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Amadeus Gryffindor is a character role-played by Wetbow.


Amadeus was sent to Earth to stop the catalyst of the cataclysm. His dimension has been destroyed and the fate of the time stream all depends on him. He will stop at nothing to protect the chompskihomps / "humans" of this dimension and find the catalyst. He is the current leader of the superhero group known as "The Last Defense." His strength comes from his Super-Suit given to him by the Space Force Academy. The quest to find the catalyst has led him to fighting against other villains, in hopes of discovering the truth of the identity of the destroyer of all things. Amadeus Gryffindor will never give up the fight against the cataclysm, even if he is destroyed in the process.

Amadeus' Villains

Alias Identity
The Catalyst Unknown
The Ink Collector Vasily Sazkaljovich
Four-Tee Four-Tee
Ninja Of Darkness Sasuke Johnson
The Dark Pigeon Ellie Dono
Captain Falcon Billy Walker
Birdman Kyle Brovloski
Dice Guy Roland Nelson
Bee Queen Pleasance Bludworth