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Anastasia Romanov is a character role-played by Katallenax.





  • Ana's biggest idol in the city that she looks up to the most would be her friend Mary Mushkin this is one of the largest reasons for why Ana made her racing alias R3dAng3l as Mary's alias is R3dD3vil.
  • Was once an official stable hand for the criminal organization known as The Stable. Unfortunately and unbeknown to her she was kicked and never contacted by any of the leaders/other hands as for the reasoning why.
  • Spent $130,500 on raffle tickets attempting to win a fully upgraded Penumbra FF which she actually won.
  • The Penumbra FF once belonged to Mary Mushkin who'd came first in tons of races along with setting many records in said car in the past.
  • Assisted Kirk Jerkems with becoming the very first in the city to own the fastest house on wheels by helping him purchase turbo for his RV.

The End of the Story

This section is being added due to constant confusion/misrepresentation of the situation and fabricated falsified information being posted around on other pages of the NP Wiki. Unfortunately Ana was OOC kicked from the stable, the streamer was given no notice or talking to about this decision both IC or OOC, There was no conversation made by others IC about anything regarding Ana or this decision at all either.

This ultimately lead the streamer that played Anastasia Romanov to stop playing on NoPixel entirely and she no longer streams the game.