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The Alta Street Ruff Rydaz is a gang primarily composed of members of the Block family and their associates. They are known by most as "The Blocks" or "Block Gang" due to the large number of Block family members in the gang. They primarily operate in and around the Alta Street Projects.

Gang Operations


Mike Block and the rest of the gang have expanded their influence and will randomly recruit non-gang members and initiate them into the gang via petty crime, stealing cop cars, killing cops, and other hood justice. When one of these tasks is completed to Mike's or another high ranking gang member's satisfaction, they will be invited to join the gang.

Leaving the gang

According to Mike Block, when a member of the Ruff Rydaz wants to leave, the only requirement is to give a 2-weeks notice.


Mike Block and the other gang members constantly kidnap random civilians in order to enact a plan, where the said civilian(s) will do tasks for the entertainment of the gang. A famous kidnapping victim of the Ruff Rydaz is former mayor Andi Jones, due to her high profile status.

Blockholm Syndrome

"Blockholm Syndrome" is a term used to describe hostages that develop Stockholm syndrome, and begin to sympathize/join in on the activities of their kidnappers. This is a common occurrence, and is even how some gang members were recruited, including former member Wingman.

Block Tax

Members of the gang often spend their time "holding down the block," which involves patrolling the Alta Street Projects and squeezing people for a "block tax" or "hood tax" of $50. Those who pay the tax are promised protection in return, while those who do not are usually robbed of everything they have.

Block Special

The go-to punishment the gang deals out for those who wrong them is known as the "Block special," which involves driving them into a gas pump while in the trunk of a car. The member dealing the punishment will jump out of the car at the last second to save themselves, and to watch the gas pump explosions dealt on their victim.

Block Trial

After a crime spree that can range from petty misdemeanors to violent felonies (or worse), the gang will usually take their charges to a bench trial, referred to by them as a "Block Trial". The preferred lawyer for the gang is Gill Schultz or Anna Swallows (AKA "Hood Lawyer").

Block Party

A "Block Party" is a term that describes when two or more Block family members are in the same place, conducting their gang activities.

When a massive gathering of Blocks takes place, it is referred to as a "Blockpockalypse" and is sure to cause major chaos across the city, to the dismay of the cops.


New Recruits  

New Recruits

Fingle Dan was made an OG Member after having a stroke and/or heart attack as a witness to a 'block' trial against Mike and Ro Block.

Khan Di'Sendo, after meeting Mike Block, instantly insulted him. Mike enjoyed this, and decided to let him into the gang to insult the people the gang robs.

Hunter Skye - After Mike Block attacked Dean Quincy for disrespecting him; Mike was shot down by Bjorn “Tripod” Corleone. Mike needed to get out of the Alta Street Projects and Hunter was there to help out. He earned the nickname "Wingman" for constantly helping out the gang and helped Ro Block obtain a girl's number.

Tony was made a member after being instructed by Ro Block to blow up a tanker truck that was near the Alta Street Projects while a raid was going on, and Tony complied.

River was made a member after flipping off Domenic Toretti while negotiating for a hostage

Mando Thompson spoke to Mike Block while serving a held until trial charge, and asked to join the gang, claiming he was badass for being locked up indefinitely. Mike agreed to let him in the gang, under the condition that Mando would jump Wingman anytime he saw him in prison.

Block Prison Riot  

Block Prison Riot

After a lengthy Block trial where Mike Block, Ro Block, Ray Ray, and Gazpacho Prince were found guilty to varying degrees of trying to kill a group of officers, they were sent to jail for a lengthy period of time. After being all sent to jail, they reconvened and planned to take out 2 DOC guards to start a riot.

In order to get the guards into a vulnerable spot, they lured them into the prison showers, under the guise that Gazpacho had fallen and hurt himself. Once the guards arrived to the showers, the group ambushed and took out the guards, stealing their weapons and radios. They promptly switched to the PD radio to hear what their response was. The police, however, already had a clue as to what was going on, so they relayed fake courses of action over the radio while they spoke about their real plan face to face.

The prison riot was stopped by police, but damaged everyone involved.

Cleanbois / The Guild Gang War  

Cleanbois / The Guild Gang War

This battle was initiated when Ro Block robbed Yeager Demonblood, a member of The Guild. In addition to angering guild members, this also angered members of the Cleanbois, due to their strong partnership. This sparked many shootouts between the groups and motivated The Ruff Rydaz (especially Ro) to continuously target Yeager by shooting and/or robbing him each time they met.

