away. So they change outfits into full black attire and started again. They hunted through the night until they found Marcel King conducting a sting operation in the red garage. Liam cuffed King and drove him to Bob Smith PD with the Angels trailing behind. Liam and Claire brought King into the PD and made him change out of his uniform and sign off duty they then piled back into one car, dawn was breaking and so, the boss was no longer handing out house robbing jobs for the criminals and so the plan had to change. they drove to the cliff side of Paleto beach where Liam robbed King of his lucky quartz and his police badge. Then they made their way to the top of Mount Chilead, where after some time talking in a new torture room they found, Liam forced King to tweet "#fucktoretti #rippopsmoke" after that Liam then sent him to the edge of the cell tower and gunned him down.


Back in the city they changed into their Angels bombers and went to the tattoo parlour where (in the company of Julio Thomas also) Claire dubbed Liam a full member of The Angels and gave him his wings.


After 2 long years, the Angels finally have a place to truly call home. Casa De La Angel.

On Wednesday, December 1st, 2021, The Angels did their daily check to see if Casa (a place in which they regularly used as a meeting spot for gang related talks) was up for sale, and to their surprise it was! For $1.45 million… Alex promptly called, real estate agent and friend of the gang, Dean Quincy who offered them a 20% discount on the Casa for $1.2 million. The family collects together all the money they can, putting each member on the edge of bankruptcy, then using the mathematical talents of Alex they calculated the perfect amount of money to take out as a loan, and then Claire took a loan from Lexi.

With all the money sorted and sent to Claire, she hands the money to Dean and he hands her two keys to Casa. The Angels are the proud owners of Casa De La Angel.

Angels Buy Casa.jpg

A lot of happy tears were shed this day, a dream had came true. However it wasn't all good news, now that all the Angels were in debt, it meant only one thing. It was time to grind...


Oakley Stallion first met Claire Seducer and Cassie Cupcake as their employee at The Casino; during this time he was not considered for AA. It wasn't until he met his other brain cell Violet van Housen that he began to hang around with The Angels and after a while he was offered a position as an Associate. He spent a lot of time with the Angels and, with Claire, grew and distributed weed to provide money for the gang, after entrusting him with something that could get the gang the 9's, on Friday, December 3rd, 2021. He was offered Full Angel. On the condition that he can complete the Angel Traditional Initiation... to kidnap and rob a cop.

Friday, December, 10th 2021. Initiation Day.

Claire, Alex, Victor, and Oakley to Casa to discuss Oakley’s initiation plan. Oakley expressed he wanted the OG’s only benching Victor. The plan, dress in pink, paint a car pink, kidnap a cop, take them somewhere scary, rob them, leave.

Oakley plan.png

They set out first to find a car in Claire’s Subi, which broke down outside the gallery, so the hop in the nearest car, which belonged to Fatoni Sarduchi who ran up to them with a gun to prevent them stealing his car; luckily Claire had a gun on her lap and was able to cap him. They leave in his car and get changed into pink tracksuits; this took a long time because Claire and Alex decided to test Oakley’s patience. Realizing Fatoni Sarduchi can track his car, they swap cars again into a buffalo, then pick up a helicopter they used in a yacht heist just before and fly it to the cemetery, landing it at the top of the staircase, and blowing it up.

As it seemed like the plan had fallen apart, Oakley was ready to give up, just saying to kidnap a cop now, even though the car wasn't pink and nothing was set up, but then Claire said she could rent a helicopter; they went to the airport and rent a heli and paint it pink. Take 2 Claire lands the heli at the cemetery successfully; they then rent bikes and set them up in Vinewood, at the Angels wall jump spot. They then hunted for a boat, driving along the seafront Alex took a bad bump and drove the buffalo into the ocean, leaving the carless once again. When they find a boat, they place it under a bridge in great ocean; they steal a van, and start their hunt for a cop. They see Aspen Gray and Ellis Pinzon but they lose them instantly; they then spot Saturn McAdams on their own and start tailing them until they stop at Ottos Autos; they hop out of the van and throw them in the back, the drive up to paleto to sign her off duty.

