Ander Destolle is a character role-played by Apitoxin11.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ander is a young man who grew up very sheltered with his mother in southside Los Santos. His favorite things are cosplay and playing D&D, though he doesn't have any friends to play with. In an attempt to make some friends, Ander set up a D&D game in Paleto Clinic, contacting Dr. Serge Cross through Yellow Pages to play. However, due to his sheltered childhood, Ander has no real social skills and has no idea how to make friends without seeming creepy. Ander's way of attempting to make Cross his friend was to make ominous phone calls and leave suspicious notes around Pillbox. This lead Serge to contact the PD. Detective Colombo and Detective Hall tried to help Serge, but after Ander thought that he was betrayed, he decided to ram his vehicle into Hall after a sting operation. He was then shot by Colombo, treated, then given a 51-50. Despite what he'd done, Ander apologized profusely.

After a single therapy session during his three day hold, Ander was allowed to leave and walk the streets of Los Santos again, though still being evaluated. During this time, he met a few new "friends", including Trooper Olivia Copper, who gave him $6000 dollars and told him to buy a knife so he could "run faster". He took that money and indeed bought a knife and a vehicle that he was very proud of. Not long after, Ander created a new game, leading to Ander stabbing Cross outside of Paleto Clinic and then Khloe inside while Cross was being treated, leading to Colombo unloading his pistol into him. After being treated and taken to Paleto Sheriff's Office. Colombo questioned Anders motives, to which Ander answered that he was playing a new game named "Atonement", and when asks how the game works, responded with "It ends when you die" to Colombo. Ander has been given another 51-50 and is awaiting psych examination.

After being released from prison, he talked with Chief EMS Hedi Saurus about a possible EMS position, so he can learn human empathy which he admits he struggles to understand. Even though he was rejected for the safety of the existing EMS, Hedi offered her friendship and support to him prior to Anders leaving the Hospital to take a walk.

Ander has also been stalking Mia Mersion as a way to get to Rocko Colombo. He made an attempt on Rocko Colombo's life but Rocko shot him down, Ander was again placed back into Parsons for a psych hold.

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