The war continued when Mike Block started to destroy the weed plants at the Rooster's Ranch which is owned by Cleanbois founder Lang Buddha. Mike sometimes brought along gang members, gang allies, or hostages to help him destroy the plants. Mike also began announcing to passerby's that the weed plants at the Ranch were "there for anyone to take," much to the annoyance of the Cleanbois.

Burger Shot Kidnapping  

Burger Shot Kidnapping

When Mike Block found out about the toys that come with the Burger Shot Murder Meals, he decided that if the toys are worth a lot of money maybe the real deal is worth more. Mike got Four Tee to help him kidnap the real versions of the toys. After Oki Doki became the highest bidder he set up a meeting point at the top of Mt. Chiliad. Oki Doki ended up betraying Mike in the exchange and only gave Mike $500. Mike saw that the police were closing in on their location and decided to shoot down Kenneth Foreman for the betrayal and motorbike down the mountain.

A day after that incident, before Mike decided to go to bed, he went to Burger Shot to rob someone in their parking lot. Due to Burger Shot being on high alert against the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, they ended up with tons of employees aiming guns at Mike. They took him down after trying to stab Robert Spowylamywanowski and Mike became "raid loot" since everyone at the place started to rob him.

Several days later Alta Street Ruff Rydaz kidnapped an unknown person and after driving around with her for a while she identified herself as Kitty Dream. Kitty told them that she was Rob's daughter, so Kitty was then forced to call Rob and tell him about the situation. It turned out that Khan Di'Sendo, Fingle Dan, and Pilbis Shonley had kidnapped Rob already. Mike ended up negotiating to end the war and in turn the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz were allowed to rob people in the Burger Shot Parking lot.

Vagos Gang War  

Vagos Gang War

The war was primarily caused by the kidnapping of Ash Ketchup. Ash Ketchup was forced into the gang by Ray Ray during a kidnapping and two days later Mike Block kidnapped her to teach her a lesson after snitching on the Blocks in a court case. They decided to send her into a gas station by vehicle, which soon became known as the "Block Special". After the Burger Shot Kidnapping, Ash decided to come to the court case to testify against them again which drove the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz to "Block Special" her again.

On 2021-05-07 The second war started after Ro called Mike Block about rolling up joints with weed that he stole from plants owned by the Vagos. Mike Block told Ro Block about a situation that occurred with the Vagos earlier that day and upon hearing this, Ro decided to deal with the Vagos himself and shot them.

Ro Block's raid & The Block Barricade  

Ro Block's raid & The Block Barricade

After shooting and robbing officer Mackenzie Hayes, Ro Block was pinned as the number one suspect for the shooting. This lead to Deputy Sam Baas trying to get a raid warrant on Ro to retrieve the stolen PD equipment for evidence, however the raid warrant was denied by the judges. Ro collected all his illegal items, including the stolen PD equipment, after he realized he could still be raided and gave it to Fingle Dan for safekeeping.

A few days later the previous ruling for a raid warrant was overruled, allowing the police to search Ro's apartment. Ro was promptly found outside the Alta Street Projects and taken into custody so the police could execute the raid.

This encouraged the gang to cause major chaos during the raid, with many Blocks, Dans, and other members causing havoc around the apartments. Mike Block stole a cop car, covered it in gasoline, and attempted to blow it up next to the officers conducting the raid. Baas saw this coming however, and promptly shot Mike down before any damage could be done.

Once the apartment was raided and nothing was found, the police allowed Ro to walk free. However, police still remained at the projects due to the continued chaos.

To lay claim to the projects, and to ensure no one could enter or leave the apartments, Ro instructed Ad Block and Cell Block to create a barricade made out of vehicles to block the doors of the apartments. Once accomplished, this only caused more chaos.

Prison Drop  

Prison Drop

After meeting some of the inmates sentenced to life at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Mike Block decided to give the prisoners a supply drop consisting of weapons, phones, drugs, and other commodities that prisoners might want. Mike, along with Ro Block and Ad Block, kidnapped Annie May to be used as the holder of the goods, and kidnapped a pilot to fly them over the prison.

After managing to load up Annie with the supplies and getting the Pilot to hover them over the prison, the group forced Annie to jump out of the helicopter. Annie barley missed where they were aiming to drop her, so Ro was dropped off where she had landed and he fixed the problem, successfully delivering the goods to the prisoners.