On the way, two undercover cops start chasing them, Oakley made the decision to release the cop, which resulted in the cops ramming them off the road; they made an attempt to get to the boat. but it poofed, so they swam out into the ocean. Oakley was beat down by Baas and dragged to shore. Claire and Alex both went down fighting. Claire stabbed a cop and Alex shot Jeffrey Bundy resulting in both of them getting gunned down. They receive medical at pillbox and are then bought to MRPD, Oakley is the first to be processed; he puts on a disguise and attempts to hide, but Claire is processed next sniffs him out like a dog, he gets a swift beat down and is dragged to the stage in the middle of the courtyard, where Claire public shamed, Alex is the processed and kicked Oakley on the floor. They tell him to take in his final moments and come meet them in the yard. When he meets them, they express how disappointed they are in him and that it's time, Oakley runs away. Claire catches up to him and tells him he's an Angel and he actually passed a long time ago. After they serve their prison sentence Claire gives Oakley his wings, making him officially an Angel.


In the wake of Aleksander Sazkaljovich leaving the Angels, best friends at the time, Claire and Flippy were talking, where Flippy said The Angels are a dead gang, because of this statement they parted ways, no longer friends.
2 Months later...

December, 8th, 2021.
Carmella was showing Oakley and Violet the decorations she had done to Flippy’s house. Claire pulled through and trashed the house with graffiti trash talking Flippy (such as; Flippy smells because he doesn’t shower and labelling paintings of snakes as Flippy) and also egged his house. In retaliation, Flippy and Miguel pulled up to Casa de la Angel and threw grenades accidentally blowing up Alex. This is where the war began When Claire found out what had happened to Alex, she devised a plan to get back at them. She began to lockpick a series of local cars, parking them outside of Flippy's house, collecting as many as possible to blow them up. As she was collecting Cassie was meeting with Flippy and was instructed by Claire to stall him as long as she could. after a while Flippy could tell something was up and rushed away thinking Claire was coming to kill him, he drove back to his house where he saw Claire and Alex driving away from his house which was covered in cars, but before he could do anything, Hydra Gang was intercepted by Terrance Walker on his PD bike and while they spoke to the police, Claire and Alex swung round the back of the house and began pouring a gas trail from the cars, Flippy managed to stop them before they could ignite the trail, and tried his best to push the Angels away, but the police came back and began GSR testing Hydra Gang which gave Claire the opportunity she needed to blow the cars up, The Angels were then chased away by the police leaving Flippy to start planning his revenge.

Casa boom.jpeg
While the Angels were being chased, Flippy, Miguel, Mike and Susie filled the front drive of Casa with box trucks and blew them. Flippy posted a picture of the blown up box trucks in an attempt to bait the Angels to come to Casa. What they didn't know is the angels had escaped the police and had already begun preparations for their next attack.

After escaping the police, the Angels began hunting for oil tankers, splitting into two teams, Team One: Claire, Alex and Blaine. Team Two: Violet and Oakley with the enlisted help of James Randal. They gathered three oil tankers, and headed to Flippy's house. Meanwhile, Flippy realized that The Angels weren't coming to Casa and that he should go protect his house instead. Flippy and friends set up on the roofs of the house in Flippy's cul de-sac, and camped, waiting for the Angels to inevitably turn up. On her own adventure, Lexi drives into the cul de sac, completely detached from this war, but acted as a distraction as the Angels drive through Mirror Park; when they get to Flippy's street, he and the rest of Hydra Gang start blasting. Claire manages to get the tanker to Flippy's house before they blow it up, but the other two were blown up half way down the street. The Angels hop in a car and drive away, but not before they have their tires shot out. The Angels swap cars and get medical at pillbox while Hydra Gang repairs their car and then both sides head to the airport to rent a helicopter.

