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The Angels were the first girl gang formed in Los Santos, after building the group up more and more they have picked up some male members as well.

They were known for suffering from high levels of SBS and also sometimes wearing black latex suits and other disguises. They have high expectations of themselves and hope to become a group respected by the other major gangs of Los Santos. They were often mentored by Wayne Biggz in the past on how to be effective criminals.

Recently they have performed a successful vault robbery plan.

Often viewed as "neutral" in gang relations, and will only retaliate if you put down, kidnap, or rob any member. The Angels primarily focus on executing jobs together; robbing various stores, Fleeca Banks, and the Paleto Bank. They have many connections to other groups, and are sometimes seen doing jobs with people outside of their group. Recently some of them have been seeking more legitimate ways of making money, but they are not planning to give up on crime completely.

Each member has their own set of friends, and eccentric ways of having fun in the city together and apart. However, the one thing they try to pride themselves on is having each other's back at all times in the cut-throat city of Los Santos.


The group was originally formed by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer, and Violet van Housen.

The name "SBS Angels" was thought up on January 8th, 2020, by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer, and Griselda Ambrose, outside of the courthouse. They changed their name to just "Angels", as they believed they were no longer as "SBS" as they were when they started.

Major Events In 3.0


After the successful vault robbery performed by Claire Seducer, Violet van Housen, Blaine Burke and Alexander Campbell, the group met up together to paint a mural in the Little Seoul skate park where they took their last picture together.

They've later decided to part their ways for a while and make the best out of the vault money they stole. Claire Seducer, Blaine Burke, Alexander Campbell and Cassie Cupcakes left together to Mexico, Aleksander Sazkaljovich (formerly Bogorov) went back to Russia, while Violet van Housen visited Italy. Lexi Law also went to Mexico with most of the members, but had to leave for a while to help her boyfriend Wolfgang Cole.

On the 5th of February most of the members came back to Los Santos and found themselves without any assets to their names. Others joined them shortly. They have decided to rebuild the group from the ground up together, seeking for more legitimate ways to earn money and becoming more business oriented in their actions. However, they have no intentions of leaving their crime life behind completely.


When Claire first met Justin Bridges, she nicknamed him “Victor”. She taught him some basics, and soon had him running oxy for the Angels. Over time, he proved his commitment to the gang, so they decided to offer him a spot as an Angels Associate, which he happily accepted. Several months later, Victor was instructed to create a plan for his initiation, which must involve the kidnapping of an officer and the taking of one item of significance from their person.

AngelsVictorInitiation 0.png

On 25th June, Claire Seducer, Violet van Housen, Justin Bridges, Aleksander Sazkaljovich and Alexander Campbell met at the Casa to discuss Victor's plan for his initiation. Victor explains that he intends to have Clare, Violet and Alek accompany him on his mission. His plan to kidnap a random police officer, take them to the sandy shore sheriff's office and have the officer sign off duty so they can not be tracked, then to take them to a shack Victor's "friend" Jeff Papio is letting him use, where they will set the officer on their new path of enlightenment, reborn like a phoenix, taking their police badge. After Victor explained his plan Big A's head popped leaving Little A to take his place in the mission.

They head to the clothes store where they all dress in a black shirts and coat with a white. covering their faces with both a sack and a motorcycle helmet. then set off on their mission to find a cop. An hour and 10 minutes later, they spot speeding towards William Gunner Claire NVL jumps in front of his car forcing him to stop, they proceed to distract him with requests of food and weed and such, lowering his guard, so that Victor may emerge from the shadows aiming a gun to Gunner's, Claire handcuffs gunner and throws him in the care. The great cop that Gunner is, he tricks them into giving him their names. Blaine, Wayne, Brain and Caine Burke as they travel down to sandy shore. They force Gunner to sign off duty at the sheriff station then head to Jeff's shack but not before switching cars because the current one kept breaking down due to all the NVL jumps Alex was taking. When they arrive at the shack they take it in turns to pocket run Gunner, Victor gives a speech about Gunner becoming a Phoenix then steals his flashlight and camera then leads him outside and throws a molotov at him. The angels take victor to a clothing store to put on the signature white bomber jackets then head to the tattoo parlor where Claire gave Victor his wings.

Victor Initiation.png
On September 30th, 2021 Claire gets a phone call from Aleks deciding that he would leave the Angels.

