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Amelia Frost is a character role-played by AlyPlayNinja.

General Description

Amelia Frost was a Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #582.

She was previously a Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, call-sign Delta-1.

She was a Recruit for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #R-17.

She is a bright girl who just wants to find her family after living alone for most of her life. She has been told by her biological mother 6 months ago that her older brother is living in Los Santos and has since then traveled to LS in search of her family.

Background Information

Amelia was adopted when she was very young, in and out of homes most of her life. She grew up doing petty crimes just to get by and believed that she just needed herself to get through.

One night, she fell asleep in one of her mate's houses as she was couch surfing at the time. The house caught on fire due to a cigarette left on the bed with her mate, she woke up to the smoke and dragged her mate out of the house.

Coughing and panting, she watched her life flash upon her eyes. She decided then she needs to find her family, so she feels belonged somewhere. So she sought out her mother who was hard to track down, but when Amelia put an ad out in the newspaper saying she was looking for her mother and put what she knew about her, someone came forward named "Shelia".

"Shelia" told Amelia that she is, in fact, her mother and that she had an older brother living in Los Santos. Amelia was a bit hesitant that this information was true as she believed the name given to her by her mum was a fake name, but a small part of her wanted to know her true family. After the visit, Amelia lost contact with "Sheila" as she had fled town.

It took 6 months for Amelia to save (or steal in fact) up as much money as possible to get a plane ticket to Los Santos and find the family she has been meaning to find for so long.

Events Prior To PD

On January 28th, 2020, Amelia, with the help of Shane Powers, met with Irwin Dundee after Shane told Irwin how Amelia came into town looking for her biological brother. Most people believed that Amelia was, in fact, one of Irwin's sisters from Janine Dundee but was never told about her.

A DNA test was conducted at Pillbox Medical Center to confirm this information and it was a match. Amelia was in fact a Dundee.

Afterwards, Irwin took Amelia to the pier near Paleto to talk about the Bondi Boys MC history and the murder of their mum. He talked about how bad of a person he is but Amelia reassured him that no matter what, blood is family, no matter the past.

Amelia is now a hangaround for the BBMC, learning the ropes of the gang so hopefully in the future, she can make her big brother proud.

On February 12th, 2020, after attending a pool party at the Richmond Hotel, Amelia had been drinking which is a trigger for her due to her past abuse with alcohol, during this time she wrote a letter of help, she was starting to feel her past creep up to her again as she has felt more open. She ended up lock picking a car, driving around the southside then crashing into the side and landing in the gas tank area. With a concussion and bleeding, a local called in the EMS and told them what had happened. Amelia felt hopeless, drifting in and out of conscious, haunted by her demons.

Mentally, she was shutting down to make it all go away. EMS picked her up and took her to the hospital where Jason Ledson was treating her. Jason made the decision to put her into ICU after the loss of blood and recorded on her record that she had been smelling strong of alcohol when she came in. After transferring to ICU, Jason had found the note in her pocket. It said that she needed help, that her past is creeping up to her and that to contact her brother, to let him know that she was sorry.

As of beginning of April, she left the BBMC after inconsiderable differences with her brother's ways of the club.

After the events at the lighthouse in which she was almost killed, she decided to turn her life around and get clean. Even if it upset a lot of people in the meantime, she still loved all her friends and keeps in touch with everyone. After 3 weeks of being clean, her lawyer had put in the recommendations to get her record clean, so that she is able to fulfill a promise made to one of her closest friends, Kareem Lyon.

In May 2020, She received an offer to join the QuickFix team as a mechanic and then received word that she had been accepted a role as a civilian dispatcher as part of the PD. She works part-time in both jobs and also as an event planner to the vineyard.

She accepted the PD dispatcher role on May 30th 2020 and from then on, has been a daily occurance on the AU roster dealing with break ins, fleccas and the odd murder here and there.

Relationships 2.0

Amelia and Bree have gone through a lot since leaving the Bondi Boys MC together, she confides with Bree when the going gets tough, and she considers her a sister from another mother. Bree was with her during her stabbing with the Dark Web and since then, they have been seen doing jobs together majority. She is best friends with Bree and would do anything for her.

The sister of Bree Matthews and also a former BBMC member as well. They grew close while in the club when she was married to Benji Ramos. The girls grew closer after finding out about the divorce of Benji and Ash one day before a job was about to commence. Ash was also the one who introduced Vladimir Bogorov to Amelia when Ash started dating his brother, Aleksander Bogorov.

Her brother, her mentor and now fighting like cats and dogs. Both of these people have a tough relationship as Irwin has seen his sister nearly costing BBMC a way into the Deep Web. Currently they still talk when they come close to each other but it's mostly insults towards each other seeing as one thinks she is a snitch for having convos with police and the other thinks he is a psychopath.

