Anderson Locke is a character role-played by Drunk_Snorlax.


There is little known about his background, all that's known about him is that he's from Liberty City and moved to Los Santos to make a name for himself in the movie industry, specializing in commercials which he likes to call Anderson's Advertisements.

He recently launched Locke Studios, alongside his cousin Nathan Locke, with the goal of producing TV-series as well as films.

When he's not filming, he runs a taxi that he calls 'The Celebrity Taxi' which he drives around.


Clement Leonard

He works alongside Anderson as a cameraman and an editor for his commercials.

Theodore Martin

He works alongside Anderson as a boom operator for his commercials.


  • "Scumbag dirt bag motherfucker!"
  • "I'll fuck you ass, no lube!"


Played By: Drunk_Snorlax
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