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Andi Jones is a character role-played by Kiva.

General Description

Andi Jones is the second-in-command of the HOA and the CEO of SA State Contracting. She previously served as the mayor for two terms.

Physical Description

Andi is a 28-year-old woman with light blonde hair, light blue eyes, and splattered freckles across her face. Her hair is typically hanging down to her shoulders, but when disguising her appearance, she has it in a ponytail. Previously, her hair was a light brown with dyed pink ends, but she has kept it dyed blonde.

Unknown to most, Andi has had both of her ring fingers replaced by those cut off by a local woman. This was due to the Chicken Man, who chopped them as a “lesson” for her to learn.

Her outfits consist of a wide variety of jackets, pants, shorts, and hoodies. Included in these outfits are her kutte, a pair of glowing shoes, or boots.


Andi is typically a soft-spoken and kind woman. She is smart and quick-thinking, and has made many connections with others groups and individuals. She once had a goal to help out the city and the inhabitants as best as she could and achieved the role as mayor to do so, but upon earning the role, it only made her feel as though no one truly deserved her help.

During her time in the city, Andi has had many experiences and troubles that have influenced her personality. This had led to her being more cold and confident in herself.


Andi was brought into the HOA by Kray-Tor Skullfondler as a hangaround. The members of the HOA immediately accepted her presence (totally not because she is a woman) and treats her as their younger sister. Andi became a patched-in member of the HOA after she received her kutte in late August of 2020, before the economy crashed. Andi did not participate in any of the HOA's criminal activities before, and has knowledge of their actions and operations.

She typically handled the business aspect of the HOA, since she rarely engaged in any criminal activities and had acted as a bartender/manager for the Mirror Park Tavern previously. She used to helped with meth operations when needed as a look-out but, now, she is primarily looking for ways to earn money, weapons, etc. for the group. She also helps push IZH-81 shotguns on behalf of the HoA.

On the 13th of August 2021, Andi was officially made a member of HOA High Command as she was browsing the new clothing items. With the ascension of Julio to High Command, this consolidated her position to Second-in-Command and Siz's right hand. She also acts as the head/OG of HOB as she handles recruitment and approval of would-be HOB members.

The Chicken Man

Andi is currently being stalked by a mysterious figure called “The Chicken Man”. The suspect is described as wearing a brown letterman’s jacket and wears a Chicken mask.

Over the past few months from arriving in the new city, the Chicken Man has made small appearances. The first events were stalking and texting Andi as she was fishing and a few weeks later chasing her from Paleto to MRPD, saying he'd be seeing her soon.

The third appearance was at the observatory, where she spotted him watching them from above. He began following and watching them from a distance, even attacking Gumbus in the HOA Tavern and later in the chicken factory as a sacrifice. Andi, Stag, Bjorn, Kitty, and Freddy were pursued by him in his muscle car shortly after the sacrifcice. Freddy was knocked out of the trunk and brought to a hill by the Chicken Man, where his finger was cut off, and he was retrieved by the four. The chase continued, eventually leading to their attempt to lead the Chicken Man into a trap, but ultimately blew themselves up with a tanker. This knocked down Kitty, Bjorn, and Stag, leaving Freddy the only one standing. The Chicken Man took one of Stag's (reattached, but eaten?), Kitty's (reattached), and Andi's fingers and left shortly after. Andi was previously missing both her ring fingers, but has replaced them with other woman's fingers.


Romantic Relationships
Denzel Williams - Husband

Denzel is Andi's loving husband. They have often been compared to a modern day Bonnie & Clyde. Due to their combined connections to various people in the city and their combined skills they've been seen as one of the biggest power couples in the city of Los Santos. Not only would they do anything to make the other person happy and kill whoever wrongs them, but they've both expressed that if one of them were to die the other would follow shortly after.


Andi and Denzel's relationship started when Nino suggested he do security work for her while she was in office. Not only did it provide a source of income, but a way to learn more about the mayoral position. They spent time together while Andi did her mayoral duties with Denzel acting as her driver/bodyguard.

After her second term had to come to an end, and the pair had become closer friends, people began to suspect that something more was going on between them. Both denied any romantic or sexual involvement with each other. This caused Lang Buddha to suspect that Andi may be attempting to grow closer to him for other reasons, coming off as jealousy to the pair, as he attempted to make excuses to pull them away from each other.

During a conversation with Basem Shahin about what they'd label each other, he said that they were both perfect for each other and should just get married. They agreed to do it for the "tax break" (which didn't exist). Andi called her previous fiancé to ask if it was alright, though was told that he thought it was weird and wasn't okay with it. Denzel later had a one-on-one conversation with him, leading to Kleb breaking up with because he thought it was what Denzel wanted. Although this left Andi heart-broken (and leading to a night of drinking) she did admit in her drunken state that she would still marry him.

Andi was later placed in the ICU, leaving her interns to do her construction work. The first intern was murdered and dumped after being shot by Speedy and stabbed by Denzel, after numerous times claiming that she hoped Andi would die so she could get her position. The second intern was murdered after she had noticed Natalie's phone in Denzel's glovebox. While visiting Andi in the ICU, Denzel confessed that he really likes her.

Andi married Denzel on July 19th, 2021.

Kaleb Rush - Ex-Fiance

Kaleb Rush and Andi Jones met eachother through the HOA, shortly after she had been taken under Kray Tor’s wing in her first few days in the city.