Amelia's ex boyfriend and current side guy, they were introduced to each other through Ash as Vlad had spoken to her about seeing if she could get Amelia's number down at the docks. Amelia gave her number to Vlad after a brief conversation and from then, they were texting each other. After a failed 24/7, Amelia was just coming out of 33 months of prison when she got a call from Vlad saying if they wanted to meet up. Vlad took her to the Observatory prior to a party down at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club for the going away of Judge Dennis LaBarre. There they spend a lot of time talking about their current situations and past things. Since then, they have been meeting up from time to time for coffee and chats. Late April, they both confessed their love for each other watching the sun set and overlooking Sandy Shores. Vlad is very protective of Amelia after a brief incident with a bank truck in which Amelia got grazed with a bullet near her neck. They both are in agreement that it's "Life over Money" in certain situations. After she was sent to ICU after a possible murder attempt, Vlad and herself parted ways after he said he did not want to be hurt by her hurting herself again. They still see each other from time to time.

Amelia was admitted to Pillbox Medical Center on May 13th, 2020, after an attempted murder occurred at the lighthouse. Since then, she has grown close to the EMS team at pillbox as she couldn't leave due to doctor orders. She sees majority of the boys as her brothers. Mike has grown close to Amelia as he sees her like a sister and since the events at the lighthouse when he found Amelia's body, he has made sure that it never happens again. Mike has given Amelia an opportunity to become his adopted sister and into the family.

Since the first time he had to arrest Amelia, these two have had an up and down relationship. Amelia had a tough attitude against Kareem when she first came to the city as she was made to think that all cops were out against her as she was part Dundee. But Kareem talked it out with her saying he doesn't want to see another person go down that road. Time had passed and since then, she had left the BBMC and went on her own with Bree and the gang. Kareem was still worried about the path she was going down. A little feeling between the two started, and they admitted to each other they liked each other but due to how busy they both were currently, they didn't think it would be right to start something but didn't rule out maybe something in the future. Kareem has since returned to the city after some time in space and flying around the globe and has seen how much Amelia has grown into the dispatch ranks and now being accepted into the PD Academy.

Considered as her second MC family, Amelia shows great respect to the Lost as they have helped her out in situations and vice versa. She sees them as her brothers and sisters, especially Paddy Patrickson and Rudi Rinsen. They understand her position with her brother and how much of a psychopath he is, so they have put her under their wing as a family in case any issues happen. With Amelia being accepted into academy, she feels conflicted on how they will feel but Rudi has said to her that they will love her no matter what.... even if they have to crowbar her during robberies.

Amelia and Johnny have been talking a lot more since she started in dispatch. With Amelia love of investigations and problem-solving, it has grown a good friendship with the LSPD officer and he is there if she needs any questions answered.

An icon in the eyes of Amelia, she sees Lauren as a mentor and helps her in many ways within the PD be it reminding her of reports made that she needs to know or making her attention to a new lead in an investigation. Amelia has since been accepted into the academy and will make her mentor proud and hopes to join her investigation squad once she is ready.

NoPixel 3.0

Amelia came back from visiting Australia after an surfing accident left her forgetting 6 months worth of memories. Her adopted brother Mike Frost and his wife Sydney Frost helped her remember a few things from the past and helped her get back on track before coming back to work for MRPD. Amelia learnt about her niece, Orianna Frost and her step sister, Dakota Black-Frost who is the president of the Sinister Souls MC

Amelia has since been working hard as an active FTO to pursue more into PD and hopes to recieve an invite to acadamy soon. She has been interviewed by Domenic Toretti for a spot.

Amelia is still feeling the pain of losing her best friend as well as her brother let her remember her death as well prior to her trip. Bree Matthews was killed in a drug deal gone wrong in a spot near the docks and prior to this, she was given a voicemail from Bree that recorded her death. From then on, Amelia has pushed herself to get a spot in the roster and bring some peace to her.

Relationships 3.0

The family that she holds close to her. Amelia lost a lot of memories when she had her surfing accident so the family helped her put her back on track.

Her second in charge when it comes to dispatching. Amelia and Ramona have been through it all since the beginning so she considers her like a sister from another mother.

  • Unknown Brother

Mike let Amelia know that she doesn in fact have a blood brother but records were lost in the bombing of Pillbox Medical. She doesn't let it get to her but she would like to find out one day who her brother is.

The shift 3 PD team has been a lifesaver for Amelia. She makes sure that all of them know where to go and emergencies that are impending such as break ins, the issues at burger shot and the odd 10-13B.

The shift 3 EMS team that Amelia calls to when ever there is an emergency at MRPD when there is obviously a "hurt" offender down in the cells. She considers them god sends as they are the ones who basically keep everyone running.

The man she looks up to and has a close relationship with, she considers Dennis like a family memeber who has taught her so much in the city. They both share the same sarcasim about certian events in the city and she likes having a laugh with him. He has taught her to be calm in situations and to push through situations when they come up. When ever she needs advice, she will turn to him.

Momentous Dates within the PD

2.0 and prior
Rank Insignia Note Date
Trainee Dispatcher
Hired by Assistant Chief Of Police Thomas Metzger May 30th, 2020
Signed off by Sydney Frost and Kevin Keyte, call-sign D-6 July 11th, 2020
Accepted into Academy; Badge #R-17 September 16th, 2020
Failed Academy; Badge #R-17 September 20th, 2020
Dispatch FTO
Promoted to FTO November 2020
Dispatch FTO
Promoted to call-sign D-1 March 2021
Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #582 April 29th, 2021
Passed Academy May 16th, 2021
Fired July 26th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date


Played By: AlyPlayNinja
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