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Alfred Neuman is a character role-played by Alfred_Neuman_


Alfred Neuman, One of Los Santos's most promising paralegals, originally came to the city with the intention of starting up a transportation company in honor of his father who passed away. That was until he met Meggie Right, Reggie Might, and Tim Buratler from Might & Right Law Firm. Alfred admired how Reggie and Meggie handled themselves as lawyers, so it was only natural that he would accept their invitation to join their law firm as a paralegal. This gave Alfred the inspiration to delve more into criminal defense law and with some time and experience, he will hopefully get his bar license.

Alfred is a mechanism of chaos and has stepped outside of the law on many occasions, usually behind the scenes and in a very low-key fashion. Despite this mysterious and sketchy side to Alfred, he is very welcoming to new folk to the city and he is protective of his friends and clients from his law firm.


  • He's secretly a car drifter
  • He is a scam artist
  • He Has murdered 12 people
  • He is a stand-up comic at Rooster's Rest with "bad one-liners"
  • He drives a Dilettante with the number plate "Afredom"


  • "Let's kill a guy"
  • "I killed a man"
  • "Boop!"
  • "F*ck Adam Prince"