The Angels arrive first and find cops at the air rental, unable to rent a heli, Alex starts lockpicking a jet. Hydra Gang arrive second and are also unable to rent a heli; they then see Alex taking off in a jet and race back to Flippy's house before it gets kamikazeed. Back with The Angels ground unit, they rent a taco truck and get one more oil tanker and head to Mirror Park. After a few attempts to land on Flippy's Street Alex crashes the jet, as Hydra Gang go to laugh at him Violet pulls into the street with the tanker; they blow it up easily, because she didn't know which house was Flippys. While Flippy is laughing at Alex, the rest of the Angels park the Taco truck at his house and cover his garden in hobo feces and hobo tents.
A hospital visit and some Sub-twatting later Alex and Lexi go back to the airport to try and get a helicopter again, when Hydra Gang pull up on them, and try to handcuff Alex, some juking later Alex manages to rent a plane, Lexi shoots the tire on their car and dips, then Alex Flips their car over with the plane and flies away and crashes again. Meanwhile, as a result of all the pings coming from Flippy's house Anita May barricaded the street and began an investigation of the mess the Angels made. She attempts to arrest Blaine when he tows a garbage truck and drops it on Flippy's yard, but Blaine was just too slippery, until he attempted to return with a bulldozer and got tazed and cuffed. Claire hops in a garbage truck to save Blaine, but gets cuffed as well because Oakley hesitates. Claire ends up getting let loose, but Blaine is sent to jail.

December, 9th, 2021.
Claire, Liam and Alex Ron were driving around the city informing all the mechanic shops the updates the goverment had made to the pay packets, after thay had been to all of them they drove to the apartment where there was a extreme presence, so the pulled into a car parking spot to spy on what was happening and ended up parking right next to Mike Wadum they expressed that the apartments are a safe zone so the war was paused here, until Alex Ron rammed Mike's car and drove away, Mike followed and a high speed chased ensued up to Alex sky's house they ran in a tried to lock the door before Mike could get in but he snuck through, however Mike was in a 3v1 situation and quickly received an Angels beat down. When Mike regains consciousness chases them again. Until he flips his car in the middle of haywick, the Angels and Alex pull a Uey and ram Mike's flipped car and the hop out their car and give him another beat down while he was on the phone to Flippy, asking for back-up; they dip before Flippy arrives, leaving Mike in the middle of the road. They end up crashing into a pole and breaking their car, so Alex Sky calls Flippy for a repair kit, letting him know they were near Ottos Autos.

Lexi called Claire asking if you was able to talk, so she told her to meet her at Ottos,When they met they were immedietly ambushed by: Flippy, Miguel, Mike and Vinny. Alex Sky ran away, Vinny cuffed Lexi and Claire a Liam were put down, however in a fit of rage due to the situation cost Vinny his house robbery He knocked out Mike and then turned out bystander Jay Jarvis who retaliated, Miguel then attempted to hit JJ but missed and knock out Flippy. By this point Claire was contious again; she got up, stole Flippy's shoes, and ran away. Vinny and a Miguel chase after her leaving Mike and Flippy on the floor for Liam to steal flippy's second pair of shoes and then put Lexi in a car and drive to try and pick up Claire, she managed to make it up to the bridge above Ottos which all four of Flippy's crew chasing her, Liam ran Miguel over with his car but missed Vinny and Flippy, he pulled up in front of Claire in an attempt to have her hop in the truck but Mike pulled up on a bike before she and beat her down. Vinny stole her shes and then threw her off the bridge; luckily she landed in a puddle so she survived. Vinny, Mike and Lexi all suffer head pops, and Liam manages to rammed Miguel off of the bridge with his car leaving just Flippy and Liam standing, Liam gets out of his to fight mano-a-mano and gets pumbled by Flippy who then tried several times to lockpick their car before giving up and running away but Liam woke up in time to catch flippy a beat him. Claire finally making it back up to the bridge kicks Flippy while he is down; then Claire and Liam steal his third and fourth pair of shoes, and leave.

Later, Flippy Miguel and Mike are seeking revenge for the Angels prolonging the war, so they fly 3 helicopters to Casa De La Angel. Oakley was a Casa, so he was taken hostage by Miguel, when the landing the first helicopter, but not before Oakley spam texts Claire, which she ignores because she is on the phone to Violet talking about in gang drama. Claire didn't react to the texts until it was too late, Violet arrived at Casa as Claire was hanging up, to see three helicopters in the front of Casa and Flippy and Mike aiming guns at her head, one quick hesitation later Mike placed her in cuffs, so now with Three helicopters in the front of casa and two Angels taken hostage, Claire and Lexi make their was to Casa.

