The Angels are a new girl gang formed in Los Santos. First known as the SBS Angels, they recently got rid of the 'SBS' moniker and are now just the Angels.

They are known for suffering from high levels of SBS and also sometimes wearing black latex suits and other disguises. They have high expectations of themselves and hope to become a group respected by the other major gangs of Los Santos. They are often mentored by Eugene Zuckerberg on how to be an effective criminal.

History Edit

The group was originally formed by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer, & Violet van Housen. The name SBS Angels was thought up on January 8th, 2020 by Cassie Cupcakes, Claire Seducer and Griselda Ambrose outside the courthouse after 'The Great Escape'. They were going to be called the Baegalz but then decided on the SBS Angels. They recently changed their name to just 'Angels', as 'SBS' was making people see them as a joke.

Events Edit

The Great Escape Edit

On January 8th, 2020 Cassie, Griselda & Claire decided to rob a convenience store. As they went to their motel to gather supplies they bumped into Lorenzo L and managed to convince him to join in on their antics. However, Lorenzo didn't realise they were trying to rob a store as they said they were going to a party. While driving to the store they were pulled over by an officer and he impounded the car as it was stolen and let them off with a warning. And managed to convince Cadet Brian Knight to drive them to their destination which was supposed to be a convenience store but they accidentally said a gas station.

Eventually, they found a car and a hostage and made their way to the store. They managed to rob the store but were surrounded by police and Lorenzo left as he didn't want to be involved, Griselda negotiated with the officers and they got into the car. Claire was driving and was stressed out so accidentally went the wrong way and ended up driving into a dead end. She tried to get out but the police were blocking the exit. Unfortunately for the police, Officer Lance Malton was trying to block their car on a bike and forgot that they tend to blow up. The girls made an exit, running in each direction while they could hear explosions in the background, they all managed to getaway.

Trying to Kill Randy Bullet Edit

After Randy Bullet caused Violet to end up into the ICU, she decided she wanted to kill him and tweeted out to Claire. Eventually Violet, Claire, Cassie and Gladys all agreed to help Violet kill Randy. It took a while because they were stopped by the police multiple times and ended up in the hospital a few times also. Gladys had to leave and so did Claire but Violet met Saren, Karen’s twin sister, who she hadn't seen in years and recruited her into the group. After Saren was eaten by a murder kitty, Violet‘s husband came back to town and Violet also got kidnapped by GSF and all four of them exploding after driving off a mountain. Eventually, they managed to meet Randy at the pier. They ended up in a 2v1 (because Cassie had a headache) which they unfortunately lost. Cassie managed to find Saren and took her to the hospital. They met up with Griselda and told her what had happened. They tried to convince Randy not to hurt Violet. Randy and Violet made up and went back to being in a relationship.

Trying to Kill Jordan Steele & 20K fine Edit

After Claire was given a fine for failing to stop by Jordan Steele, which ruined her perfect record (10 months), she decided that he needed to die. She called up Randy for advice, he said he would give her 10k if she managed to do it and get a picture. Claire, Violet and Bryce tried to come up with a plan. They tried to pull it off but because they weren't quick enough they were pulled over and detained by Jordan. Claire was let go because the officers wanted to make Violet and Bryce think she snitched so they could get information out of them. They were taken to the police station but Jordan came up with an idea to lure out James "Apples" Apeller. They went to a parking lot building and Jordan got Bryce to call Apples and ask him to pick them up. Jordan went to go hide and left Violet and Bryce. As neither of them is snitches they texted Claire not to come because they heard her on the phone next to Apples. They needed to escape and noticed a ledge on the building, Violet went onto the ledge first then Bryce did. They decided to jump the rest of the way together and then ran in different directions they were picked up by Griselda who was with Claire and Apples and they went to the clothing store. Apples left because there wasn't enough room and then they went to the motel when they arrived Bryce decided to dip as he thought something bad was going to happen and perhaps he was the only sane one in the car.

Violet and Claire saw a guy in the parking lot of the motel and took him hostage. They drove around with Griselda to find another car. They eventually found another car which Claire ended up driving but as they were coming up with a plan a police officer crashed into them. They decided it was the perfect opportunity to kidnap the woman in the passenger seat as she had been hanging around with Jordan earlier. Griselda took the gun of the officer, who was driving, as he was injured and she needed a gun in case something went down. But shortly after more officers rolled up and started shooting Claire, as she was the driver there was nothing anybody else could do so they were all screwed. After they were all arrested and an officer was searching the car, she found the gun that was stolen, so she questioned Violet and Griselda. Griselda admitted to having stolen it not knowing the consequences, she was told as soon as she admitted it that she would have a 20k fine then they were taken to the police station. Griselda ended up with a 20k fine and 231 months in jail, Violet around 20 months and Claire requested a bench trial and she was found guilty but was only given a fine of 2k and didn't have to serve any time.

Mel Generico e i tre gatti Edit

Cassie, Griselda and Violet were talking to Toretti, (Cassie was trying to make him her boyfriend) outside Pillbox Medical Center when Mel tried to lock pick Violet's car. Cassie tried to subtly ask if Mel had any guns but he loudly said that he doesn't have guns and he will totally not be robbing a jewellery store, in front of Toretti. They decided to rob a store because they need a certain thing to help rob a jewellery store in the future. They managed to use some items they already had, to find out which store would be the best to rob, but it took them a while. They also couldn't find a hostage but eventually, they found someone and made their way to the store. Cassie was the one who did all the locks and everyone else was looking after the hostage. When the cops showed up, by accident Cassie stabbed the hostage which caused the officers to shoot them. Mel and Griselda made a run for the car but unfortunately, Cassie and Violet were stuck in the store and were shot. Mel and Griselda got into a chase and Mel accidentally went into a building which they thought was a "dead end" but somehow Mel went through the fence on the balcony and managed to do a perfect landing. They were able to escape and changed their clothes but because they had been shot they had to go to the hospital.