By this point the DOC had realized what was happening, so they began to shoot at both Ro and the helicopter. Mike and Ad were forced to retreat with the Pilot, while Ro was shot down on the ground by a DOC guard.

The drop was ultimately successful however, and the weapons and supplies provided by the gang made way for a lengthy prison riot with armed prisoners. Although the riot was eventually stopped, the prisoners and the Ruff Rydaz did a lot of damage to both the DOC and the police force.

Alliance with the Dan Clan  

Alliance with the Dan Clan

The Alta Street Ruff Ryzaz and the Dan Clan have always been on good terms, and Fingle Dan is even an OG member of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz. Both groups dream of one day taking over Los Santos, and renaming it to "Block Dantos."

To symbolize this partnership, during a Block family reunion that occurred the same time as a Dan family reunion, it was decided that one member from each family would get married to each other. Mentle Block was chosen as the Block to be married, due to his desire to obtain a green card, and Fingle Dan was chosen as the Dan. Rhode Block married them together, and the union was official. The union was named "Dan Block."

Robbing the bank robbers  

Robbing the vault robbers

After Yuno Sykk along with his crew succeeded in robbing the city vault, Mike Block and Wingman, after seeing the robbery transpire, kidnapped Ron Otterman and used his news chopper to track where Yuno escaped to. After following him to the Diamond Casino and Resort, they held him up at gunpoint, stealing the money. This netted Mike many large bags of money.

Mike Block's Paleto Robbery  

Mike Block's Paleto Robbery

Mike Block witnessed Richard Chiclets, Mick Flair, and Virgil Simpson outside of a paleto bank. He immediately approached them and robbed them at gunpoint, where he found a special laptop inside of the glovebox of their vehicle.

Thinking this was an ordinary laptop, he attempted to sell it to $50 to Downbad Micky, who informed Mike that this was a hacking laptop that allowed robbers to bypass bank security. With this in mind, Mike decided he no longer wanted to sell the laptop, instead wanting the money from the paleto.

After Micky successfully hacked the bank, Mike devised an escape route where EMS were kidnaped and forced to take their helicopter to Lang Buddha's weed farm, and destroy the weed plants. Mike and Micky successfully got escaped police with the money.

Attempted robbery of a mayoral campaign  

Attempted robbery of a mayoral campaign

During Denzell Williams' mayoral campaign, Lang Buddha, along Denzel's campaign team, hosted a music / airshow on an aircraft carrier located ways out in the water. In order to taxi people to this event, Dean Watson provided a cargobob to taxi people from land to the event.

Seeing this, Mike Block, along with Bloodbath and Tony, plotted to rob everyone at the event due to the high attendee count. They soon found the cargobob and took the pilot hostage, along with several other people. Witnesses who saw this transpire quickly informed Buddha, who promptly reported them to the police. On the way to the event, Mike convinced one of the hostages, Lenny Large, to join them on their robbery plan, and he agreed.

Once the group arrived at the cargobob, they made their way to the lower levels, in order to make their entrance less noticeable. However, due to the events security team, lead by Gloryon being prepared for their arrival, the group was promptly shot and given to police.

Bloodbath was let go, due to the police not suspecting they were apart of the crime, while Mike Lenny and Tony were taken by police to be processed. After their gunshots wounds were treated at the hospital, Bloodbath arrived and took Anita May hostage, trying to free his gang members. After succeeding to make the police uncuff the group and let them get in a vehicle, they were shot at and everyone was taken back into police custody.

Due to the crime transpiring at a political event, there were talks of giving them a terrorism charge, however that, along with most other charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Tony and Mike were let go with no charges, while Bloodbath was charged and spent a brief time in jail due to kidnapping a cop.

Wingman's 2-week notice  

Wingman's 2-week notice

Wingman, the gangs most infamous block tax collector next to Mike, decided to leave the gang after finding out that Mike spoke to the manager of burgershot Robert Spowylamywanowski and tried to get Wingman fired due to him being almost out of debt, something that is frowned upon in the gang. He also wanted Wingman to spend more time in "da streets." After Wingman found out, he gave Mike the required 2 weeks notice to leave the gang, and started to help Deputy Sam Baas locate Mike's stash house.

After Wingman met with Mike Block, he told Mike about the rumors that were spreading about him trying get him fired. Mike Block told Wingman that the rumors were purposely spread to sniff out snitches within a group and was not true, but at same time admitted to "trying to get him fired". After Wingman refused to tell Mike Block who told him, Mike Block decided that he no longer wants to be cool with Wingman. Wingman is now permanently banned from the Alta Street Projects, and declared an enemy of the gang.