When Claire and Lexi aarive, they initate Angles beat down again, however, it was unsuccessful and they are both beat down and cuffed. Hydra Gang place them all in a line with front row seats to Casa being bombed. Flippy steals everyone's shoes apart from Oakley and then they start trying to blow up the helicopters, they have a hard time trying to find where to blow them up from, and Flippy and Mike end up getting caught in the explosion when they suddenly explode.

Casa Bomb1.png
Casa Bomb2.png

Miguel drives Flippy and Mike to Pillbox, leaving the Angels handcuffed at Casa; after they receive treatment at Pillbox; they come back and throw a mass ton of shoes at the Angels taken from Flippy's feet. The Angels get beat down and the unhandcuffed and then Hydra Gang leaves.

December, 10th, 2021.
After performing a fake food critic show at UwU Café the Angels go to LSBN to return the gear, across the road there were serveral police cars parked at end entrance of CG compound, as the Angels approached the hood, Lexi spotted Flippy and Mario slow rolling behind them, as she went towrds them, they decide to jump her, so they run her over and then get on foot chasing her in circles until the Angels turn up and beat them both down, however right before going unconcious, Mario called for help on radio. Vinny Mike turn up as they stole shoes and take down Lexi and Victor, and Claire was beat down by Joseph Oxlong??? kinda weird but ok. Vinny stole Claire shoes and then threw them at her head, Flippy stole Victors shoes and wore them. The Angels wake up, and Claire kills Flippy's cow, both sides trade punches until the storm comes in forcing them back to their houses.

When storm passes, Flippy leaves his house to find Lexi and Liam teepeeing his house, so they jump him, they get a few good licks in before he hops in his Toros and rams Lexi's Penumbra off the road and into her and then drives away, onto the frozen mirror park lake.

Later that day the Angels were rolling 6 deep at Harmony getting their cars repaired, Flippy and Curtis drive up and start getting swarmed so they do some light VDM and drive away, issue was Vinny was taking a power nap at the Harmony motel and he left and came outside he was all alone against 6 Angels, they charge him with their fist, so he runs into the clothing store and runs out his gun, he shoots victor and Angels disperse leaving Liam at the door. Vinny pulls a grenage out of his pocket he runs out of the store and throws the grenade a Claire and then retreats back to the clothing store. Vinny calls in Flippy and they roll back into harmondy they fist itout and Vinny is the last one standing. He starts making his rounds taking all of their shoes but Alex gets up and one hits him and takes his shoes, all the angels wake up and the Mike turn up and accidentily on purpose VDM knocks Alex down so he is swarmed by the Angels, with nobody protecting Alex Vinny gets up and takes Alex's shoes.

December, 13th, 2021.
Claire, Lexi, Victor and Oakley drive to H&O to fix Claire Supra after it was rammed many, many times. When they pull in Claire spots a snake. She charges towards Flippy, he attempts to duck to avoid her attack but she ficks him in the ribs, ouch, then she runs away, calling "OPS ON THE BLOCK!" a battle comences, two sides; Claire, Lexi, Victor and Oakley vs Flippy, Vinny, Curtis and Taco The Angels get put down (Lexi put Oakley down js) and then both sides part ways.

December, 14th, 2021. Cassie had spent most the day dealing with burgershot drama, namely should she fire Shelly or not and she decided to enlist the help of Claire to help toughen Shelly up a bit... a lot so they met outside of Burger shot to talk, Flippy and Mike spot the Angels and stop in the middle of the road, Alex ans Oakley charge them and get beat up before Claire can make to them so she was in in 1 v 2 and and immedietly got floored and then cuffed, Flippy tried to make Claire apologize, Alex and Victor get up up and attack again, but are knocked out again, but then Victor comes out of nowhere and takes out Mike and almost get flippy, withh all the other Angels down, Cassie starts ramming Flippy with her, so he uncuffs Claire and leaves.