Sometime during the later months of the year, they began to chat and frequently hang-out. This caused some tension between Andi and Kleb's ex-wife, who believed that they were having an affair. Their relationship changed from acquaintances to close friends, and switched between a small crush and just a friendship.

After arriving in the new city, on February 28th, 2021, Kleb proposed marriage to Andi. They had decided not to get married, but remain engaged, as they believe that the actual marriage is the issue with Kleb’s relationships.

During a talk with Denzel Williams, who was asking about marrying her, he took his words as a threat. Shortly after, he broke up with Andi, believing that was what the man wanted.

Keith Wanderlust - Adopted Son

At some point, Andi had jokingly adopted Lando to mess with Denzel, but now considers him as her son, alongside her husband.


Kyrin-Chan WeuhBou - Adopted Daughter


Julio Thomas

Julio Thomas and Andi are close friends, and have met eachother through the HOA. Often the pair can be found driving around with each other, whether doing High Command duties or just hanging out. Out of the other members, Julio is one of her closest friends.

Their close bond has been shown when Andi lied to the police about Julio shooting a dog, resulting in her getting the charge "Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice" on her record.

Siz Fulker


Kermy Fulker


Daryl Dickinson


Gillea Taylor


Lexi Law

Lexi Law Lexi and Andi have been close friends for awhile. They've always deeply cared for each other, even when they were separated due to being in opposing gangs. Whenever trouble has popped up and threatened Andi's life, Lexi has been quick to defend her. Although they haven't interacted as much recently, the pair are still good friends.

Bryce Miller

Andi and Bryce are very close friends. In the past, after many days of awkward tension between them, they had both conveyed about having feelings for each other but Bryce having commitment issues at the time and fear of it affecting their friendship decided it would be better for them to stay friends. Although after revealing her relationship with Kleb, he became jealous, and has made numerous attempts in hopes of breaking them up.

Despite this, they have taken time to hangout sometimes when she isn't busy with her mayoral duties. She suggested Bryce to Jackie Snow to be a manager/flight teacher at the AirX Flight School, knowing his love for flying.

The pair do not interact much anymore, being in different time zones, but their friendship is still intact.

Vasily Sazkaljovich

Vasily and Andi first interacted when he became her driver under Pegasus Concierge. Enjoying his company, she paid ahead for more time with him. He began working for her daily; driving her to-and-fro, standing by meetings, and preventing any danger that came her way. Eventually, he was pulled away by his bosses and their relationship became rocky. A few days after, the pair ran into each other, and they rekindled their friendship.

Aware of the extortion scheme going on between V and Luce Stitches, she chose to not go to the police and instead arrange a meeting between the pair to sort out their issues. This lead to them agreeing to run the shop together.

The Guild

Andi has a relatively positive relationship with all members of The Guild. She's known them for most of their time in the city and has grown close with a select few, including Lando and Leyla.




Lost MC


The Families



Image Address Description
Rockford Hills, Hampstead Drive Purchased by Denzel and Andi seemingly a day before their wedding ceremony that was meant for cleaning money. They originally planned to buy a house in Vinewood that Denzel had been wanting for quite a while, but decided not to after Denzel asked Andi if she actually liked the house as much as he did. She admitted to not liking it very much, so they searched for one they both loved.

Image Name Description
Faggio Sport Purchased from Premium Deluxe Motorsport by Andi. Scootie has always been her go-to vehicle and best friend.

Plate: Mayor

Gargoyle Purchased from Premium Deluxe Motorsport by Andi after she enjoyed driving Siz's bike.

Plate: M6LBCHN6

Emperor Denzel lent Andi his Emperor until she could afford a car of her own.


News Rumpo A news rumpo that was gifted to Andi by Dreah as a wedding gift.

Plate: FE360D28

BMX Andi has a BMX.

Plate: 29JSU24J

Hakachou Drag DRL gifted Ant a vin-scratched Hakachou.

Plate: JUV4V67M0

Reliant Robin Denzel gifted Andi a vin-scratched Reliant Robin.

Plate: 17OYR6OE


  • Was almost assassinated 5 times by Roland Nelson
  • Owns the license plate MAYOR for her scooter.
  • Cares very deeply for the HOA and her friends.
  • Has mentioned slitting a serial killer's throat once.
  • Was missing both her ring fingers, both taken by the Chicken Man. Both have been replaced by fingers cut off by Reed.
  • Served two terms as mayor.
  • Is an accessory to the murder of Basem Shahin.
  • Participated in the murder of Danny Doodle.
  • She participated in the Squid Game as player #163. She was eliminated in the fifth game after she chose to give the marbles to Siz.
  • Has a dog named Howl


  • "I'm married."
  • "Dating is cringe, just get married."
  • "Parkside!"
  • "What."
  • "SCOOTIE!" - everytime her scooter is stolen/blown up/damaged in someway
  • "Yooom" - Andi mimicking Julio
  • "My little PogChamp" - to Reed
  • "Friends are helpful, when people like you they look out for you and have your back.”
  • "You want to be the king, you’ve got to kill the king, this shits medieval."
  • "Because if I'm going to be entirely honest with you. I landed here, I got mayorship and it was all with the mindset I want to help everyone in this town and the only thing it has made me realize is that almost no one in this town actually deserves it. And that everyone are selfish pieces of shit, so why do I bust my ass for people who don't give two shits.” - Andi to Denzel



Played By: Kiva
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