Andi Jones is a character role-played by Kiva.

General Description

Andi Jones is a patched member of the HOA

Physical Description

Andi is a 27-year-old female with light blonde hair with platinum blonde tips, always hanging down to her shoulders. She dyes her hair typically blonde or a light brown hair with dyed pink ends, which was her original hair color.

Typically her outfits consist of a wide variety of t-shirts, jackets, pants, and shorts. In these outfits is usually her kutte and/or a pair of glowing shoes. Although as the acting mayor, wears a casual/formal type of wear, not wearing her HOA kutte as the mayor.


Andi is a soft-spoken woman and a kind and caring person. She has a goal to help out the city and the inhabitants as best as she can, and has run (and achieved) the role as the Mayor to do so.


Andi was brought into the HOA by Kray-Tor Skullfondler as a hangaround. The members of the HOA immediately accepted her presence (totally not because she is a woman) and treats her as their younger sister. Andi became a patched-in member of the HOA after she received her kutte in late August, before the economy crashed. Andi does not participate in any of the HOA's criminal activities, but has some knowledge of their actions and operations.

She typically handles the business aspect of the HOA, since she does not engage in any criminal activities and has acted as a bartender for the Mirror Park Tavern.


Romantic Relationships

Kaleb Rush - Fiance  

Andi and Kaleb met eachother through the HOA, shortly after she had been taken under Kray Tor's wing during her first few days in the city. Though they often saw each other in passing, they had never previously interacted or spent much time with each other.

Sometime before arriving in the new city, and while she was struggling to fight against someone's manipulative actions, they began to chat and frequently hang-out. This caused tension between Andi and Kleb's ex-wife, who believed that she was attempting to take him from her, but they ignored her claims. Their relationship changed from acquaintances to close friends, and switched between a small crush and just a friendship.

After arriving in the new city, on February 28th, 2021, Kleb proposed marriage to Andi. They have yet to be married.

Close Relationships

Julio Thomas - Close Friend  

Julio and Andi are close friends, and both members of the HOA. During her freetime after performing mayoral duties, her and Julio often go fishing/drive around and talk about their days. Out of the other members, Julio is one of Andi's closest friends. Their close bond has been shown when Andi lied to the police about Julio shooting a dog, resulting in her getting the charge "Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice" on her record.

Lexi Law - Best Friend  

Lexi and Andi have been close friends for awhile. They've always deeply cared for each other, even when they were separated due to being in opposing gangs. Whenever trouble has popped up and threatened Andi's life, Lexi has been quick to defend her.

Other Friendships

Bryce Miller - Best Friend  

Andi and Bryce are very close friends. In the past, after many days of awkward tension between them, they had both conveyed about having feelings for each other but Bryce having commitment issues at the time and fear of it affecting their friendship decided it would be better for them to stay friends. Although after revealing her relationship with Kleb, he became jealous, and has made numerous attempts in hopes of breaking them up.

Despite this, they have taken time to hangout sometimes when she isn't busy with her mayoral duties. She suggested Bryce to Jackie Snow to be a manager/flight teacher at the AirX Flight School, knowing his love for flying.

Vasily Sazkaljovich - Friend  

Vasily and Andi first interacted when he became her driver under Pegasus Concierge. Enjoying his company, she paid ahead for more time with him. He began working for her daily; driving her to-and-fro, standing by meetings, and preventing any danger that came her way. Eventually, he was pulled away by his bosses and their relationship became rocky. A few days after, the pair ran into each other, and they rekindled their friendship.

Aware of the extortion scheme going on between V and Luce Stitches, she chose to not go to the police and instead arrange a meeting between the pair to sort out their issues. This lead to them agreeing to run the shop together.

Currently, they are just good friends and hangout infront of the tattoo shop or do towing.


  • Was almost assassinated 5 times by Roland Nelson
  • Owns the license plate MAYOR for her scooter.
  • Cares very deeply for the HOA and her friends.
  • Has mentioned slitting a serial killer's throat once.
  • Being stalked by an individual she refers to as "The Chicken Man"
  • Served two terms as mayor.


  • "I'm engaged."
  • "Parkside!"
  • "My name's Andi, but everybody calls me Ant!"
  • "SCOOTIE!" - everytime her scooter is stolen/blown up/damaged in someway
  • "Yooom" - Andi mimicking Julio
  • "GET SOME" - while on a ridealong with Pred


Andi Jones is a character role-played by Kiva.


Andi Jones usually wears a wide variety of clothing from dresses to casual shirts.