December, 15th, 2021.
Flippy was in the mood to smoke some of that Angels pack so he got Mario to ring Claire to see where she was, both lied through their teeth so Flippy, Mario and honorary Angel Wayne Biggz storm to Casa. Claire and Alex were behind the tennis court watering their weed, if they had stayed they would have avoided the beating that was coming their way. Mario hit Claire that knocked ere into the Casa pool almost drowning her. Wayne felt the guilt of his OG Angel pin and dragged her out of the water. Alex and Claire used this lowered guard to pounce, taking out mario, then Wayne and then Flippy, unfortunely Wayne began bleeding out, so hydra gang had to retreat to Pillbox.

December, 30th, 2021.

Some time had passed since the Angles and Hydra Gang had battled. It seemed the war had ended with no resolution, Until...
Earlier in the day The Angels had tagged CG turf in Little Soul and Vinny rang Claire is shout about it, because of this Flippy, who was with Vinny, decided to tweet out "Angels Smell" which caused Liam to call Flippy and tell him to pull up to his and Lexi's vinewood house, the threat was then accepted and Flippy and Miguel set out to pull up. Back with the Angels; Claire, Oakley and Victor were set up to ambush.

When Flippy and Miguel pulled up, there was nobody in sight, so the start shouting profanities from the car, believing that Liam had chickened out. Liam then emerges from the shadows, so they run him over, then hop out the whip to beat him, until the rest of the angels pounce. They attempt to run back to their car, but Claire eyes pulsing on CRACK, came running towards them at speed of light and brutality bashes Miguel against the ground covered in blood, out for the count. Alone, Flippy falls victim to a classic Angels beat down. The Angels claim their prizes (shoes) and put Flippy's car on bricks, then call the EMS for Miguel's mangled body When the EMS arrived they rammed Flippy's car, rubbed Miguel's wounds better, cuffed and tazed Flippy then left (Angels got shooters). A truce was called for about 10 seconds when Claire ordered Victor to kill Flippy, Flippy stated Victor wouldn't because they are friends, and the is immediately got socked in the jaw by Victor. 30 minutes of back and forth fighting occurs before Flippy and Miguel are forced to retreat.
Later, Flippy and Miguel set out to kidnap the Angels to settle the beef and explain why Flippy said the Angels were a dead gang. They eventually catch, Alex Victor and Oakley slacking outside The Tavern while C Dog (Claire) was selling someone drugs, when she finishes the sale, she runs into Miguel, she manages to slip into a car and drive away. but Miguel pops the tires; this leads to a chase to the canals with all the other Angels handcuffed in Flippy's car when all hope was lost for Claire, with 2 AK's pointed at her head Flippy get a call for help from Vinny and Francis so Flippy and Miguel leave them. Further along in the day, Flippy and Alex talk on the phone about how Flippy was misunderstood in his meaning when he said the Angels were a dead gang, just full on gaslighting Alex, unsuccessfully.

January, 4th, 2022.
Later into the day, Claire met Miguel at the Angels warehouse to collect her gun order. As Claire was moving the guns into her safe, she was disrupted by Flippy ramming into the car she was moving the guns from. Fists were thrown and then Claire ran into the warehouse. When Flippy follows her into the warehouse, she ambushes him and spam kicks him on the floor, in between the kicks. Flippy manages to put Claire in handcuffs and then sets out to make Claire apologize to him for being a drama queen. Claire would flat out refuse to apologize even though every time she did she got punched in the face.
Claire continued to stay strong through the torture all the way up to our favorite stream sniper Liam came running into the warehouse and destroyed Flippy and Miguel before being put down by special guest star, Lilith Ailhart. When everyone gets back up, Liam tells the Angels to roll in. Claire and Flippy then begin a conversation about stubbornness, respect and friendship, mediated by Miguel and Violet.

During the conversation everytime Claire (still in cuffs) made a point Flippy would hit her, this continued until Liam cuffed Flippy too. Now, for the first time in 3 months, both parties have no choice but to speak with words, and not fists. Flippy repeated the same centament he gave Alex on the phone, he wasnt saying the Angels were a dead gang, he was saying Bogo thought the Angels were a dead gang, Claire would then respond to this saying that that isnt what he said, that he said the Angels were a ded gang and that she went to him, upset, as a friend and he didn't care and just defended Bogo amd that hurt. Then Flippy would repeat he was just say what Bogo thought not what he thought and this would keep going round in circles worded differently but the same meaning for 20 minutes, until Claire threw a curve ball. She apologized for questioning Flippy if he'd shoot bogo for them, but nothing else. The room fell quiet, Flippy's performence anxiety flairs and he requests everyone leaves the room.

