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Ali Habibi is a character role-played by AbdulHD.


Ali Habibi is a Judge for the Department of Justice.

Ali Habibi started out as a lawyer then as public defender for a couple of years then served as a district attorney until he was ready to take on the role of a Judge for the department of justice.

Judge Habibi is known for his strict personality , at one point he made the citizens of Los Santos kneel down before him whenever they ask for his services in City Hall.

Judge Habibi loves to watch people wait for him in queue patiently while he finishes his extended coffee breaks , because it makes him feel good seeing them stand and suffer, he calls it the DMV experience.

On his free time Judge Habib goes to the Casino and spends all his money on Blackjack.


Mistaken for a civilian Judge Habibi was once kidnapped and after his kidnappers knew he was a government employee they decided to let him go but Judge Habibi memorized the license plate of their car and kept calling them pussies making them change their mind, they eventually decided to throw him from the top of a Dam , even though he resisted and was able to push one guy over the dam he was unable to fight off the other kidnapper and was then thrown to the bottom,Habibi survived the fall but had a concussion. He decided not to press charges .


  • "Family runs thicker than blood"
  • NEXT !
  • You Donkey !
  • Shhhh
  • I'm hungry
  • Lunch break
  • Back to the end of the line you donkey!
  • Exactly
  • Pussy
  • Time for a Coffee Break
  • "Family is important, never turn your back on family"

Played By: AbdulHD
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