Andi Jones is a soft-spoken woman; she is usually quiet, but was being built up by Kray-Tor as a stronger person who will, one day, stand up for herself. Kray-Tor was the one of the first people she met in the city and they’ve been close friends ever since.

Though she may be a soft-spoken woman on the outside, she is a highly productive, persuasive, and (sometimes) ruthless businesswoman. When she is in business mode, she is fierce and will do anything in her power to achieve a business deal.


Andi was brought into the HOA by Kray-Tor Skullfondler as a hangaround. The members of the HOA immediately accepted her presence (totally not because she is a woman) and treats her as their younger sister. Andi became a patched-in member of the HOA after she received her kutte on late August. Andi does not participate in any of the HOA's criminal activities, but has some knowledge of their actions and operations.

She handles the business-aspect side of the HOA since she does not engage in any sort of active criminal activity with the group. She helped the group attain legal ownership of the Mirror Park Gas Station with her business proposal and persuasive efforts. She puts out advertisements to promote the newly-owned gas station and she makes an effort on interviewing and hiring people to work there, too.

On July 18th, 2020 she was offered to sign onto Gno-Mercy Records records after she played the songs she made for Kray-Tor and TJ Mack, but refused because of her distaste of the terms of the contract.



Andi became the manager of Tequi-la-la after Matthew Payne purchased it after he heard her sing. She has reopened the establishment to host events for the city of Los Santos and to turn it into a venue that can be rented out by record labels to host their own events. Tequi-la-la is intended to be a neutral ground.

During her time managing Tequi-la-la, she has been a target of numerous racketeering and extortion schemes ran by The Russian Mafia.

Mirror Park Gas Station

Andi became the new owner of the Mirror Park Gas Station after she wrote up a business proposal to the Department of Justice to persuade them to give ownership to Andi, and by virtue, the HOA. While under new ownership, Andi has begun the hiring process and has made an effort to make this place into a running business next to the HOA Tavern. She made Thad Owens the acting manager of the business, but soon after, replaced him with Roddie Mcgristle.

Skittle Street Gas Station

Skittle Street Gas Station, previously known as Grove Street Gas Station, is a LTD Gasoline convenience store located on the corner of Grove St. and Davis Ave. It was "owned" and operated by the East Side Ballas and their associates before Andi Jones officially purchased it from the local owner on 12/8/20. Though, it was seized on 12/18/20 by the State.

Mirror Park Tavern

Though not the owner of this establishment, she is one of the many employees that help run this place. She works as a bartender and sometimes the occasional manager.

The Chicken Man

Andi is currently being stalked by a mysterious figure called “The Chicken Man”. The suspect is described as wearing a brown letterman’s jacket and wears a Chicken mask.

Now a cult associated with The Chicken Man has been stalking and hunting Ant. She had been kidnapped multiple times and witnessed many of her friends sacrificed by the cult. Though, this cult has been quiet for the past few months and there has been no sighting of this illustrious Chicken Man.

Attracting The Wrong Crowd

During her stay in the city, Andi has attracted various groups of people ranging from different backgrounds and personalities. She has a knack for doing this because people see her kind and naïve personality as a approachable (and sometimes exploitable.) She has attracted cultists now she has attracted the attention of Imperium and a collective group of serial killers due to her willingness to help Jasper Saxon, a former serial killer, on his upcoming court testimony. She has ran to Sam Baas and Brian Knight to find a way to get the killers and potentially Imperium off of her back and she also asked Manny McDaniels to assist her in ways to handle this problem.

With the death of Chasity Dawes she feels that it may have caused a domino effect and unleashed many other serial killers.

After Jasper Saxon broke his promise to her to stop hurting people, she quickly and fully returned to Baas' side, wanting to aid in his capture. Recently, he has agreed to work with her to finally bring him to his end. With the death of Jasper at the hands of the PD, his terrorizing grip has finally let loose on the city and Ant can be at ease.


  • Kaleb Rush and Huck Guthrie both think she is adorable and smoking hot, but in a purely platonic and little sister-like way.
  • Stanley Wilkinson taught Andi to do cocaine and she may have developed an addiction to it.
  • During her first few days in the city, she committed petty crime with a few people such as Kraytor and Cheddar, but she realized that crime wasn't for her and stopped doing it.
  • She ran a Dating Auction event with Bryce Miller to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. She raised over two million dollars auctioning off potential dates.
  • She once got into police academy by accident, but after the interview Rocko Colombo “promoted her” to an undersheriff and gave her a sheriff’s badge.
  • Secretly acts as a Navigation System (Navi) while hiding in the trunks of cop cars.



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