With everyone out of the room, Flippy essentially says to Claire "sorry, that you got offended", unsurprisingly Claire doesn't accept the apology and then everyone enters the room and Violet gives a speech saying how close they were and how Flippy seems sorry in a roundabout way and that their history should prevail of this feud. After this speech they decided to uncuff them and see what happens. They start with Claire, and of course she starts attacking Flippy, then declares "uncuff him, I'll have a fair fight" so Liam uncuffs Flippy, Claire smokes Flippy and the puts the rest of her guns away. She returns to the main room of the warehouse, arms folded, staring at Flippy after a long silence she requests, everyone leaves the building, except Flippy. Claire stomps towards Flippy, looks him dead in the eyes, and then...

Claire forgave Flippy, but only because she really wants to hear some tea. The war is over. Claire and Flippy are friends again.

On Abby’s 2nd day in the city, she was outside of the Alta Street Apartments talking to her crush Simon Fuhny when claire passed by and thought that Abby had a similar voice to herself so, with a scheme up her sleeve, introduced herself. Claire recruited Abby to take her place on a date with Julio Thomas it was then that Abby would meet the rest of the Angels as they all helped in the espionage. As the day continued Abby and Angels would continue to hang out getting Abby to tweet at Mr. K
Claire tells Abby about the Angels.png
calling him old ending with Abby and the Angels getting brown off a bridge. In just one day Abby proved herself a great fit for the Angels, so much so that everyone in the city just presumed she was one, which almost caused a war between the Angels and NBC when Abby attempted to blow up Pilbis Shonley with a car bomb (assisted by the Angels but NBC didn’t know that). As the days and weeks continued Abby would keep meeting up with the Angels doing Banks and VAR and getting up to general Angel antics. Abby slowly got closer to all of them. She felt thankful that they invited her to do things and loved hanging out with them.

As she was always seen hanging out with the Angels, other people would ask Abby if she had joined the Angels yet and she'd tell them that they haven't told her anything yet and she was too embarrassed to ask them for an invite.
On March 22nd while Claire was getting her car repaired by Flippy at H&O Exports, Vinny Pistone asked Abby if she was in the Angels yet and Abby told him that she wasn't. Vinny decided that he would annoy Claire and tell her that he was inviting Abby to join Chang Gang Queens. He tells Claire that he is going to poach Abby, as she is not a part of any gang. Claire counter-offered, saying that the Angels are much superior and how much Abby loves them. Abby asks Claire if that is an invite and Vinny and Claire go back and forth about CG and Angels. Vinny says the girls in CG are the better looking and Abby, Claire and Oakley together, replied “Have u seen The Angels”. Vinny asks her finally if she is gonna join CG or is actually interested in joining the Angels and Abby danced in agreement with Claire and Oakley. Vinny and Abby then tell Claire that it was a scam all along for Abby to get an invite. Claire tells her she was always invited and thought she wanted more time but Abby said she didn't know about that.
Across the following weeks Claire and Violet would speak to each Angel to see if they were for or against officially offering Abby Angels Associate, and then, on Tuesday, 12th April 2022, Abby was offered a position as an Angels Associate which she accepted.

18th April, During a dinner date between Abby, Claire and Oakley, Claire mentioned in passing if Abby had picked a day for her initiation yet, seeming to suggest they were wanting to move forward with her becoming a full Angel, she chose 22nd April. But when the day came it had to be postponed for various reasons

May 31st, Initiation day.