They got sorted out at the hospital but one of the officers recognised Mel and chased after him and because Griselda was around him she was detained and put in the cop car. Andrews tried to get Cassie and Violet to snitch by asking questions that would force them to give information and also by telling them they would spend a long time in jail. Cassie was put in the cop car and so was Violet. Mel came back and managed to lock pick the car but couldn't drive it as the officers came out the hospital, but when he came back the officers didn't seem to realise that he had managed to lock pick it so had the keys. He ran around the car and then surprised the officers by driving away with all three girls. The officers couldn't believe what had just happened and didn't have a car to chase after them. Fortunately, they all got away and Mel called Davey as he has handcuffs so could un-cuff them. Mel found all the guns and weapons they had been using and another gun which he had been looking for, for the jewellery store robbery and they drove to a clothing store and all departed ways after getting this win.

Top Shottaz x Angels Edit

Cassie, Claire, Griselda and Violet been looking for a while to find someone who could help mentor them without making them think that they own them. Also to make connections. They tried with Saab but he didn't trust them enough and the girls didn't want to seem weak so they stood their ground. Griselda called Top Shottaz member Wayne Biggaz and he came for a meeting. The girls explained why they called him and he agreed to help them improve without making himself the leader. He left for a bit and then called them to meet him so he could give them a starter kit. He gave each of them a heavy pistol, drugs and many other things. Once he left they all celebrated.

The next day Wayne said he needed their help to take a lot of money to the bank and he needed protection. They arrived and a strange guy in a mask was surprisingly at the bank. The girls needed to protect Wayne but they were a bit slow as they weren't sure what was going on. Claire managed to headshot the guy but went down and Griselda hit him once but because they didn't have armour they were injured. They found the guy was Randy and Wayne was just testing to see how they would react in the situation.

The Fall of an Angel Edit

A while ago Carmella Corset signed a blood contract with GSF, and from them on she did jobs for them such as selling coke. One day she got robbed and had a lot of their coke on her. She told Griselda, who then told Cassie. Cassie  figured that this situation would be a way to make money. Cassie called up McAfee and told him about the situation. He said he would give them 2k each for bringing him Carmella, they took Carmella to the McAfee. McAfee spoke to DJ. Griselda’s head popped and they decided instead of killing her they wanted Cassie and Carmella to make 18k for the lost coke and that they needed to Kill Griselda. Cassie agreed to help with the coke but not to killing Griselda, Cassie only agreed so that she would get out of the situation alive. They then went there separate ways, Griselda returned and they tried to come up with a plan. Cassie went to sleep and Griselda and Carmella drove around Los Santos. They went to sell some coke that was left to make some money but Carmella ran off and got a new car. She had came up with a plan to deceive Cassie and Griselda by getting the money herself and then telling McAfee to get another 18k of Cassie and  Griselda. Griselda never found out because she put Carmella in the ICU for a week because of another reason. A few weeks later Griselda called Claire up and told her that they need 22k for GSF or they are going to die. Claire then ran into GSF were they proceeded to say “22 Claire, 22”. Griselda came over to her and then they drove away. A few seconds later she called Erin to explain the situation, but because it was a public place GSF saw them and  joined the meeting. McAfee proceeded to tell them that Cassie took a brick of coke from them, which everyone denied. Due to the fact they knew Cassie didn’t have any coke they got Wayne involved, who said he would fix it.  After that they fought it was settled.

A few days later, after a range of situation. Including the decision of who was the leaders of the gang.

They had a  meeting with Griselda, who had taken crack because she was anxious.  They spoke about Griselda and her actions and they all walked away with a positive spirit. The next day they had another meeting with McAfee who told them it was Griselda who had taken the coke, as she wasn’t there she couldn't defend herself and the rest of the angels took his word for it. From that point on they decided Griselda was no longer apart of the Angels. Griselda woke up later that day not knowing what had happened, she tried calling the angels but no one picked up.So she called Bryce, who was hanging out with Cassie, Violet and Erin. He asked Griselda why she wasn’t hanging around them as often and she didn’t know why. She met up with Bryce and no one spoke to her. Later on Violet went to meet with Randy, and explained the  situation. Griselda called Randy asking for her things that the girls had in their shared stash house. After the phone call Randy spoke with Violet and tried to get her to change her mind about killing Griselda but in Violet's eyes Griselda was dead to her. Griselda was called to meet them and was shot and thrown in the dame.

Erin Gets Raided Edit

The third time Erin was raided was more to do with what was on her person, with over a thousand weed ounces, 90 bags of cocaine, and 30+ bags of crack taken from her whilst trying to move the Angels stash to a different location on her own via a local super diamond. As a result Erin spent 3 years in prison.

Death of Justin Steele Edit

The Angels ambushed Steele Security at Garage Q, killing Jordan Steele's brother Justin Steele. Justin Steele died at Pillbox Medical Center on March 17th, 2020 he was pronounced dead by Dr. Choi.

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