Mentle Block's 5 way marriage  

Mentle Block's 5 way marriage

After learning that officer Lenny Hawk was a follower of Mormonism and capable of officiating weddings, Mentle and Mike Block plotted to take a group of people to force Lenny to officiate a wedding between Mentle and Laura Gapes. After collecting the hostages, Mentle decided that he wanted as many people involved in the marriage as possible, due to the potential 50/50 split he could potentially get after divorce.

Upon arriving at the church, Mentle and Mike forced the hostages to all simultaneously call 911, to say that they were being held hostage at the church by Mike Block and needed Lenny to arrive on scene immediately. Once Lenny arrived, he was forced by the gang to marry together Mentle, Laura, Himself, along with hostages Oki Doki and Shelly Smith. Lenny had no objections to doing this because of his religion, and he married them all together.

After departing the church and releasing the hostages, and declaring their mission successful, Mike and Mentle were promptly shot down by cops and sent to prison.

Smoke On The Water Heist  

Smoke On The Water Heist

Using an incriminating photo of Georgina Williams (Windsong) where it appears she shot someone, Mike Block blackmailed her and forced her to take her weed transport off-route so he, Chute D Block and Tony could rob their weed supply.

Mike decided to make it look legit for Windsong's employees and the cops, as to not incriminate Wingsong in helping him (although forced), Mike made a hostage shoot a weed truck and execute an employee, and made another employee execute the hostage. They left without having shot anybody, and this heist netted the group a large amount of weed.

Robbing the vault robbers... AGAIN  

Robbing the vault robbers... AGAIN

Trying to get revenge on Wingman for leaving the gang, Mike Block called Yuno Sykk, demanding that Yuno help him enact this revenge, knowing that Yuno was friends with Wingman. Yuno told Mike that he was unable to do anything, as he was preparing to rob a vault with his crew. Having been successful at robbing Yuno after a previous vault robbery, Mike decided to rob him again. Attempting to enact the same plan as the last time, Mike promptly called news reporter Ursula Leichenberg, asking her to inform him when the robbery would begin. After Ursula gave Mike the signal, he made his way to the vault along with Chute D Block, River Cheever, and H&R Block.

After entering the bank, the group held up the robbers, attempting to force the robbers to give all the money to the Ruff Rydaz. However, H&R Block who was holding up the robbers, dropped his gun, causing the robbers Jean Paul and Harry Brown to hold him up while Yuno hacked the bank. After Mike came back to see this, both groups agreed that if either side shot, the cops outside would breach and no one would make it out alive.

Cops began to enter the vault, due to everyone being too preoccupied to point guns at the hostages, and shot the final robber Lang Buddha. This caused the robbers to panic and use H&R as their last resort hostage, exchanging him for free passage to their vehicle outside. Meanwhile, Mike, River, and Chute pretended to be hostages, but after being told by Dwayne Carter to wait outside the bank like the other hostages, Mike ran outside, and attempted to drive away, before getting shot down by Carter. After being detained and searched, the gang was let go, while the robbers got away.

The Blocks get evicted  

The Blocks get evicted

One day Mike would wake up to find out that Tony Block got them evicted from the Alta Street Projects, the gang then immediately goes on a quest to determine what to do for their future and their place on the city with their turf being gone.

Mike and the gang would get a bus and go around to shop for new turfs, these would include South Shambles which if it would've happened they would be renamed to South Shambles Skittles, another one would be the car rental place, the courthouse, Benny's and random apartment block throughout the city but it would never be, they would all agree that turfs are not what the blocks are and that they should just do what they usually do which would be taxing people for 50 dollars and that they should do it anywhere, Block Santos dawg.

Mike leaves the gang  

Mike leaves the gang

In Late 2021 - Early 2022 Mike would grow tired of all the constant problems that would befall the gang due to making problems with other gangs, prominent members leaving the gang and joining others, random blocks showing up and their constant nagging would lead Mike to change up the whole gang by leaving it.

He told Tony Block about this and announced him to be the leader, as Mike would revive his old gang 150 Gang and all the old 150 gang members who have moved into ASRR would come back, he would also make the ASRR as a sub gang under them, Tony eventually agrees.


  • "Alta Street Ruff Rydaz RIP DMX *Ruff* *Ruff*!"
  • "$50 hood tax"
  • "Glory to the Block!"
  • "What if we do it... Again?"