The Phone Call

After the call Claire decides her, Aleks, and Violet should have a meeting about whats going on. Aleks Explained he no longer felt included in the gang and didn't feel like one of them, and he has different views about where he wants to go . The meeting Goes up in flames when Violet lets him have it about leaving for something stupid when it could have been talked about and fixed. But in the end the meeting ends with Violet telling him to remove his wings.

Officially Out

However, Once lexi wakes up Aleks tells Lexi that he feels like he cannot progress as a criminal as a member of the Angels.

The Call With Lexi

Lexi see's his side and goes to have another meeting with Violet, Claire, Victor, and Alex. She explains that she feels that she's solo most of the time and only really hangs out with Aleks and Liam and now that she's starting to do crime she feels like its going to be the same.

Solo Dolo?

The meeting gets out of hand when Violet and Lexi argue. But Claire puts a stop to it when she explains that she has done nothing but tried to help the whole group in doing things they want, and how her and Violet were the only ones in the group pushing for crime and "Progression" When the new city started, and no one wanted to help them grind houses for dongles.

The Meeting ends with Lexi leaving without a word and leaving the Angels thinking is she going be the one to leave next.

Honorary Angels

Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez

Flippy is very close with the Angels. he is considered family and helped them a lot in the past. Even at one point let them use his mansion as their stash.

Wayne Biggz

Wayne Biggz was the Angels mentor and helped them learn a lot about crime and was one of the few who believed in them in the very beginning.

Randy Bullet

Randy Bullet used to help Wayne mentor/train the Angels. It's unknown if he is actually a Honorary Angel due to past conflicts with one of the Angels, Violet but often makes jokes about being a Honorary Angel as well as joking about being a past member of the Angels. Claire has said that she considers Randy a "part-time" Angel.

Angels Associates

Former Angels (3.0)

Aleksander Sazkaljovich

On September 30th 2021 Aleksander Sazkaljovich decided that he would leave the Angels. The reason given to Claire was that Aleks no longer felt included in the gang and didn't feel like one of them.

Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners

Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners
  • "Don't F#ck With The Angels"
  • "I'm Italian!"
  • "I'm Crazyyyyy!"
  • "Hi I'm Claire :)"
  • "I Like Blue"
  • "We Need To Make Moneyyyyyy"
  • "Buck Tooth Bitch"
  • "Randyuhhhhhhh!"
  • "Cleft Chin Claire"
  • "Akawok"
  • "Mahk It Mahk It"
  • "I'm An Angel"
  • "I Need My Holes Filled"
  • "Femcell Season Baby~"
  • "It's Because We're Women Isn't It"
  • "I Only Drink Nut Juice"
  • "Are You Kidding Me!"
  • "Are We Shooting? Are We Shooting?"
  • "I Just Ranched"
  • "Torreti Help!"
  • "I'm The First Male Angel. I'm Changing The Industry"
  • "Erin! Get Off The Phone!"
  • "Honestly Fuckk Youuu"
  • "Ladies Formation!"
  • "Women Will Prevail! Women Beaters Go to Jail!"
  • "Bench Trial!!!!!"
  • "It's My ADD"
  • "You Piece Of Gahbage!"
  • "I Don't Care! Free Claire!"
  • "Hey Officers~"
  • "Fuck Torreti"
  • "Oh My God My King!"
  • "Mi Lordt"
  • "Oi Mate"
  • "That's Not What Your Dad Said Last Night"
  • "My Dad's Dead"
  • "Whatup Hoe"
  • "Shadup Hoe"
  • "Fishy Fishy Fishy Fishy"
  • "Sorry I'm Busy That Day"
  • "G-g-g-granny On The Track"
  • "Whaaaaaaaat!"
  • "Soooo How Are You Doing That?
  • "Washed!"
  • "Bop!"
  • "Who Even Are You!!~"
  • "Cause You've Had A Bad Day :( "
  • "Oh Hey Little Miss Fucking 'Leaves Prison Without Us' That's Fine Have A Nice Day"
  • "Randy Stop Trying To Touch Her"
  • "It's Chewsday Innit"
  • "Fank You!"
  • "Assume The Position!"
  • "Lord Have Fucking Mercy"
  • "Value Your Life"
  • "Big Beans?"
  • "I Shoot!"
  • "What Do You Gain From Doing That?"
  • "Where's Violet?"
  • "Im Dying Stop"
  • "Hold It Down You Know The Vibes"
  • "You're Actually Pissing Me Off"
  • "Wuh? Huh?"
  • "No Blaine"
  • "I'm Actually About To Freak The Fuck Out"
  • "Yoooo What's Up Guys"
  • "That's My Fucking Boy"

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