Abby had been out of the city for a few weeks; when she returned she began farming, sad that she wasn’t a full Angel. This then prompted the Angels to fast-track her initiation process, rather than give her a week to prepare. She was given the remainder of the day to complete the initiation (the first to ever be fast-tracked into the Angels). The plan started to unfold. Abby wanted to kidnap a cop in a helicopter and fly them up north. She had Oakley choose the outfits, with the request to be scary and to match her iconic pink hair color. After a lot of panic thinking, she decided against using a helicopter and instead devised a plan to use Charles to lure a cop into an alleyway where they would hold them up. Her intent going into it was to not harm the cop, but to take them to the grape seed torture room and scare the bejesus out of them.

With the plan set out, Abby, Claire, Alex and Charles go to an alleyway outside the mrpd and Oakley, Lexi and Violet head to grapeseed. With everyone set up, Abby ties a note on Charles and sends him into mrpd to try and attract a cop. A couple minutes later, Charles returns to them, followed by Rocko Columbo, Claire swiftly holds him up and puts him in cuffs and shoves him in the car. Alex then drives them to the grapeseed torture room, not signing him off duty. Claire carries Columbo to the torture room for Abby to rob him. She takes his taser as she was giving her final monologue, to cut him free with no harm. The cops arrived to save Columbo. Columbo aware that if the cops breach he will most likely be shot attempt to call the cops off (saying he was having an orgy) the cops were no convinced and refused to leave so the Angels attempted to run after valiantly breaking cuffs, multiple cops, Claire, Oakley and Abby, in a bid to save them Alex, Violet and Lexi started shooting. Alex managed to take down two cops before being put down. Making her the second to fail her initiation. Or did she? In fact, Abby passed just like every other Angel when she agreed to do the initiation. As the Angels began getting sent up to prison they began mocking Abby, telling her that she was going to die permanently because she had failed her initiation (hiding the fact that she had in fact passed) while Claire was waiting for all the Angles to be sent up to break the news to Abby that she was now officially an Angel, Abby began running from around prison panicking, she went into visitation where she saw Victor and Charles waiting for her Victor attempted to help Abby come to terms with her impending death but it didn't help at all, she ran away and spoke to a lifer who gave her Special K so she could die on a high, after she took it she saw Charles running towards her, she thought she was hallucinating but Charles had actually dug his way into the prison the comfort her. Eventually all the Angels were processed and sent to Prison, so they took Abby to the visitation room to Victor could be there, and broke the news that Abby (and Charles) were now Angels! Abby gave her thank you speech and the she and Claire left prison with Victor and Charles and went bowling while they waited for everyone else to get out of prison, during the time Abby repeated expressed how excited she was get her tattoo and after some time everyone was released from prison and went to the tattoo parlor to make Abbys position in the Angels official, with Claire giving Abby her first ever tattoo. Her Angel wings.

Abbys Wings.png

Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners

Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners
  • "Don't F#ck With The Angels"
  • "I'm Italian!"
  • "I'm Crazyyyyy!"
  • "Hi I'm Claire :)"
  • "I Like Blue"
  • "We Need To Make Moneyyyyyy"
  • "Mahk It Mahk It"
  • "I'm An Angel"
  • "It's Because We're Women Isn't It"
  • "Are You Kidding Me!"
  • "Honestly Fuckk Youuu"
  • "It's My ADHD"
  • "You Piece Of Gahbage!"
  • "Oi Mate"
  • "That's Not What Your Dad Said Last Night"
  • "Whatup Hoe"
  • "Shadup Hoe"
  • "Whaaaaaaaat!"
  • "Soooo How Are You Doing That?
  • "Washed!"
  • "Bop!"
  • "Who Even Are You!!~"
  • "Cause You've Had A Bad Day :( "
  • "It's Chewsday Innit"
  • "Fank You!"
  • "Assume The Position!"
  • "Lord Have Fucking Mercy"
  • "What Do You Gain From Doing That?"
  • "I'm Dying Stop"
  • "Hold It Down You Know The Vibes"
  • "You're Actually Pissing Me Off"
  • "Wuh? Huh?"
  • "No Blaine"
  • "I'm Actually About To Freak The Fuck Out"
  • "Yoooo What's Up Guys"
  • "That's My Fucking Boy"
  • "Bet you won't swing though"
  • "They wanna be me so bad"
  • "oop-"
  • "Watch your back"
  • "Mcht, SHIET!"


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